Book 4 – The Last Day Church My Spotless Bride

In the early hours of the 13th March 2009, I lay half awake, when suddenly I was taken into a vision. Whether in my body or out my body, I cannot tell but I saw myself asleep. During that space of time there were three separate forms lying on the bed. All three persons were me.

Beholding this scene, I sensed the presence of great evil. Looking around, I stared at Satan who was standing against my bed. Together with so many dirty brown and grayish colored shaped fiends. They were watching my three persons very closely. It appeared as though Satan’s eyes hung on springs. While they were contemplating, my gift of discernment began operating; a sure conviction that this was meant for evil.

Then something so awe-inspiring unfolded – I watched as my three persons were lifted horizontally off the bed – such awesome Power surged into my three persons. Instantly, a New Spirit Birth melted these three persons into one. Then I heard the Voice of Jesus proclaiming, “The Resurrection.” The greatness of God’s Power, in and for me, demonstrated His Mighty Strength. The Almighty exerted Christ; when He raised Him from the dead, He raised me.

I watched as Satan, together with his band of evil warriors, flew into a violent rage. The old devil let off such a deafening screech and together with his demons, went stark raving mad. In a vehement passion, he frothed at the mouth. Oh, what a bitter pill it was for Satan!

[Revelation 12:12] “Therefore be glad (exult), O heavens and you that dwell in them! But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in fierce anger (fury), because he knows that he has only a short time left!