Book 4 – The Power of God is in us to put us over

One morning very early, this force began swaying my insides at such a rate that I began to swell to about ten times my original size! I called out to mom, who hurried to me; I was very ill. She laid hands on me and rebuked the incantation sent to me. “I stand on the Authority of the Name of Jesus Christ and in His Name, I bind every demon spirit associated with this spell… I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ which never loses its power. The Covenant Blood of God, in Jesus’ Name…”

Immediately, I returned to my normal self. My inside person stopped swaying. Mom asked the Father, in Jesus’ Name, to cover me with His Feathers. She said, “Yolin, use the Shield of the Lord your God.” The Shield of the Lord had given me great Protection. She would wield the Sword preaching to these spirits about the Cross. Every time she spoke the Word of God, the force would back off until it was gone. “The ability of God is released within me by the words of my mouth and by the Word of God,” she told me. “The Power of God is in us to put us over.”

During the wee hours of the 18th , mom and I sat as she once more counseled me. Again all the old hurts had pushed up causing me to feel inept. Accompanying the emotions was loud moaning. Mom monitored this for some time; then one night the Holy Spirit spoke to her, “He had mixed witchcraft with his words. He used his words to cage her in, placing an incantation upon her.” The minute she told me, this thing took its toll.

Years ago during matric, I was always accompanied by friends. But one whom the Holy Spirit brought forth, caught me unawares with abusive words. I told him that I would look after myself and had refused to be intimate with him. I was only a baby Christian, ignorant of such matters. Four years later, I was still struggling to come to terms with this incident.

In her patience, mom sat with me and told me that I should accept the fact that the fault was mine. “Stop pointing to everyone except yourself! Once you give Satan an open door, he would hold you to it. Whether you did it ignorantly or foolishly, it opened a door. This is all Satan needed and he made you blind to your error through playing with your emotional hurts.”

[Galatians 6:5] “For every person will have to bear (be equal to understanding and calmly receive) his own (little) load (of oppressive faults).” 

I could not see past it until the Holy Spirit revealed that it was a mixture of good and evil. “That is how Satan works”, she said.

Immediately, we went to the Throne of Mercy and Grace, where I repented of my mistakes. Then she laid hands upon me and prayed, “Father, Your Word says that if any person is overtaken in misconduct or sin of any sort, you who are spiritual, who are responsive to and controlled by the Spirit, should set him right and restore and reinstate him, without any sense of superiority and with all gentleness, keeping an attentive eye on yourself, lest you should be tempted also…”

While she was yet praying, the thing manifested and my whole neck pulled stiff so that I cried out. Mom took oil and laid hands on my neck and it moved down my back. Within minutes, a loud burp came forth. An immediate response, I could actually feel a wet blanket as it was lifted from me. Then mom closed the doorway, for she said, “Jesus told you Yolin to leave no door open for Satan.”


In the morning vision of the 21st , while at school, I gave birth to a beautiful infant! The teachers and everyone present were jubilant; I was overjoyed. The time approached to go home so I decided to follow the passageway leading around the school. There I saw two people whom I recognized in the act of fornication. I saw that it was done in the open.

Now after they had produced, it was placed into a clear bag. When these people left, I took a closer look at its contents. Strong repugnance quivered through me; there were so many, many large worms crawling wildly. They appeared to be baby snakes. Demonic manifestations became visible insomuch that I shuddered.

Yet in another vision, I was shown that this person committed the same act, but this time it was man with man. He blurted out that he could not help himself. For the wicked he flatters and deceives himself in his own eyes that his iniquity will not be found out and be hated. He plans wrongdoing on his bed; he sets himself in a way that is not good; he does not reject or despise evil. [Psalm 36:2 – 4] 

Five days later, I was shown in another morning vision upon my bed, that I was back at school. Liberty among us drew me outside; there I noticed a long row of petrol trucks. Then I heard the urgency of the teachers; all students were to evacuate immediately, for these trucks were about to explode. Within seconds, everyone was safe within the school building.


During the wee hours of the morning 27th, mom heard the Voice of Jesus calling her name “Cindy!!!” on three different occasions. The Master’s Voice sounded crystal clear. His Voice traveled into her depth. She would say, “Speak Lord Jesus for Thy servant heareth Thee!” Now while she yet slept, Jesus called her again; she opened her eyes. As she looked toward the door, she saw His Presence. Her spirit would respond, “Speak Lord Jesus, Thy servant heareth Thee!” Then He said to her, “Keep My Commandments for My Father has given you Spirit Life. Spirit Life led Moses and Elijah. 

Keep My Commandments! Keep My Commandments!” 

