Book 5 – Encounter one of the many kings of Hell

Kings of hell

The night thereafter, I was about to doze off when a terrible vision loomed before me. Immediately, I was looking into terrible evil. Unspeakable fear swept in like a bat out of hell. Such evil poured forth from the vision in which a face, too terrible to describe, watched me closely.

It was a red face which shone in its evil. What a masterpiece of perfect, utter darkness with eyes aglow in redness. This type of king had a very sharp chin which stretched quite long with a crooked nose which twisted into a hook. Now this unimaginable image moved so close to me, eyeball to eyeball, causing my whole form to shake, so I froze.

Instantly, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. “This is he who rules in his domain in Hell. A king who never comes up to earth; it ever lives in Hell!

[Ephesians 4: 27] “Leave no room or foothold for the devil (give no opportunity to him).” 

The following night of the 28th, as I was about to doze off once again, I saw myself at a local school. The teachers were of low class who never took an interest in the students. It’s just a job, who cares? After two years with this irresponsible lot, I was told that I had failed by just one point. “We will not allow you that one point to pass,” the answer came.

The scene changed into the third year at the same school. This class appeared as a group who passed “Feeling”. Those who felt ugly and dirty and worse, passed that year, but I was told that I had once again failed.

The following scene changed into the fourth year at the same school. This class appeared as a group who had passed “Perfection”. Everyone present passed but I was told that I had once again failed. “If you do not pass the fifth year, you will not be able to return,” the reply rang out. I do not have the words to describe how I felt.

The scene moved on to where I saw myself entering the classroom for my fifth and final year.

[Psalm 64: 3 – 6] “Who whet their tongues like a sword, who aim venomous words like arrows. They think out acts of injustice and say, We have accomplished a well-devised thing! For the inward thought of each one is unsearchable and his heart is deep.” 

On the night of the 4th June, I was just about to doze off when another vision loomed before me. The very same grayish demon that stood behind my door appeared. Immediately, such an intense battle broke out. Opposite powers were at war in the spirit realm. My earthly words fail to make known the actual war in the spirit realm that grew and grew.

Next, I saw that while the spirit warfare continued, I approached my mother to tell her what was actually happening. She was sitting on her bed when suddenly three white people appeared. Two sat with her. I perceived that these people had no gender. The one that was standing spoke; as I heard the voice, it sounded like a female, yet I could not make out its gender.

I looked at these three people and noticed that something was wrong. “So, do not help Yolin fight that spirit attacking her! Why must you help her? You must move out of the country and go to Mozambique!” the one said.

“Why?” I thought, “Why? What is being said does not line up with the Word of God.”

Although they were dressed in white and had a white skin, their eyes were demonic eyes. They were persuading mom not to fight the demonic spirits tormenting us, especially during the night.

I looked to the one who was blurting out his threats and actually saw that it was the head of the beast speaking.

“We know all about the grayish spirit who comes at night to you. We know everything!” they said, agitated. These evil beings were sent from the pit of Hell with a message for mom. “If you do not listen to us, we are going to join with other spirits.” I understood that the grayish demon was a doorway for these evil beings to come through. They were sent to finish the assignment given to them directly from the hierarchy in Hell.

All of the demonic attacks came while we were asleep and too exhausted to defend ourselves. My mother had to constantly sleep with me because of the untold evil torments causing my spirit to become turmoiled.

Though we awoke most of the time feeling sick, even walking six feet under the ground, yet will I believe,

[Deuteronomy 31:6] “Be strong, courageous, and firm; fear not nor be in terror before them, for it is the Lord your God Who goes with you; He will not fail you or forsake you,” she said.