Book 4 – Prince of Persia

On the evening of the 27th May 2009, I approached my mother and told her that little voices inside me were trapped. At times, my head would move forward then backward. Strange, deep, growling noises came forth. I felt ten times my size – I felt as if something in me was about to burst. Mom’s eyes grew narrow and she said, “Yolin, we have work to do.”

I told her that I had received free games on my cell phone; one was called “Prince of Persia”.

Since I had opened the games, all these strange happenings had begun. I experienced old, hurtful thoughts. I wondered why growling noises came forth.

Now mom sat with me once again and said, “It is not uncommon for demons to speak through a person [Mark 1:23-24]. Yolin, remember that all demons are liars and deceivers. They have no right to you unless you have opened a door to them. You have been redeemed by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Demon spirits will do no good to you, Yolin; they will only trample you down. We have to get rid of them. The best way is what Jesus did – He drove them out!”

Then she read the book of Daniel 10 – she said that Satan is the head of his kingdom and immediately under him are ruling spirits, which are called princes of Satan. Now Daniel set his face to the Lord God to seek Him by prayer and supplications, with fasting and sackcloth and ashes – when the angel appeared to him. A man clothed in linen, his eyes were like flaming torches. But the ‘prince of the kingdom of Persia’ withstood him. The angel spoke about a demon prince called ‘Prince of Persia.’

This is the very demon you have opened a door to. The angel of God had an encounter with this demon prince – now mom’s eyes grew narrower. After she had spoken some time to me, she led me into prayer. Then she prayed, “Father, in Jesus Name, grant us Your protection. I request for angelic help to be placed around us so that no demon spirit is able to interfere. “

“Prince of Persia, I don’t need you any longer; in the Name of Jesus Christ who is my Master and Savior, I command you to leave at once…” I prayed out loud.

Thereafter, mom took my hand and prayed for me, “Father, in the Name of Jesus, would You send Your angel to clothe Yolin with the complete armour of God? Thank You Father, for the complete armour of God, in Jesus’ Name! Now, Prince of Persia, you heard Yolin say that she does not need you. In the Name of Jesus Christ, you are commanded to leave immediately. In the Name of Jesus, I bind you hand and foot, that what I bind on earth is bound in the heavenlies. Ministering angels go forth and cause Prince of Persia to be bound, in Jesus’ Name. In the Name of Jesus, I break every curse which was activated and I bind up every demon spirit associated with these curses.”

Immediately, the nagging voices in me subsided. My body returned to its normal size and a peace filled me. As mom was telling me, “Satan would try again with symptoms” I felt an iron band with a heavy chain around my left ankle. “So this is what I dreamt”, she said.

She had dreamt that morning, that a handcuff was placed around her left hand and attached to it was a heavy, iron chain. The stubborn thing would not release the chain so that she awoke, wrestling and strangling it. In a wrestler’s grip, the demon barely moved or growled. “Die – dirty thing – die!” she uttered.

Immediately, she took oil and anointed my ankle and announced that she had seen it in a vision. She spoke directly to it and commanded that, in the Name of Jesus, this band with its heavy chain be broken and cast away from me. She said, “Satan, my Master, Jesus Christ, had stripped you of your power! You have no right to stay – leave now, in Jesus’ Name. Satan, your armour has been taken away from you by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

“Yolin,” she said, “you have the WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD according to [Ephesians 6:11].

Immediately, I was soaring once more, very high, completely free from Prince of Persia.


On the morning of the 7th June, once more I was shown upon my bed that I was with a group of people. We climbed the spiral stairway and reached first level. Although we made our way to the end of that level we were confronted by many evil forms and began ascending the stairway to begin the next level. Again we escaped much evil, only to start level three. This time only two preceded, the rest were way back on the stairway.

As this girl and I were half way, we heard the sound of running water. Appearing in a bathroom were two black men. One in the bath tub and the other under the shower! Afraid, we darted as fast as we could. With every bit of strength, we headed down the stairway; close behind us were these men.

