Book 4 – Standing in the Gap

Refer to the decision that Brother Michael and mom made to stand in the gap for their relative. He had received so many letters from mediums and grew rather sickly. For this reason, they stood in the gap so that the Father, through His Son, would reveal this matter.

It was hit and run from that time onward. They went through very heavy bombardments. Forgetting about their decision, they wondered what had given Satan the legal right to attack them night and day, non-stop, for months on end. Every possible thing that could go wrong, went wrong. It seemed as if God had locked up shop and disappeared.

One day during a gathering, mom mentioned a Spirit dream she had had – this relative had collapsed and mom got off her scooter to pray for him. In the process, he recovered, but her scooter was stolen. Brother Michael sent her a brand-new, red scooter. It was designed with four thick wheels and very solid. This machine was controlled by an automatic button. One just had to sit comfortably and it would take you to your destination. All this brilliant piece of work was controlled by Divine Power. Now her brother had taken this gift sent to her by Brother Michael and had given her his ancient type of scooter. Oh what a difference there was!!!

They knew that this was the Holy Spirit’s vehicle sealed by the Blood of Jesus and their brother had exchanged it for his run-down, battered one. They realized that Jesus was the escape goat; there was no need for another. Jesus is the One Who stood in the gap.

Instead of directing all Satan’s attacks to the already finished work of the Cross, they were looking into the eye of very grave storms. So this is why the Father could not answer us. Only stand in the gap as the Father directs you otherwise there is a great price to pay.

Both realized their mistake and went before the Throne of Mercy and Grace repenting. This relative of theirs had not gone through one attack from the Satanists ever since because everything was being diverted to them. What a dark experience!

Then one day, she was shown in a Spirit dream that she received a gift. On opening it, she uttered, “I will never accept it,” but her relative said, “I will take it.” When she realized that it was an occult awarded to her, she refused this as garbage. Her relative connected his instrument to the amplifier but no sound was produced.

Yet in another Spirit dream, her relative was munching away; she had seen him before a huge pile of fruit. From a distance, it looked delicious and good but when she took one, it appeared to be a half apple which was bad. Thus she could not eat of it but picked up a pear which she realized had bad spots.

One morning, we awoke very ill; then mom went about searching the premises and found a toy soldier amidst dried bones buried in the garden! It was the type in close combat on his stomach shooting a rifle. We understood the mission of this occult object and the minute she removed it from the premises, the attack stopped immediately and we recovered.

On different occasions, when she removed different colored beads amidst dried bones, some as big as a centimeter, which were buried in the ground, we would recover from so many, many demonic attacks.

Months later, we understood that a tokolorsie was used to plant different occult objects in the ground. This went on for months on end; we had found so many different objects buried in the ground. One morning, she awoke sick and went searching, and found a golf ball amidst dried bones buried in the soil. Evil hung so heavy that she could hardly breathe; it seemed as though she was walking sideways.

The force exerted from this object was extremely dangerous. She would ask the Holy Spirit to guide her to where it had been buried. So many, many unmentioned warfare had been won, for Great is His Faithfulness.


This morning of the 20th December 2009, in a Spirit vision upon my bed, I was on my way to the station to board a train. There was no other route but to pass a huge building which was erected in front of the station. It had so many offices, each occupied by either a witchdoctor, a medium, a Satanist or some other military warrior for Satan’s kingdom.

These grouped together with one common characteristic expertise. Immediately, a woman grabbed my arm and with great force, pulled me into the forbidden. Her entire intention was that I should work with them, but I uttered, “No, this is Satan’s.” An immediate response from Satan’s bands of warriors was one common cause – “kill her.”

There appeared someone with me as we fled at great speed. We boarded the train in such haste; as we hid, we noticed that these killers could fly. Their forms were actually hovering over the moving train.

In a Spirit vision 27th , I was with a group standing in front of a huge mansion which reached into the sky. While gazing around, I looked toward the mountain. In shock, I saw a pig-man flying around. My spirit knew this was pig god. Instantly, fear gripped me. In a wink, we disappeared and entered this huge mansion which we discovered had thousands of rooms.

My cousin had a Hindu friend and had begun dating her. As months passed, their relationship grew and his family became very ill. That week, everyone fasted over the matter concerned.

As mom and I entered their abode, she was instantly walking under a spot on the ground. We did some research and found that the modern Hindu women worshipped two gods (Shiva – life and death) (Vishnu – law and order). These huge illustrations were mounted at her house.

Early one morning, an illustration of Shiva loomed before Brother Michael; his spirit was in turmoil. With hard facts in their hand, they went about that afternoon rebuking the demon-spirit called Shiva (supreme god) and her two sons (Ganesha – Elephant headed god) and did the necessary. They also rebuked Vishnu and all his lesser demon gods and did the necessary.

When we returned to our home after an intense battle with the Hindu gods, mom became gravely ill and collapsed. I prayed so many times for her but she grew even worse. Every bit of strength left her and life seemed nothingness. She felt living death gripping her, when it came into her spirit to rebuke all and every curse operating from Shiva and her two sons.

This I did by laying my hands upon her and immediately life returned into her but I became gravely ill so she prayed likewise for me. Every curse associated with Shiva and Vishnu was broken and their lesser gods were bound up, in Jesus’ Name. “Shoo! Yolin,” she sighed, “the Hindu demon gods sure did follow us home.” Now this experience happened many more times.