Book 4 – The Beast

In a Spirit vision of the morning of the 1st November 2009, upon my bed, I was shown of Revelation Chapter 13.

So many, many people were in an immense building which reached into the sky. The illustration grew ugly and oh, so terrible; all present felt a fear not known to humankind. I find it hard to describe this type of fear which gripped all. The type of terror turned all to panic and want of confidence but there was none.

Nervousness, restlessness and the reign of terror hung thick in the air. Everyone shivered in their shoes for what was about to unravel. While the multitude fled to one side of this enormous building – breathless and hysterical – the ground began to shake. The immense building seemed like a piece of nothing compared to the force of what came forth from the earth.

I became, not only panic-stricken, but when my spirit beheld what actually came forth out of the earth, I turned as white as a sheet and as pale as death. I saw an invisible spirit; immediately, a revelation of the Beast was shown to me. All shrank away with fear and trembling.

The Beast was given might and power and his own great dominion. I saw the spirit of the Beast as it went out over the masses and with a great force sucked out each one’s mind. Later I saw that these hopeless masses walked around with just a shell of a mind. The Beast would thereafter fill each one’s mind under his absolute control. The most terrible thing was that these masses did not know that they were walking about with only the shell of a mind. It was actually considered as normal.

Then I saw that the masses paid great homage to the Beast and worshipped him. I was also shown that the Beast had used the spirit of fear which controlled the entire empire that I knew to be Earth. These masses walked about resembling zombies. The Beast exercised his will through them.

Then he opened his mouth and began to speak slander against God’s Holy People who were but only a handful. The unadulterated Spirit Revelation was such that the Remnant could, through His Supremacy, withstand and resist the powerful authority of the Beast. I actually saw that they were under heavy bombardment; demonic war waged heavily against them. The Beast actually controlled the minds of the masses. He deceived great and small along with the rich and the poor who inhabited the earth.

They actually unknowingly worshipped the Beast and went all out to put the Remnant to death who would not worship the Beast and its image. On the other hand, I was shown that God’s Remnant moved through the contaminated, heavy atmosphere. The Beast actually exhaled fear into the air to keep the masses under his absolute control. Whoever was led into captivity went themselves into captivity. God’s Holy people were called for Patience – Faith and Fidelity (Loyalty).

I opened my eyes completely shocked. During that evening, while mom and I gathered, I was taken back into the same Spirit Revelation. My spirit began to quake under the condition of extreme difficulty.

Yet in another Spirit vision of 13th , I was with a small group of three; we were in fact fleeing from demonic spirits. These spirits took on the form of humans, exuding unrecognized evil. The picture illustration turned the more heinous when they changed into bloodthirsty, jungle-like cats. Their black and white forms stalked us mercilessly so that I heard myself screaming hysterically.


For many months, during the early hours, a hideous spirit would pounce on the roof. The Holy Spirit usually awoke mom; she would hear this thing run on all fours across the ceiling toward her room. Immediately, warfare broke out. There were times when she preached the Resurrection and it would flee.

There were also times when she awoke, sick under heavy demonic attacks, causing her to swell to ten times her actual form. She would awake paralyzed under the intensity, while her entire physical body screamed out in pains and burns. This eventually affected her bed. She would wrestle with dark forces all day long; many days I had to pray for her.

Many warfaring days, she was sick, during which demonic attacks ran out of control so much that we could hardly breathe. During the period of intense warfare, she mentioned to me, “Yolin, I am searching for what type of demon was sent to me. For it sure shreds every nerve in my physical body! My entire physical form feels like lead while being shredded!” For two nights, she sat up , wrestling this type of evil until one morning, she collapsed under the strain of it all and sought the Father for answers!