“Lord! I accept Your Covenant with me. Please make me Totally Obedient and empower me to keep Your Commandments. Fill me with Spirit Wisdom and Spirit Understanding of Your Spirit Life. Equip me Lord Jesus! ”

Two days later, I was shown that certain children of God were living in sin. I was back at the Heavenly School; our group was walking across a huge field of green grass. Among us was a lesbian who approached me. In the presence of these very tall Teachers, the act of sinning was impossible. I told her that it was wrong to be a lesbian and that I could not agree with it.

Yet again the Voice of Jesus called twice during the wee hours of the 3rd August 2009. Mom’s spirit would respond in a special way, “Speak Lord for Thy servant heareth Thee!” Immediately, she looked into the Spirit Realm and saw an angel. The vision moved toward her twice then faded away. Thereafter, she fell into a deep sleep and dreamt that her mother had passed away and preparation was made for her burial.

I refer to Book six, every prophecy was fulfilled on 21st November 2013.

In the morning vision of 9th August upon my bed, I was shown the true condition of the world and how the evil one had oozed slime everywhere. I was at a local school and needed to use the toilet, but I was disgusted and nauseous to find that human muck was piled everywhere. I had to move around vigilantly for my safety.

[Psalm 14:3][Psalm 53:3] They are all gone aside, have all together become filthy; there is none that does good or right, no, not one. Every one of them has gone back (backslidden and fallen away); they have altogether become filthy and corrupt; there is none who does good, no, not one. Also [Romans 3:10-12] 

Yet in another vision upon my bed, I was standing at the gate of the pathway which leads to our house. I turned to look at the front door and saw evil spirits that moved in untold masses. I noticed that I could see through these forms which appeared to be moving in chaotic attacks. I also saw that this matter resolved. Then I saw him – the one who was responsible. My discerning spirit felt so uncomfortable the moment I stared at him.


Today is the 20th day of August; in a morning vision upon my bed, there appeared a massive building. Thousands moved swiftly outdoors to investigate the strange depth of echo vibrations. As we stood in the open, an enormous spaceship hovered over the water and landed on the surface of the ocean. The colossal thing appeared to be bigger than the solid building.

We watched as the spaceship’s door opened and to our surprise, ordinary people stepped out. They were addressing the crowds through a microphone and spoke in plain English. Everyone present knew that these were aliens and were afraid. Nevertheless, we stood boldly as these aliens approached. One came to me and asked me a question – “What would you like to become one day?” I answered, “I would like to be a Computer Scientist.”

Suddenly, I was dragged into the spaceship with a number of girls. There we sat huddled together, afraid of these aliens. As girls, we were holding each other’s hands while these aliens assured us that they would make our dreams come true.

[Hebrews 11: 34-40] “Extinguished the power of raging fire, escaped and devouring of the sword, out of frailty and weakness won strength and became stalwart, even mighty; and resistless in battle, routing alien hosts…they were lured with tempting offers to renounce their faith;…” 

In yet another vision of the 9th September, I was standing on a pier which led out to sea, when the most beautiful mermaid appeared. The sound of intones drew me, but later I noticed that it was a repetitious singsong way of chanting. Just then more beautiful mermaids accompanied her.

She then tried to force me to go with her but I refused. Suddenly her hands closed around my wrists. As she dragged me along, I was afraid that I would drown. With her clasp very tight, she led me fathoms under the oceans. There I saw that another person was deceived in the same way and was kept in the deep.

As I lay on the bed of the ocean, the mermaid told me that I was restored to normal breathing. Soon I was surprised that I was able to breathe. In the meantime, the other person who joined me did not know what to expect from these mermaids.

I had suffered a tormenting pain on my left ribs and breast and said to her that I think I should go for a checkup. Mom told me that this was a demonic attack and therefore she sought the Lord for the answer. Eight days later, the urge in her spirit was to study page 274 of “Prepare for War” written by Rebecca Brown.

“Yolin”, she said, “Rebecca writes, and I quote, ‘Hatred is a conscious sin. It gives Satan legal ground in our lives if we permit it to dwell in our hearts. If you hate someone, Satan can step in and use your spirit body to attack the person you hate. Such an attack can produce all sorts of illness, accidents, emotional problems, and even physical death. The person doing the hating usually is never aware that Satan is using his/her body. The person being hated usually has no idea where his/her trouble is really coming from.’

The Father has given me a conviction that this is it. I have to anoint you and pray for special shielding against all attack by human spirits through hatred. I also have to ask the Father to sever between you and any attacks from the spirit world. Rebecca had a conviction to publish this God given help. Father, bless her Ministry, in Jesus’ Name.”

I had quite a few unmentioned incidents which needed just this type of advice. The minute mom anointed me with oil and followed Rebecca’s instructions, the throbbing pain which tormented me for four years, stopped. I could not touch the left side of my breast and therefore suffered sleepless nights. Today, I am proud of Rebecca’s obedience to our Heavenly Father.


