Book 4 – Two Different Realms

The following week, the Lord stirred mom’s spirit, “Don’t stop interceding for your relative. Every matter begins first in the spirit realm then it manifests in the natural realm. Keep interceding so that the Father has reason to prevent Satan’s attack in the realm that the eyes cannot see. Because the physical eyes cannot see what is happening in the spirit realm does not mean that everything is hunky-dory. Many of My children have fallen asleep as they are operating in the realm of their sense knowledge. 

These are two different realms; the realm of the spirit cannot be controlled by sense knowledge. Only the Spirit can manifest what is happening in the spirit realm. My children have fallen into a deep sleep and must be awakened. Satan thrives when My children are deceived by sense knowledge. When I walked the earth, I operated in the Realm of My Father. I only did what He instructed Me. Awaken My people to this Truth. 

The Last Day Church; the End Time Army will operate in the Realm of My Father. They will know this Truth; it will bring an immediate response from My Father, in My Name. Spirit Authority is when you can operate in My Father’s Realm. Spirit Power is great in My Father’s Realm. This is of the Greater Works I have spoken of.” 

This relative could not understand her warnings. The Holy Spirit had led her on a fast. She prayed, standing in the gap, until spiritual blinders were removed from his eyes. The following week, he phoned her, confessing that on different occasions he had received letters from The Netherlands, Zurich and America. On each envelope appeared the sender’s picture which mom understood were watchers.

In one letter, a chief medium offered him large sums of money if he would place his hand in a box drawn on the page. She said that it would allow her to pick up his vibrations. She also mentioned cosmic energies. He did not know that when he broke the seal of the letter, he had actually activated an immediate open door in the spirit realm.

Mom knew nothing about this incident and sent a message to him that a strong occult curse had caught him. It had put spiritual blinders on his eyes, but after much reasoning, the Holy Spirit brought to his confused mind, these very letters. He phoned her and confessed that he was convinced that the Lord had shown her, for she knew nothing about this matter. The letter received from America offered to send him a lamp if he would return a certain amount of money. This lamp would produce a genie that could cause him to become a very rich person overnight.

He had destroyed the letter and thrown it into the trash can. The following day, when he picked up the same envelope, it appeared to be sealed as though it had never been torn. Shocked at the happening, he phoned mom. In the other letter, a medium offered him special powers if he would respond.

Mom told me that it was her relative again that might have received another letter. So she went to bind up this attack of Satan. For some time, she was pleading the Blood of Jesus, until the grip over our heads, like a huge octopus, faded away. The following morning, the Spirit led her into another interceding prayer. Mom only found out days later when he had sent her a message.

She knew that it was the same force that had tried to suck her out of her body. “Lord You chose this incident to open my mind to understand the unknown. Now I am convinced You were showing me what I am presently facing. I covenant with You, my very own Father, for my Eternal Protection. Teach my hands to war and my fingers to fight. Teach me, equip me, and make me sensitive to Your Voice.”