Book 4 – Forgiveness A Vital Key

The following morning, mom was shown in a Spirit dream, that she was being chastised by a relative. When she opened her eyes, her spirit was in turmoil. “Lord Jesus,” she prayed “You are seeing what I am unable to see but open my blind eyes to see.”

Immediately, the Holy Spirit convicted her that she harbored bitterness in her heart. Shaken she searched her heart and tears welled up as she confessed. She had been through heavy bombardment through abuse for thirty-four years by the leader of old. “Lord Jesus, thank you for showing me that forgiveness is a Vital Key. Please forgive me and wash me in Your healing Blood… I now break all curses deriving through unforgiveness and bitterness in the Name of Jesus…”

She felt an immediate response and understood why Jesus had said, “Let it go my child, let it go!” She had to let bitterness and unforgiveness go!

“What a valuable lesson”, she uttered, as she actually felt a heavy load being lifted. All the years I forgave him but all it took was one incident to spark off bitterness.Page 23

On the night of October 9th, mom was compiling the portfolio of Christ End-Time Ministries, when a dazzling light appeared on the computer screen. It moved with her Spirit vision and she took a break from the computer.

As she walked away, the dazzling appeared brighter and brighter. Mom sat on her bed and switching the lamp off closed the door. She was looking into a brilliant display of dazzling colors. This lasted for about ten minutes, then the Presence of the Lord filled her spirit.

He said, “My Father delights in total obedience; the whole of Heaven stands amazed when My children walk in total obedience in the midst of thick darkness. The whole earth is shrouded by dense darkness. In this midst, they face Satan’s fierce attacks and are still total obedient to My Father…”

Jesus spoke many Words to her and she was taken in a Power above the Laws of Nature. The Lord’s Divine Presence is inexplicable to earthly words. Mom was aware of what was presently happening around her as though she was in two different realms at the same time. Her spirit become very light and it felt as though her feet lifted off the ground. The Lord’s Words washed deep into her and she said, “Here am I Lord, send me. I am totally Your possession – spirit, soul and body. Let it be according to Your Word and Purpose.”

Oh, how the Lord’s anointing fell over her out of the ordinary course of nature (preternatural). Jesus said, “The Father had called you to an End-Time Mission. Not many can fill this cause. Be not afraid of people, for I Am with you always. I can accomplish anything I purpose through you, for I Am with you. You will bear the advance torch which the world has never known…”. ”Lord Jesus”, she said, “Clothe me with the cloak of humility and give me Your Protection to accomplish Your Will.”

She actually felt that her spirit was in the Presence of the Father and the Lord Jesus was interceding on her behalf. Mom had asked for the Blood of Jesus to cover her and to present her before the Father.

Late that night, the gift of discernment began operating. In the process of dressing herself after a good bath, the electricity failed. We moved around in darkness and lit two candles. Mom placed her hands on the main board and rebuked the demonic attack. She covered the entire electrical system with the Blood of Jesus. In faith, she pulled out the electrical plugs and said, “Yolin, now I am going to put up the main switch on the board.”

Instantly, the lights came on and we praised the Lord. Mom had asked the Father, in Jesus’ Name, to surround the house with His angels. “Let all human spirits and demon spirits face Your angels before they can do any harm to us, Father, in Jesus’ Name, I ask.”