Book 4 – Intense Warfare

In the wee hours of the 11th October 2009, mom opened her eyes and saw a green dragon coming through the ceiling toward her. As it came within inches of her eyes, she was screaming, “In the Name of Jesus, I bind you Satan. I plead the Blood of Jesus against your attack Satan.”

As she kept pleading the Blood of Jesus, the dragon retreated until it reached the ceiling. Then it appeared as though the whole ceiling was a mass of dragons. This did not stop her from pleading the Blood of Jesus until each one disintegrated into nothingness.

That morning, she learned that her brother had received two letters from mediums, one of which contained a pendulum. The Holy Spirit revealed to her that the pendulum was potent with these dragons. Then she remembered that Jesus had said to her, “Do not fear my child, I Am with you. I will open your eyes to see what I want you to see!” 

It is the 14th October and mom was in intense spiritual battle. A force greater than what she could ever imagine, had for days tried to squeeze her into a tiny spot. She felt like a speck of hopelessness against this thing.

The following experience she will not forget is when all her nerves became shredded. It felt as though they were hanging loose, like live wires touching each other. No amount of rebuking helped, she was on the verge of collapse under the strain of it all. The warfare was spiritual affecting the natural. She became very sick and sought the Lord for answers.

She had a Spirit dream that the leader of old came to her. He had tried to force her to accept a wedding ring. She looked at the ring and saw that it was black with tarnish but he had put in so much effort to cause it to shine. Mom uttered, “I will never accept such a ring, never.”

During the wee hours of the 16th, an inexplicable event happened. She could not find the right words to be able to describe it all. While in a deep sleep, a force moved through her. It felt as though she lay under an x-ray power which surged through her. She could actually experience her whole form moving out of shape, but her shape would filter back to its normal form. This experience happened in a wink of an eye. Again she sought the Lord in fast and prayer for the answer.

Then she remembered Jesus saying, “Be not afraid my child I Am with you always.” 

Yet again a stronger force suddenly pounced upon her insomuch that her entire physical form felt as heavy lead. She almost collapsed as her physical body could no longer bear the weight. The atmosphere hung very heavy; it was hard to breathe. Demonic wounds appeared on the top left of her back. It seemed as though her mind was standing still, but through it all, she sought the Lord in fast and prayer for the answer. It felt as if He had locked up shop and disappeared while evil ran rampant in the house.

Mom was over-exhausted and fell asleep, when in a Spirit dream she attended a local school. She entered a classroom filled with students who were already acquainted with the work. Now mom had no material to study from and no idea what was being taught ; there was nothing available for her to work from. It appeared to be a different type of a lesson she faced. The teacher had the greatest respect for her, smiling in high spirit and shook her hand.

After a week of intense battle, she had an urge to do a thorough search outside on the premises, and found planted, three of the most powerful cultic objects. The potency consisted of a higher rank of powerful demons. The moment she removed it completely from the premises and broke all curses, spells and caged incantations, all and every demon spirit associated with the accursed, was bound in Jesus’ Name. The atmosphere became very pleasant and warm.


In a vision of the morning of the 17th October, I sat with mom as she browsed through the Bible. She was puzzled to find in big bold letters, a book of Mormon. Mom said that the proper Bible in Heaven does not contain Mormonism. I looked and beheld that it was there, but could not understand why it drew my interest.

Once again, I was heavily bombarded with poundings upon my head; for days I could not sleep. I experienced that when mom and I were together, I would experience an explosive pain; but when I was alone the pain would ease. Then she said that the witchcraft was used to cause separation in families. Her compassion towards me was love; she actually felt my pain. She would intercede for me in prayer until the anointing ran like an electric current upon her.

At that time, I would also be on the verge of collapse. The anointing, through the laying on of hands, would strengthen and heal me. Amazingly, within minutes, I slid back into great pain. It felt as though tentacles pierced into my head. A gripping force, with a pounding headache, caused mom to search for answers.

The following day, after a night of warfare, she was led to weed the garden and lo and behold, the accursed was found planted between the grasses. Different colored beads as usual, but this time they were more potent. “So here you are!” she sighed.

After doing all the necessary, she spoke unto Jesus and said, “Lord, only You can water my roots so that they will grow deeper. Take my roots to an unknown depth according to Your Perfect Will. I will not be shaken and moved. I realize that those warring against me have sunk their roots deep into Satan. You know how deep my roots have to reach in order to maintain an End-Time Mission for You. Only You, Father, can permit even this, in Jesus’ Name.”

Soon after that, the presence of a heavy force came toward her from a distance. She had fought it for months on end. Because of past experiences, she held the Shield of the Lord to cover herself. Suddenly, there was a heavy thump, like a heartbeat against the Shield. Before this thing had attacked, her physical body would thump like the beat of the heart. She thought, “How could this be?” So mom began to pray for answers.

Yet in another open vision early one morning, she was shown a blue man. This illustration appeared twice to her.

During the morning, she understood that this spirit was sent to her. Mom also understood why I had for months, become very ill. It seemed as though nothing would help my cold and flu, a gland under my chin and a sore throat, for no apparent reason. She could not understand this type of demonic illness.

She sought the Lord in prayer for the source, and her spirit heard Him, “Do not fear what men can do! I am with you always. You are sent on an End-Time Mission. You are spirit of My Spirit. You are substance of My Substance…” He spoke many Words to her.

Then previous visions flooded our minds.

In one open vision, I, Yolin, saw an ugly, old hag at our front door. She was dressed in rags.

Yet in another previous vision, I was shown a very powerful pig-man who chased me to bite me on my neck. I saw that he had a snout for a nose.

Richard Ing writes in his book on Spiritual Warfare, pages 278-279 that these spirits bring diseases and illness.


In the dark of the night, mom was in a fierce battle with a demonic spirit. It was an invisible thing because the only thing she saw in a Spirit vision were razor-sharp claws. In close combat, she wrestled with this vicious spirit.