Book 4 – Demonic Games

It is the evening of the 2nd April 2009; mom was fasting and interceding for a deep revelation as to why I was being so attacked by evil forces. For this and many other reasons, she laid before the Father for more than a month. Every morning at about 2 am, a demon would stand next to her bedside. The Spirit of God alerted her while asleep. Her spirit would respond by binding the evil spirit. She would open her eyes pleading the Blood of Jesus.

One night while she found herself in the process of binding this demon, the Holy Spirit would tell her, “Do not sleep it will return.” So she waited and sure enough, this stinking rubbish of a thing would return. Again He would say, “Do not fall asleep yet”, and then it would reappear. Instant calmness would come over her; she would drift off to sleep.

As time passed, she became the more earnest until one night as we gathered, something happened. Mom noticed that at the Name of Jesus, deep growling sounds would push up in me. I’d be so exhausted that I could not sleep. Evil spirits would stand at my bed tormenting me until I would call out to her. Now this got very bad; I would be walking in my own little world. I had sudden sharp mood swings. Demonic illness tore at me and drained me. The more she prayed for me, the uglier the situation became.

During that week, while she yet spoke to me, I realized that I was making deep growling sounds. She then said, “Yolin, I noticed something is indeed wrong! I need to help you.”

Immediately, the incidents flooded into my mind; I had received two games via the cell phone completely free and had played it many times. The one game was called “Zombie Infestation” and the other was called “Soul of Darkness”. Each game had a head Zombie with a semi-head (a gigantic spider) and lesser zombies. The head zombie that I had to kill appeared to be half zombie and half lizard, having knives for claws.

In the game, I could kill all the lesser zombies and the semi-head but when I attacked the head zombie, it shredded me with its knife-like claws. This happened each time I played these games. Later, I could not sleep, for these things were actually alive. These demons were really tormenting me. I remained depressed and sick, impacting torments flooded me. I could not understand it. I explained to her the different levels in the game that I had to climb to kill the lesser zombies until I came to the top level to kill the head zombie.

Mom listened quietly and then the Holy Spirit showed her the answers to her prayers. “Yolin” she said “You have dabbled into the occult games. Although it had appeared on your phone, it was a plan of Satan. He works through many different types of games.

The Infestation of Zombies are sure to mount every night because you have opened wide the double doors. These are powerful, shredding demons; one of them is called “Soul of Darkness”. How many demons flooded in I cannot tell, but I can tell you one thing, that it exists in the spirit realm. It is true and as large as life.” Now this shook me and the growling stopped.

That evening she sat opposite me and prayed, ”Father, would you surround this house with Your angels. Give Your angelic beings charge over us. Ward off every evil spirit that would want to interfere. I command that every one of these evil spirits be bound with fetters of iron, in Jesus’ Name. I cast every one of you demons activated, into Hell’s fires. I forbid you to return, in the Name of Jesus.”

She held my hand and said, ”Father, send Your angel to clothe us with the complete armour of God to protect us against every wile of the devil. Thank you Father for sending Your angels, in Jesus’ Name.”

She led me into prayer and prayed for me but my spirit became topsy-turvy. It felt as though my spirit had swelled to ten times my size so that her spirit felt it too. Suddenly, a demon gripped my throat hurting me very badly. While we sat playing gospel songs of the Blood of Jesus, I told her about the second game called “Soul of Darkness”. “So that is what is still blocking you, causing turmoil,” she said. Then she held my hand and rebuked every demon associated with “Soul of Darkness”. She broke every occult curse and closed the doorways.

“Father, would you separate Yolin and every demon associated with these two games in the spirit realm forever. Let not one pass over the Blood line to her. I ask it, in the Name of Jesus, thanking You for it…”

Mom did all the necessary and immediately my spirit was soaring very high. We sat until late praising the Father while the anointing rained down. The Presence of the Lord stirred our humble place.

During the wee hours of the morning mom had to be with me because the demons went stark raving mad.

In another morning vision, I was back at school.

The following week, I bought a book called “Mormonism Unmasked“ written by R. Philip Roberts. I had an urge to do some research. During that week of intense reading, my mind began to sway back and forth. Demonic heaviness tormented me until I became exhausted. I continued to be sick with a running nose. It felt as though my eyes were being sucked out of their sockets.

Once more I could not understand why. So I decided to speak to mom. “Yolin, Mormonism carries a terrible direct curse from the pit of hell. Their leader performed secret satanic rituals. He tried to bring God down to demonic levels. He claimed that Jesus told him that the Mormon Bible was the only true Bible. He also stated that all the mighty men from Abraham to this day were all liars and that he was the last true prophet etc…”.

I could not continue reading as demonic forces began moving fast. Not realizing that just by reading “Mormonism Unmasked”, that evil spirits attached to these written words, would begin to activate, bringing about the attached curses. I had opened a spiritual door and frightful things flooded through. I could not sleep at night and this was also experienced by mom.

One day she laid hands on my head and rebuked the evil forces that caused my head to move back and forth by itself. Immediately, it stopped. She’d rebuke the demonic sickness and in an instant it stopped. Everytime I came near the book, illness overtook me. Mom would say, “Yolin repeat after me, Satan the Blood of Jesus is against you. Leave immediately, in Jesus’ Name” Instantly it left.

One night an evil spirit whooshed above her bed and left. I remembered unimaginable evil coming from the masked face on the cover of the book. Deep in my spirit, I had the conviction that mom should remove it from the premises. It left that day with the trash – for she said that this was garbage before the eyes of our Father.

She broke every curse associated with Mormonism and rebuked every demon spirit associated with bringing about the curses. She closed doorways in the spirit realm forbidding any darkness; since then we slept peacefully.


For two months, mom fasted and prayed, lying upon the Altar seeking the Father about ‘Christ End-Time Ministries’. Many things began to happen, during which the Fire of God purified His people. She was shown in a Spirit dream that a bunch of Keys appeared in her hand, but only one was kept behind by an old woman who headed a church.

When she opened her eyes, she willed herself to the Father’s Command to get back that one Key. Then I, Yolin, was shown that a huge snake, very deadly, moved unhindered. It appeared to be one of its kind, so that everyone present walked with uneasiness.


The morning of the 13th April 2009, she wept before the Father Who spoke in a still Voice, “Lead My people out of Egypt”. Many things did He speak and she asked Him for confirmation. Immediately, the phone rang – the Lord had shown Brother Michael (Pastor) that fish appeared in a flask that he carried. On reaching the river, he began to catch more fish, throwing back those beautiful fish with the sharp, ugly teeth, but keeping the choice ones in his helmet. Together with him stood mom and myself; there were also many other people in the river also catching fish.

The following morning, Brother Michael was shown in a Spirit dream, that he was in a certain school and had found a beautiful, young bird. It was the last one of its kind nesting; pure beauty drew him to pick up the suckling. With the young one shielded under his cloak, he made his way home. Suddenly, many began stalking him, but he protected the little one who needed to be nourished.

Yes, we understood this to be the “New Movement”.