Book 5 – Generational Demon

The scene unfolded where the generations from my grandmother’s side appeared. It was a huge gathering of her Chinese families. This was from the beginning of its seed time and times.

Suddenly, in the midst, I saw an evil spirit. A sure conviction was in my spirit that this was the same demon attacking us! The answer came to my spirit that this tokolorsie was dedicated to wiping out her entire family seed. Even those who married into the family were destroyed. I also understood the next illustration why only a few of her family from China had actually survived.

My spirit knew that this tokolorsie was dedicated to torment her entire generations with such unimaginable torments. It would come through any person, situation or thing. This is so hard to describe but I will try my best to put it into words.

Once the evil thing had had its pleasure of making life a living hell, its next mission was to cause the victim to be bedridden. I understood that once the person was helpless and could not defend themselves the tokolorsie would appear and complete its mission – ‘death’.

The following illustration was shown to me, I saw that my grandmother’s entire generation appeared next. My spirit knew that this generational demon would strike once again.

On the 27th November 1975, while mom was sitting on her bed, the atmosphere took on a difference. She was only eighteen years old at that time and reasoned with herself as to why great Warmth had filled the entire room. She was learning her verse for Sunday school when in the process, looked up at the ceiling.

Immediately, the scene changed and the roof scrolled open. Out of Heaven’s depths shone a Brilliant Light. She watched as it traveled at a rapid pace toward her. Within moments, it entered her spirit; she could actually feel how it traveled to the complete depth of her innermost being.

Mom did not know how to pray but God’s Voice spoke to her spirit, “Matthew chapter 18, verse 3, And said, Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.” Hot tears flowed like a river as she replied, “Yes, I accept Lord Jesus!”

It was as though such terrible heaviness lifted from her as her spirit ascended toward Heaven. She looked down at her physical body weeping uncontrollably. From that day forth, a huge screen appeared while the Holy Spirit taught her.


During that time, this very demon appeared to her. One night, this powerful monster stood by her bedside; it had the torso of a dwarf but the head and arms of a praying-mantis. Its mission was to destroy her at once; there seemed to be very little hope of fighting such a thing.

She almost passed out as its grips closed around. Immediately, her spirit cried out, “The Blood of Jesus… The Blood of Jesus… The Blood of Jesus…” In her desperation, a response came from the Father and this thing fled like a bat out of hell. From that day to this present moment, the vision I was shown above was in full operation.


Mom told me that she lost track of the number of times she looked death in the face.

After thirty-five years of heavy onslaught, she confessed that the Lord is more than Faithfull. His Mercies are new every morning. His Grace is All Sufficient.

The anointing of the Lord fell heavily over us as mom, through the Spirit, compiled the following prayer.


[Breaking All Generational Inheritance] 

“Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, please clothe me with the complete Armour of God to protect me against every wile of the devil. Thank You Father, in Jesus’ Name, for the complete Armour of God! [Ephesians 6: 11] 

I take authority over all demon powers that have authority over me. I bind these demon powers from interfering in any way. I also bind up the strongman or ruling demon which is over these lesser demons that through ancestral inheritance, indwell me.

Father, I acknowledge the sins of my forefathers from my mother’s side, going back to the fourth and tenth generations. Every vow and dedication coming through this generational inheritance from my mother’s side, I now renounce and break, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus, please separate me completely from the sins of my ancestors from my mother’s side, back to the fourth and tenth generations.

Separate me completely from every vow and dedication to every demon god (even to this tokolorsie) back to the fourth and tenth generations from my mother’s side. I ask for forgiveness and cleansing.

[Galatians chapter 3 verse 13-14] says, “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, cursed is everyone that hangeth on a tree.”

Thank you Jesus for serving as a curse for me! Jesus’ Blood was shed to take away all curses. I stand on Your Word and Satan knows the truth, that Your Life-Giving Word cannot be broken.

By the authority given to me as the Redeemed of the Lord Jesus Christ, I now break every inheritance curse. In the Name of Jesus and by the Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ, I bind up this tokolorsie designated to destroy.

I command you to stop immediately. You that defile the generations are cast out. You are a trespasser and in the Name of Jesus, you are commanded to leave.

Satan and your tokolorsie, I renounce you and all your works. I loose myself completely from you, in the Name of Jesus. You are commanded to leave me right now, in Jesus’ Name. AMEN.

Christ died on the cross so that I don’t have to reap the results of the sins of my ancestors. Tokolorsie, you are cast out completely in the Name of Jesus Christ by the Spirit of God (Matthew chapter 12 verse 28). In Jesus’ Name, return no more.

In the Name of Jesus, all witchcraft and occult inheritance passing down to me manifesting over me is now broken.

Lord Jesus, would You lift out any demonic entrance as the result of my ancestral inheritance sins and cleanse me as I repent for them?

I close and seal these spiritual ancestral inheritance doorways from my mother’s side forever with the precious Blood of Jesus Christ. I ask for this and thank you for it, in Jesus’ Name.

Satan knows that the Blood Seal cannot be broken.

I am renewed into my Heavenly Father’s Inheritance. I believe and rely on God the Father, through Jesus Christ, according to Hebrews chapter 10 verse 39.

I have this hope and steadfast anchor that cannot break down. Christ Jesus lives in me.

Whom the Son hath set free is free indeed according to John chapter 8 verse 32.”

That night, after worship, we prayed this prayer and signed it; immediately, there was a response from the Father. The room lit up and the heaviness lifted from us.

In the early hours of the next morning, in another vision upon my bed, I was attending an international school which appeared to spread over the entire earth.

Immediately, I felt the presence of evil and later discovered that it was that tokolorsie which followed me from a distance. As time passed, together with my friend whom I met, we successfully passed this thing. From that point on, the tokolorsie knew that it could no longer exercise its powers over me and faded away.