The other girl jumped over the banister to safety, but I could not make it. I could not jump because of the speed at which I was running. So I continued until my legs were tired. I saw a moment’s chance to jump into the well of the stairway, but before I could, I noticed that these evil forms also jumped. That morning, as I opened my eyes, I was in shock.


In a morning vision of the 14th June 2009, I was in the middle of marshlands. The waterlogged ground was very difficult to swim out of. Swallowed up in these swamps, I found a corpse of a black woman. Her eyes hung out of their sunken sockets, like golf balls. It shocked me badly at her dead expression, so that I was desperate to escape. But the swampy situation made it very difficult; within moments, this dead woman reached me.

It felt most strange to see a corpse smiling. The appearance of a spiritless animation shocked me. How could this lifeless form swim at such an impossible speed? I swallowed even harder when I heard her cry out for help – “Please help me…!”

For a long time, I froze as this corpse pleaded; later she turned and swam into the unknown. I reached solid ground to recover. There I found only a few houses surrounded by marsh; no roadways. I also noticed that these houses were built on solid foundations in spite of the marshlands. On entering the first house, I knew that this one belonged to me.

[John 6:44-71] “No one is able to come to Me unless the Father Who sent Me attracts and draws him and gives him the desire to come to Me, and then I will raise him up from the dead at the last day … He who feeds on My flesh and drinks My Blood (has, possesses now) eternal life, and I will raise him up from the dead on the last day … He who feeds on My flesh and drinks My Blood dwells continually in Me, and I in like manner dwell continually in him … even so whoever continues to feed on Me (whoever takes Me for his food and is nourished by Me) shall in his turn live through and because of Me … It is the Spirit Who gives life (He is the Life-giver); the flesh conveys no benefit whatever (there is no profit in it). The Words (Truths) that I have been speaking to you are Spirit and Life … “

In a morning vision of the 16th June, mom was shown that she wore a white helmet. It appeared to be made of a strong, durable substance. Her head was well protected by this very thick helmet. She walked in all Surety; her helmet actually reflected great Authority.

[Ephesians 6:17-18] “And take the helmet of salvation and the Sword that the Spirit wields, which is the Word of God. Pray at all times on every occasion, in every season in the Spirit, with all manner of prayer and entreaty. To that end, keep alert and watch with strong purpose and perseverance, interceding on behalf of all the saints God’s consecrated people.” 

In a vision of the morning of 24th June, my cousin approached me and said, “This is purely witchcraft!” Immediately, I saw it – half man and half pig. This person made terrifying, grunting noises. In a wink, it disappeared and the search began. After a while, I found it behind my bed and pinned it down. Now my cousin hindered me and my grip slackened allowing it to attack me. In this crucial moment, I opened my eyes.

Yet in another morning vision, a screen loomed before me. The screen appeared to be some sort of entrance. Suddenly, to my surprise, peeping through this screen, I saw a half-human, half-demon. This thing was watching with glee, rubbing its evil hands. This frightful thing caused me to open my eyes in shock.


In a vision of the morning of July 4, 2009, I found myself in a strange place. Soon night fell and the atmosphere turned heavy. Frightened, I began to search my way through lonely streets when I heard unnatural sounds. I was overwhelmed with wonder when a rod came floating out from nearby bushes. Even though I resisted, a force put it into my hands.

Now while I contemplated, a revolting spell caged me. Bewildered, I stared as the rod disappeared into the bushes as I fled, terrified. Soon I met environment-friendly and tender-hearted people, where I spent the night. The following morning, as I sat on the lawn, I felt that the spell had subsided.

There I sat, watching their little daughter casting spells on dried bones, trying to raise it. So I began speaking in a foreign tongue but to no avail. I did not realize that I had so much power, causing the rod to reappear. At that moment, the parents of the girl came and saw the rod suspended in the air. I opened my eyes in this difficult situation, hearing my outcry for help.


In the early hours of the morning of the 8th, mother was taken into an open vision. As she turned to look towards the entrance of her room, the abysmal manifested. Thick, black, eerie webs were in the process of being spun. She did not see the spider but the threads whirled themselves from one side to the other side of the door frame.

