Book 4 – Intense Warfare

Warfare continued, raging night and day for months on end. She would be in prayer until five in the morning, only sleeping for two hours. During the wee hours of the 18th January 2010, Satan had lined up his generals and commanders with one intention – to destroy.

The Spirit of God awoke her, and involuntarily, she used the Shield of the Lord to protect herself. The power these evil spirits exerted was tremendous so much so that the Shield seemed insufficient. She began to see forms moving in the house, as deep slumber gripped her.

As it seemed to rage out of control, the Spirit of the Lord picked her up and strength entered her. Her right hand wielded the Sword of the Lord, “I overcome you by the Blood of the Lamb and Jesus Christ who is my testimony…” Terrible smells entered her room as demon spirits continued to attack.

Her spirit became sharper (sharper discernment) as she bowed down to worship the Father and thank Him for His Son Jesus Christ, the finished work of the Cross and the Blood that speak for her. Immediately, a long audible voice came forth “Jesus – Jesus…”

There was an instant response from the Father. His awesome Presence filled the house as she requested, ”Father, in Jesus’ Name, permit Your Warfare Angels to be released. It’s time for the Captain to take control and to unsheathe the Sword of the Lord.” While she yet pleaded the Blood of Jesus, it appeared Alive and flowing as the intenseness of the raging battle faded away.“

The day before, the battle had raged out of control, and she awoke with a huge, painful bump at the back of her head. The Father knew the coming attack and caused her spirit to be in Spirit prayer most of that day.

That night, she fell asleep – her spirit was thanking the Father for His Son, and awoke refreshed.

The satanic onslaught continued night and day for months and mom awoke with an infection in every gland of her head. They swelled up like golf balls throbbing with excruciating pain. This happened over and over again.

Mom fought demon spirits practically every night into the morning and then she would collapse under complete exhaustion. Demon spirits were actually moving around night and day. The battle grew so intense that she never slept.

I remained sick under heavy satanic bombardment. One night a tokolorsie viciously attacked her. In the fight, she said that she bit its finger so hard that it screamed out in pain. Afterwards, we knew partly what we were up against – spirit yet also flesh. (These demons are spirit but can also take on the form of flesh.) These were burying witchcraft deep into the grounds.

One night as she dozed off, mocking, laughing, evil voices accompanied by heavy evil forces attacked her. But what they did not know is that she dozed off repeating the Name of Jesus in her heart. Immediately, her spirit responded ‘The Blood of Jesus…the Blood of Jesus.’ Sure enough there was an immediate response.

”Father, You are my very own Father, and I am Your very own child, all because of the finished work of the Cross of Calvary. In Jesus’ Name, I request, would You permit the same angel that shut the mouths of the lions for Daniel, to lock the jaws of these lions? These are sent to devour your child. Jesus my Redeemer and my Total Master. For it is written, ask the Father in My Name and He shall give it you. Thank you Heavenly Father, for hearing my humble request. Amen. I shall close my eyes every night, and my sleep shall be peaceful according to Your Word.”

Her request was granted; even though the thumping continued, it was like a bee without a sting. One early morning, she opened her eyes and straightaway looked into the spirit realm and saw the entire ceiling covered with bright patterns of moving lights.

That morning she wept, ”My spirit yearns Lord, hide Thou me. It is no longer I that should live but that Your Spirit lives in me. I have been crucified with You and my life is hid in You Lord.”


In a morning vision of the 22nd February 2010, some of the members of the Ministry were in a certain place about to cross the river when the scene turned perilous. Before they could set foot onto an old type of wooden bridge, they scrutinized the difficult situation they faced. So they put their minds together. They stood before the undesirable – the weather-beaten bridge in an extremely dangerous condition – realizing their freedom of action was at risk. Below, frightful looking piranhas snapped their razor sharp teeth into the air.

[Psalm 69] …I sink in deep mire where there is no foothold; I have come into deep waters, where the floods overwhelm me…” 

The following month of March, a Spirit vision loomed before me. Certain children of God were passing through arid land. The only pathway visible was the one we were on. Each one had just enough strength to persevere. I trudged along for a distance and looked around. As far as the eye could see, the pathway ran through barren, uninteresting, desolate and parched lands.

With every effort, we pushed heavily forward, confronted by vicious shapes of evil forms. These tried desperately to reach us, even though some feared to come onto the path. There were also of those demonic spirits who were not afraid. Instantly, we showed a clean pair of heels; behind us in full force were these fearsome ugly forms.

Mom had a Spirit dream in which hundreds of evil forms were attacking her simultaneously.

It is the wee hours of the 23rd March; mom awoke under very heavy bombardment of satanic onslaught. She sat anointing herself with oil; a burn pain covered her every inch. After two hours, she was taken into Spirit prayer and fell asleep. That morning, she awoke very sick, for while she slept the coward struck. It took her half the day to recuperate. That afternoon, she unearthed a complete monkey’s skull with part of its vertebra.

The week before she unearthed a complete vertebrae with ribs; the color was a sort of curry mixture. Also, enough bones to fill a carrier bag, and all these were buried so very deep into the ground.

That night, frightened neighbors told her that their children had seen a fat thing waving to them from our kitchen window, but mom said, “Now I know what to rebuke. No weapon formed against us will prosper but the weapon the Lord gives us will not fail.”

