Book 4 – Facing a White Witch

Three nights later, round about two in the early hours of the morning, a strange but true event occurred. After we had read part of ‘Vessels of Honor’, we were about to doze off when mom was taken once more into a vision. Red smoke billowed before her eyes, mixed with an uncanny power. A blowing through the nostrils sounded clear; it seemed that this thing which had entered her room, was very furious.

Mom lifted her hand and with authority and power pleaded the Blood of Jesus. The more she pleaded the Blood of Jesus, the more chaotic was the outcome. After wrestling for an hour, she uttered, “If you are not a demon spirit who are you?” She knew that even Satan would have fled! “Who are you and why have you astral projected into this house? Who is your master and who sent you?” The Holy Spirit spoke into her heart the identity of this person.

The puffing sounds seemed to try to form a communication, then a warmth entered mom. The atmosphere subsided as mom reasoned with this person. “Your caged incantations and spells you are using are not in the Father’s Will. They do not line up with the Word of God the Father. What you are doing is sin; your master Satan will not tell you that! I challenge you to come to Jesus Christ who was sent from Almighty Father. Reincarnation is not the answer; New Age Movement is also not the answer to God the Father, only through Jesus Christ has salvation come.”

From two until six that morning, mom spoke to this person. The spoken Word of God brought a peace. Then mom prayed, “Father, through Your Son Jesus, reveal unto her who I really am! Thank you Father, in Jesus’ Name”.

An immediate response came from above – the Power of God fell like fire over her causing her to weep and shake. This manifestation changed everything! When the Fire of God fell, a loud puffing sound tried to match it but in vain. “The keys are given unto Jesus when your master, Satan lost it. He won’t tell you that if you die, that you would go to Hell.

Jesus of a truth took Mary Baxter into Hell. It is such a terrible place, that is why Satan will never tell you. Only Jesus Christ can save you from such an eternal destruction! Why don’t you come to Jesus? For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Jesus will not perish but have eternal life…”

Mom preached the Cross to her for another hour. Come, let us reason saith the Lord in His Word. Mom spoke to her only in line with the Word of God.

When she left, a thud could be heard on the rooftop. “Lord Jesus when Yolin wakes up, give her a message to confirm this happening. Thank you Father, in Jesus’ Name.”

It was about past one o’clock in the afternoon when I approached mom and told her that a soft Voice said to me, “You will be facing a white witch.” Now this happened twice then it faded away. During the early hours of the morning, my spirit grew very tense insomuch that I could not sleep. Three weeks ago, Jesus said to mom that she would be facing a head demon. For this reason also she started reading Rebecca Brown’s book.

Every night, I could not sleep; it seemed as though an unseen force kept me awake, so mom moved over to my room. Each night this force seemed to sway her inside but when she used the Blood of Jesus, it stopped.

After a month of battle, one early morning, her spirit called out, “Father, in Jesus’ Name, show me what am I coming up against?” An immediate response came as she opened her eyes toward the ceiling; a large white telescope appeared. It bulged through the ceiling and came protruding down. Inches away from her she watched this gadget maneuvering. The object seemed flexible, bending its eye to her movements. Then the vision was taken up.

While compiling these books, she understood this telescope to be used by the City under the Ocean, to monitor Believers.

As time passed, this force seemed to try to suck her out of her body! Immediately, she used the Shield of the Lord to cover herself; in her other hand she wielded a Sword. “Let the Blood of Calvary speak for me! The Blood of Jesus speak for me! Father, in Jesus’ Name, permit the Lord’s Shield and Sword to be visible in the spirit realm”, she said. The invisible smashed with force, but could not penetrate through. Mom was pleading the Covenant Blood of God, in Jesus’ Name.

Her bed shook under the pressure of a severe battle which raged. Suddenly, everything was quiet; mom looked at her knuckles and saw that they were swollen. She anointed them with oil, pleading the Blood of Jesus to heal them. Wearily she dozed off into a deep sleep and awoke feeling good. There was no sign of any swelling on her knuckles.

In the early hours of that morning, when her physical body felt so exhausted and drowsy, the unknown appeared; the Holy Spirit awoke her and said, “There is a massive build up, don’t sleep.” Immediately, her spirit responded, “I stand on the Authority of the Blood of Jesus. I bring this demonic attack under the control of the Holy Spirit. Father, in the Name of Jesus, send Warring angels to fight this battle for me.”

While the atmosphere grew tense, mom was saying out loud, “The Blood of Jesus will never lose its Power. I plead the Covenant Blood of God, in Jesus’ Name…” There was an immediate response from the Father.