During the intense training, Satan had entered the leader of old. Mom studied his unthought-of, uncontrollable urges and thoughts. Hardness of mind, clinging to old beliefs no matter what! His unexpected emotions and mood swings would shock her. He was compelled to act in unexpected strange ways in a fit of anger and bitterness. He would sit staring into nothing for hours, talking to himself. His entire mental outlook changed overnight and would subside in an instant.

Even mom and the Ministry would become his greatest enemy. Though he gave her his personal documents to be stored, he would bring the police to arrest her for having illegally kept his documents. Mom would watch an evil spirit arise from his spirit – his face contorted and hard, boiling over in uncontrollable rages, accusing her as though she was his worst enemy.

In her kindness, she had fed and clothed him, had given him cash to help him and to find a shelter, but it always ended up as one of his evil schemes.

Mom was shaken, and spoke to Jesus, when in an instant she heard Him – “Let it go my child. You are in My Service and I am your Provider…”

The Voice of the Lord brought calmness into her; Jesus’ Words washed her. “Let me see this matter through Your eyes Lord. You are seeing what I am not seeing. Give me Spirit ears and Spirit eyes…” she wept.

That morning, she awoke from a Spirit dream. She arrived at school and saw that in one class the exam had already begun. The Sword bearer, along with many others, sat writing. Mom walked into a classroom where there were about three students who sat writing; there were only a few. She noticed that the person in front of her struggled to complete his exam.

Her test papers appeared to be a very thick book. It went further that she went back to school as only a quarter of her test had been written. For she knew that she had just sat down to write and the next moment, a quarter of the book was completed. When she returned, the teacher handed her all sorts of gadgets to equip her.

Mom looked at little grinders and brushes etc. ; her arms were loaded with different kinds of equipment. She arrived at a local school to complete the rest of the exam.

When she awoke, she sought the Father, asking Him as she humbled herself, to show her the Spirit techniques to skillfully use these Spirit equipments. “Give me Spirit Wisdom and Spirit Understanding Father. Teach me to pass this exam”.

Mom had previously asked the Lord to equip her and He did.

The previous day, mom and I, along with the Sword bearer, covenanted our spirits and laid them upon the altar as the Father’s possession. After we had signed and dated it, there was an immediate, powerful anointing from Father. We could actually feel pure supernatural changing over; oh what a manifestation deep inside our spirit! We could then say, “Father into Thine hands I commend my spirit.” For He said that now are our spirits the actual Lamp of Jehovah. When He fully possesses your spirit, He becomes Total Master. This is how the few will march to start a Movement of God.


I refer to page 24, Mom fell asleep and was awakened by the same force which hovered over her. Immediately, without a thought, she responded by using the Shield of the Lord. “Father, in Jesus’ Name, would You allow those who are attacking me to see Your Glory reflecting from Your Shield?.” In a wink, the attack disappeared and mom dozed off into a deep sleep.

The following morning, the attack came even stronger than ever before, and mom walked about like a drunken person.

Brother Michael had a Spirit dream that they were to write a History exam, but mom was using the book he sought to study.

That entire day, she wrestled and grappled with an unseen force stronger than what she could imagine. Very tired after a long day of warfare, the darkness had only massed in unity and was at its strongest. Mom had switched the computer on and played a DVD of Jimmy Swaggart (New Altar).

While mom worshiped along, the anointing took her into a Spirit prayer. The Spirit of Christ began to pray through her insomuch that it was out of her control. She was in the Presence of the Father, “Father, in obedience to Your Word which came to me, I had Covenanted my spirit as Your possession. I lay my spirit upon the altar as an offering. Cover the offering with the Blood of Jesus. Let the Blood speak for me through Jesus’ Name…”

An immediate response shook her physical form so hard that she was saying, “Though the spiritual giants are so huge, in the Name of Jesus, I am able to go up and possess the land for You Father…”

She could not remember the entire prayer.

[Galatians 4:6] “And because you (really) are (His) sons, God has sent the SPIRIT OF HIS SON (CHRIST) INTO OUR HEARTS, crying, Abba Father.” 

During these times of warfare, this evil force came one morning oh so early while mom was too exhausted to fight. The previous day she had been engaged in intense warfare and was weary. Her spirit saw a powerful force hitting against her chest when all of a sudden a very Bright Light shone. Divine Power poured forth from the Light upon her chest. Her spirit actually experienced the Lord’s Holy Power – how it burned and blazed.

In less than a blink of an eyelid, the battle was over. Mom never moved a finger or spoke a word to defend herself. She knew that the Father had kept His side of the Covenant to Protect her.