Book 4 – Covenant for Protection

That morning, she was shown in a Spirit dream that she sat up all night rebuking. When she looked through the glass door she was shocked to find that a gigantic tree was uprooted by a hurricane. This unusual enormous tree was swept by fierce winds and landed in front of our back door crushing everything in its path. Parts of the bark of the tree touched the house. The entire backyard was covered in huge pieces of bark. She noticed that there was no damage. The scene changed as she related this to her brother, “If I was not taken into prayer all night long a greater damage could have occurred! But thank God.”


She opened her eyes thanking the Father in Jesus’ Name for honoring her covenant. Some months before, He had told her to Covenant for our protection against the coming attacks of Satan! We were obedient to this and that night she laid the Covenant before the Father, in Jesus’ Name.

Immediately, He healed her sick body because the Father knew that the hurricane would hit that night. The Spirit through her was rebuking and binding up this massive attack, pleading the Blood of Jesus. Now this time, she did not collapse under its pressure; it was surely different. It was the Spirit which was more than a match for this type of evil.

Mom closed her eyes past five that morning, weeping and thanking the Father for His Protection. “Thank You that Jesus interceded for me; He is my only Attorney to speak for me before You Father.”

The second night which followed, mom could not understand why she could not fall asleep! It was already five in the morning and once again she sat up in warfare until six. Too exhausted, she collapsed under the heavy bombardment. Closing her eyes, she was running and saw that there were others who were destructive.

When she came to the desk she was charged for the damaged she had not been involved in. Although she claimed her innocence, the authorities went ahead to prosecute her.

[Psalm 69: 4] “Those who hate me without cause are more than the hairs of my head; those who would cut me off and destroy me, being my enemies wrongfully, are many and mighty. I am forced to restore what I did not steal.” 

Mom awoke gravely ill, and felt as though her mind had failed her. It appeared as if she was walking with just the shell of a mind. After greeting the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, she asked for the complete Armour of God and thanked the Father, in Jesus’ Name.

Then the warfare began as she continuously rebuked the spirit of insanity. She willed herself – “I will not be defeated,” she uttered. She left the house while I was asleep and on her journey back she felt good. The moment she set foot in the house, it hit her like a sledgehammer. I awoke very ill, so she had to pray for me also.

That day demonic attacks raged out of our control so that we could hardly breathe. In our despair, we started worshipping the Father as Jimmy Swaggart sang “Come unto Me I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you…”

Mom went to the Throne of Mercy and Grace as she wept inwardly. Thereafter, she went to the Court Room to present her case according to the Spirit dream. She laid before the Father, the Covenant we had signed and dated. “In obedience to Your Command we have a Covenant for Protection. We thank You Father that You honor Covenants…”

There was an immediate response and she said, “Yolin, the house is taking on a difference!” We sat praising the Father, in Jesus’ Name.

Yet in another vision, there appeared a window in a solid wall which allowed an entrance into the house though in the natural, it is a solid wall.

In different Spirit visions, mom and I were removing so much witchcraft objects that were placed into the grounds of the dwelling we had rented.

The morning of the 1st December 2009, the Holy Spirit led her to dig into the ground next to the front door. Lo and behold, she found a secret glass eye which she understood should actually be placed at the front door. This would allow one to see who was at the door but the person outside was totally unaware of it.

“So this is the entrance into the house that allowed demons in to afflict us night and day. This is an avenue of the devils, giving them a channel to torment us. A secret spiritual doorway through which Satanists are able to manoeuver! They could look in but we were totally unaware.”

Mom removed this object and many more from the premises, then she went about doing the necessary.

In another Spirit vision this morning, we were at a certain lodge; I was in the process of walking home. Suddenly, a great hurricane arose and flattened everything in its path. Hurriedly, I reached home and was glad to find out that our lodge was the only one which stood firm and strong. On entering, mom told me that there were two couples who needed help.