Although her physical body rested on the bed, a force swayed her spirit. The Word flowed out of her mouth, “I overcome you Satan with the Blood of Jesus – the Blood of Jesus…” ; all at once the evil faded away.

Mom spent several days in fast and prayer, asking for the interpretation. The Lord put a deep leading in her spirit to study “Vessels of Honor” written by Rebecca Brown. In one vision, I saw that this God-given book was placed into my hands.

Refer to Chapter Four – “Cage & Curses”; answers jumped out at her. A relative played some type of music and as it played some guy began speaking. Displayed on the screen were reflections producing constant changing patterns. These group pieces of bright, colorful, interesting objects moved round and round …

While I sat watching, I felt a great spiritual suction which pulled me into a deep hole. These incidents were forgotten. It was a puzzle as to why I remained sick. Inner groaning would emerge and this was why she began to fast and pray.

She anointed the house and walked around the property, dedicating it unto the purpose of the Father, through Jesus Christ, but to no avail. She prayed for me; I would be healed but I could not keep my healing! Hurtful events ate at me until I became so depressed.

Mom ran out of answers; she became desperate. Rotten, stinking smells came into the house; burns and pains ran like wildfire everywhere. At night, the house would creak so badly that on rebuking, nothing happened! Although our ministry gathered together for service, the demonic oppression became worse, especially at night.

But when answers became alive, she broke all and every associated spell; all and every linked caged incantation placed over me – she commanded all and every demon spirit associated, wherever it was hiding, to be bound, in the Name of Jesus. Before she laid hand on me, I burped it out and when she prayed for me six, large yawns came forth.

Previously, I saw the hidden spiritual ley-lines across my ceiling. Mom also rebuked the spiritual blinders. The deathly, caged incantation was revealed as the spider’s webs were broken. She also broke down its gates, bound its gatekeeper, broke down every wall and every pillar, broke down the altar built in me – then she bound up the main spirit hiding away, who was making the groaning noises through me.

Thank you Father, for Your faithful servants, Rebecca and Elaine.

To our surprise the groaning came forth.

The following morning, I approached her and said that I had seen in another vision, that my uncle approached me. He had asked me that if I had a choice, what nickname I would give myself. Very positively, I strongly proclaimed – ‘Mafia’. I said that I would perform very well as ‘Mafia’ and would earn ‘A’.

“So that is it!”, mom exclaimed. “Mafia is the head demon still in hiding.”

During the day, Mafia nagged in me not to go through with the deliverance. When we gathered, the real me, in that split moment reached out for deliverance. I was crying out for help and was in great torment. Pains tore severely at my stomach so that I collapsed.

Mom led me into prayer, so I renounced ‘Mafia’. “I don’t need you any longer Mafia; I renounce you in the Name of Jesus Christ who is my Lord and Savior. I am a Blood-Covenanted child. The Blood of Jesus which was shed on the Cross of Calvary speaks for me. This moment, I command you Mafia, to leave me at once, in Jesus’ Name.”

Mom laid hands on me according to His Word and said, “Mafia you heard that Yolin no longer needs you. On the Authority of the Word of God and in Jesus’ Name, I command Mafia to be bound hand and foot. In Jesus’ Name, I cast Mafia into the dry and barren places according to the Word of God. Mafia come out and never return, in Jesus’ Name. Father, in Jesus’ Name, Your Word says, ‘He Who has the key of David, Who opens and no one shuts; Who shuts and no one shall open.’ I ask Father, in Jesus’ Name, to close this door and to open the DOOR unto Yolin.”[Revelation 3:7-8] 

Immediately, a billiousness pushed up into my chest, “Go to the bathroom, Yolin, let the thing come out.” she said. Within seconds, phlegm poured out, accompanying a burning sting. Mom gave me olive oil to drink. It took some time before my rent body recovered completely. According to the Word, when Jesus cast out the unclean spirits they foamed and rent at the body. (Mark 1:26) (Mark 9:20) (Luke 9:39-42)

I could literally feel that Mafia had left.

Our heavenly Father is always faithful and watchful over His Word to perform it.

[Jeremiah 1:12]“Then said the Lord to me, “You have seen well, for I am alert and active, watching over My Word to perform it.”