Book 5 – Extreme Onslaught

During the same month, I was shown in a Spirit dream, five Asians who were attending the same class. Their disturbed facial expressions led the teacher to suggest to one of them to “Rather go to church and pray!” “No!” came the reply. Then one of the four sitting behind me replied as to why I could not understand their tumult. “The second Mar chin Boo would appear soon in our own country!” Now this required much hard thinking to actually understand.

So I continued, “What is your religion?” I asked. The word religion was like learning a new word in his ears. I tried my best to explain the word but to no avail. Then I asked him, “What cult are you in?” This only brought a rapid response. “The peoples of our country are a cult not a religion!”

Then I wondered how it could be possible for them to be back in their own country within seconds. As this mystery unfolded, my spirit understood that their cult gave them power to travel within seconds. The second Mar chin Boo was more deadly than the previous. All Asians were commanded to return to their native country to fight this deadly serious Boo.


Nearing the end of January 2012, every curse Satan had sworn, doubled.

During the night, we awoke under very heavy and severe demonic onslaught. Each attack was designed while we were in deep sleep. We would awake feeling more than just rotten.

Mom would travail in prayer and then drift off to sleep, only to awake each morning feeling worse.

There were times when the early hours of the mornings greeted us with indescribable, rotten odours.

Appearing on mom’s back and on her neck, were 6 cm deep, raw scratches, as if her flesh had been dug out by claws. I would anoint these demonic wounds with olive oil until my hands felt as though they would crack and break. Through these heavy demonic burns the excruciating pains covering our physical bodies just worsened.

Every joint seemed as though it had been mercilessly torn away. Sleep was unknown. Somehow our spirits just knew that this type of unimaginable spiritual onslaught was direct from the pit of Hell. There are no earthly words to describe these outbreaks, let alone the smells!!!

Then I was shown in a Spirit dream, that worms as big as snakes, came up through a drain from the pit of hell. Screaming to my cousin to help me push those down again, I noticed that an unusual black octopus gripped his head. Hysterically, I shouted to warn him but he thought it was harmless. I watched as each black tentacle waved the air to tighten its grip.

Towards the end of March, we faced extreme demonic onslaught. I constantly awoke very sick, together with mom. Then I remembered that at that time, when we moved into the house we had rented, I was shown in a Spirit dream that in the place dwelt an indescribable evil spirit.

During the nights, stinking rotten smells entered the house. I urged mom to go through the rooms to rebuke. It reached a point that she slept with me, as my spirit was in constant turmoil, especially during the nights. That night, as we slept, she heard irons breaking in the kitchen. Drifting off to sleep she was shown a thick darkness hovering at the foot of our bed. A pair of hands protruded from the darkness. In desperation, she reached out to grapple with it but to no avail. After she was shown that, she retired to her own room.

She opened her eyes revealing this matter to me so we went to her room for the night. In a Spirit dream, she actually saw an alien demon standing at our front door. The six-foot tall, black thing stood contemplating. She opened her eyes in severe pain.

I had also drifted off to sleep after she left to spend the night in my room. It was about ten in the morning when the anointing swept over her battered form. She was saying in her sleep, “God in the Highest, let Your Holy Spirit Fire fall, consume the evil that is presently persistent. Your Glory You will not give to another. Glorify Your Name.”

She opened her eyes thanking the Father, in Jesus’ Name.

It is the beginning of April; I retired to mom’s room for the night and was relaxed when an open vision appeared. My spirit was in terrible turmoil and I rushed to her and told her that a man with the head of a bull loomed before me. The image disappeared and was followed by another vision of a beast’s head.

Then I saw the face of a witch which seemed to be millimeters away – eyeball to eyeball. I was shaking so badly that mom told me to sleep with her until my spirit calmed.

That morning, past eleven, mom came to sit at the foot of my bed. I immediately opened my eyes and told her that something had kept me under a strong spell. I was screaming with all my might but she could not hear me. Her obedience to the Holy Spirit had broken the spell. There and then she laid hands on me and prayed for me.

On the Eve of Good Friday, mom was utterly exhausted, so she decided to relax in her room. Soon she drifted off and heard turning noises in the roof. It sounded like evil powers building up against her. Immediately, a battle broke out. Demons attacked with what felt like electric shocks which poured down like lightning. Each time her spirit responded, “JESUS CHRIST!!! JESUS CHRSIT!!! JESUS CHRIST!!!” This continued for some time and from my room, I heard her making strange sounds.

She opened her eyes and wondered what on earth was happening. This is much spiritual violence which for weeks had left her bruised and battered; especially at night when her physical body became numb. She had prayed and asked the Lord to equip her spirit for this type of warfare. Each morning, her body felt sore due to what had happened in the spirit realm when she was violently attacked. She did not know how to defend herself especially when she was overly exhausted.

Mom once again fell asleep and heard these powers building up for another attack. It appeared like a great explosion as she fought, “JESUS CHRIST!!! JESUS CHRIST!!! JESUS CHRIST!!!” Each time she’d say: “JESUS CHRIST!!!!” , Divine Power of Greatness came out of her spirit. Oh what a match!

As she opened her eyes, her spirit was in great turmoil. She lay agitating over what had actually taken place. After a while, she drifted off to sleep as calmness covered her.