[Psalm 56: 2] “They that lie in wait for me would swallow me up or trample me all day long, for they are many who fight against me, O Most High!”

The following day, she unearthed bones which filled a bag and beads with other occult objects.

For many months, while intense warfare raged, it appeared the living dead attacked us.

In a morning vision of the 7th day of April, I was shown that a mouse had entered our house. Next I saw that a brother had entered and immediately he set his eyes upon it. The mouse realised that eyes were closely monitoring him and in shock, fled.

[Psalm 68: 28] “Your God has commanded your strength your might in His Service and impenetrable hardness to temptations; O God, display Your Might and strengthen what You have wrought for us!” 

In a morning vision of the 14th day of the month, a terrible thing entered my bedroom. As I tried to escape, my spirit saw a massive bull. It stood on its hind legs towering, huffing and puffing through its nostrils. As my spirit eyes opened, I heard the Voice of Jesus, “Put on the Light.” Simultaneously, in the natural realm my hand reached for the bedside light.

The same morning, mom was shown in a Spirit dream, that demon spirits had caused the scene to become chaotic. They were throwing huge objects at her from the second heavens; evil lurked everywhere. The lights automatically turned on and off and furniture floated about. It seemed that the ordinary dagger she pointed to these unseen forces was not enough.

In a following morning Spirit vision, I was with a couple of girls. We were unpacking in my new place when the spirit of discernment began to operate. While the Spirit of God showed me that the boy who accompanied them was just a suppression of truth, he changed before our eyes. Emerging from undercover the most evil of spirits appeared.

Immediately, each one showed a clean pair of heels; close behind, persistently gnawing at our heels, was the demon spirit.


During the month of April, Spirit visions appeared before mom. As she looked, huge black legs approached the house. Yet in another vision, she saw a black male clothed in black, running toward the house.

In a spirit dream, she was viciously attacked by an evil force. In the darkness sharp claws fought her. She gripped the invisible but powerful demon, enclosing her right hand, entrapped it; but when she opened her hand, it shot out against the wall, disintegrating before her eyes and those present looked like pieces of clear plastic. Anointing her hand with oil she rebuked all curses associated.

[Psalm 59: 3] “For, behold, they lie in wait for my life; fierce and mighty men are banding together against me, not for my transgressions, nor for any sin of mine, O Lord.” 

In a spirit dream of 28th , Brother Michael, who heads Christ End-Time Ministries, was given ‘The Sword’. He looked and there stood an angel of light all geared up. Without delay the duel began. While the sharp two-edged Sword struck blow after blow the Spirit opened his eyes. So this is the deceiver of old personally posing as an angel of light.

In a morning vision of 30th April, I was with a small group; we were in a field alongside a stream. Suddenly, we showed a clean pair of heels, with an enormous black thing chasing close behind us.

Yet in another morning vision, evil spirits masqueraded as in ancient Egyptian myths! They were half-human, half-animal. These operated only in their territory, they never left their palace. A few were running for their lives, in hot pursuit followed by these demons. I had just managed to escape through a small window with the rest of the Remnant close behind.

During the month, in a morning vision, I was shown a huge prince demon. He was busy training other demons before releasing them. The purpose was to torment mankind more and more.

In a Spirit dream of 8th May, mom opened her eyes, weeping and moved. She had shared her white blanket, covering a woman she knew. Suddenly, two huge men appeared and this woman said that she could not help it. Mom hurried inside and just about closed the front door when these men were forcing at the door. They had put their shoulders together to strengthen the force to open the door, but she kept it closed. With her shoulder against the door she tried very hard to latch it. Every time the door opened a centimeter she would gently push it close.

All of a sudden, a hand reached through the door and grabbed her leg. Mom called out to me, “Hurry, bring a knife” within seconds, she stabbed at her attackers. Immediately, they released their force and so she locked the front door.

The scene changed where she was in a shop behind the counter; her attackers entered. Mom used spray to blind them but it had no effect on them as they advanced their attack. As she reached out to a milky white bottle under the counter, she sprayed into their eyes. While one of the attackers shielded his eyes, mom hit him until he collapsed screaming.

On hearing the commotion the owner of the shop appeared. She pointed a gun and shot at mom who stood a meter away. Immediately, a huge mist went up; there was a deathly silence. Mom stood in the cloud and looking up she beheld a stream of Blood flowing. Every one present could not see because of the mist that went up. Who was shot? Who was killed? Did the owner kill my mother or did she kill herself?

Just then the mist cleared and both stood gazing upon each other in bewilderment. She could not understand why mom was still alive. Why did the bullet, at such close range, have no effect? Mom embraced her as they entered a peace room.

While they were walking, the Holy Spirit revealed to her spirit that He took the blow. It was His Blood that flowed. The Father had given her Divine Protection. Mom sat down and tears filled her eyes as she prayed. Her form shook as she uttered, “Father, their attack was to destroy me………….” Mom opened her eyes in the natural realm still praying as her form shook.


During this month of May, in a Spirit dream, I was fleeing for my life; close behind me powerful jaws and teeth snapped. With great bodily and mental strength, I enforced my will to the utmost of my power to get away from these flesh-tearing-eating animals.

Yet in another vision of that morning, I held the hand of my daughter who was exceeding beautiful. Suddenly, there appeared two people who not only tried to kill her but also claimed that my only daughter belonged to them. While fleeing with my daughter, I met a relative who drove us to safety.