Book 5 – Be Careful What You Purchase

That month mom said to me, “Yolin, every time I enter the house a force of darkness pushes me halfway through the floor. Why? Why? Why?”

During the same month, I had purchased bedding from a huge well known shop. I had it on my bed when mom said to me, “Yolin, there are burning pains running over this bedding.” I insisted that I bought it and that I liked it so much. As time passed, I began to suffer severe painful attacks. Mom removed the bedding and began rebuking.

The following day, we went back to that shop. As we stood in the section for bedding, I became sick. Mom looked and her spirit eye saw that from the shelf of overthrows, waves of evil forces moved toward us. We walked about two meters away to another section where she prayed for me. I learned that the atmosphere felt better. Everything within the bedding section was contaminated, so we returned what I had bought. Be careful what you purchase!!!

I also bought a pack of colorful pebbles at a different shop, to decorate a vase. Later, I began to suffer severe pains in my abdomen. Weeks passed and evil poured out unnoticed. One day mom just removed it completely from the grounds. I told her that it was a product from China. So I learned that curses from China’s original ground had activated. After the open doorways were closed, I recovered immediately.

In the time of these happenings, each morning she awoke sick. It felt as though ten buses had ridden over her and were parking on top of her. Mom continued her search until she spoke to me. I had also purchased a game on my cell phone called “kings, queens, and jacks cards”. Every time I played these, spirits attached were activated. After I repented, she closed those open doorways. We continued the warfare of these spirits.