Book 4 – My Word and My Blood are solid Foundations

Its 1st October 2009, mom was in deep prayer over the uncontrollable warfare which raged. Her brother had a Spirit dream; he saw mom and Brother Michael in a room. A fierce fire raged out of control in front of the door insomuch that they could not pass through.

Suddenly, the Lord appeared; His Presence reflected a blinding Brilliance such that only His form was visible. Jesus came and placed three massive concrete blocks in front of the door. Her brother beheld that the fierceness of the fire could not penetrate these blocks.

Now for months, mom fought such warfare battles night and day that she sought the Father for help. Immediately, He spoke into her spirit, “Those three concrete blocks are ‘My Word’ – ‘My Blood’ – and ‘the Holy Oil’. My Father honors His Word; My Blood and the Holy Oil. These give Him legal right to pass judgment upon all matters. No matter is too small for His attention. Therefore, into His hands have you committed your spirit! 

Because you did not love your life unto death, you saw that in the Father, Life beyond death. If you loved your life, you would not have made Him Master over your life. But because you did not love your life for worldly pleasures you have committed it into My Father’s hands. This is a solid foundation. My Word (Sword); My Blood and the Holy Oil of My Spirit are solid Foundations for Father. Now these are the three Foundations I have placed before the entrance of your lives. Father has honored it. This battle is the Lord’s to fight.”

[1 John 5:7-8] “So there are three witnesses in heaven: the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit, and these three are one; and there are three witnesses on earth: the Spirit, the water and the blood: and these three agree [are in unison; their testimony coincides]“ 

[Zechariah 4:2-6] “Then he said to me, This (addition of the bowl to the candlestick, causing it to yield a ceaseless supply of oil from the olive trees) is the Word of the Lord to Zerubbabel, saying Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit (of Whom the Oil is a symbol), says the Lord of hosts”. 

In the previous couple of days, I had a Spirit dream and saw that the leader of old had, for the second time, brought the police to arrest mom. They started shooting at everyone who had tried to stop them. The scene turned chaotic ; Mom understood this as a warning.

The following morning, she was shown in a vision, that the leader of old rushed up to her front door. He was about to bash his fists against the glass when two black arms violently grabbed him. In an instant, it dragged him away. Mom opened her eyes shocked and sleep left her.

Jesus also said unto her that morning, “The leader of old has given himself to the evil one to be used. Let it go, My child, you are in My Father’s Service. A spirit of greed and lust had entered him. He has touched what belongs to Me. My judgment is greater than what took place.”

Mom was totally obedient unto His Voice and asked for Father’s Perfect Will on this matter concerning the leader of old. Jesus gave me a Spirit dream and I saw that the leader of old had been caught up in drugs and had joined a syndicate. He had taken all the money, using lies to cancel their joint account and to obtain another bank card to satisfy his lustful pleasure.

Her brother had been shown in a Spirit dream that mom was totally surrounded by huge black men. They were chanting over her.Page 22

Mom was also shown by the Lord, that these are the strongmen Satan had set up to attack her from every possible angle. Mom went before the Throne of Mercy and Grace. Thereafter, she went before the Judgment Seat of God and laid her Covenant before Him. She also requested ‘What Elijah said: Lord open my servant’s eyes to see.’ “Father, in Jesus’ Name, I humbly request – would You surround these black men with Your Warrior Angels to fight for me?”


During 2008, South Africa was in a terrible crisis, with the electricity being put off every week. We had to use candles each time. One night, I decided to stare into the flame of the candle, when lo and behold, the ugliest face appeared. I did not even get time to blank out my mind. Months later, strange uncontrollable growling came forth.

Mom tried everything she knew, but nothing helped. One day, the Holy Spirit answered her prayer and this incident came before me. You have to understand that I did try to blank out my mind. I could not feel that anything had taken place and mom did not think much about it.

Late that night, she said, “Yolin we are going to deal with this matter.” I prayed and asked the Father to forgive me and then renounced that demon I saw in the flame. The moment she laid her hand on my back, the ugly thing manifested. My entire back became rigid and was about to crack into a thousand pieces, and my neck pulled stiff. I could actually feel a heavy thing sitting between my shoulder blades.

Mom used oil and as she laid hands upon me, the thing moved into my stomach with dagger pains. Mom used oil and commanded it to be cast out, in Jesus’ Name. Immediately, I gave ten large deep yawns and it burst out twice at the bottom. “Shoo…! Yolin, but this thing really does not have a good odour,” she remarked, “Demons sure are stinking rotten”.


It is the morning of the 2nd October; the water had flowed steadily through the taps, when all of a sudden it began to trickle. Mom anointed each tap with oil and commanded the water-blocking demon to take its hands off our water, but to no avail. Trying to flush the toilet failed. Mom went before the Judgment Seat of God and put forth her case. Once again, within minutes, we had a steady flow of water to flush the toilet. We owe it all to Jesus.