Book 5 – Great Violent Earthquake

A month later, I was shown in another Spirit vision upon my bed, that we were in a huge building having the appearance of a Shopping Mall. Unexpectedly, the whole earth began to shake. It was a great violent earthquake. I accompanied a crowd which ran out of the building onto an open field.

My spirit knew that the end had come. The entire earth was being disintegrated. As huge parts of the ground opened, many were swallowed up. The ground had formed different levels making it difficult to escape. While climbing to higher levels of the shifted ground, it seemed as though the openings below looked very, very deep.

My spirit knew that the different parts of the earth were simultaneously experiencing worse. I looked to the building which had crumbled and called out to mom who was trapped. Many were killed under the rubble but just a handful had survived. She was calling out to me, for she said that I would be without a mother. And I was concerned that she would be killed. Just then, special rescuers arrived, and within a short time mom was brought to safety.


The morning of the 19th October 2011, mom was shown in a Spirit dream, a certain place that had been excavated. Around the vast patch of rich soil grew luxuriant green grass. To the left, stood a huge heap of the rich soil which had once been a hill. There were many chairs placed about outside on the grass and it was filled with people. Each one sat quietly just waiting.

The picture appeared that mom was carrying an object for the Lord. They were climbing a stairway which led to the scene. On reaching the top, the Lord Jesus turned to her. He scintillated in such radiance and meekness. His Presence alone drew her deeply.

She said, “Lord, when I look only to You, I can see and understand more clearly.” Then in a small, still Voice, He replied, “You have to complete your studies; typing plus computer programming. Thereafter, you have to work at the university. There are many, many who are not well and are unable to finish what they started. You have to fill in their places to help them.”

She looked at Jesus and noticed His Royal White Robe. On reaching the field, the Lord sat among the people while she also took her place. Then she noticed that Jesus was the only One who wore a White Robe; she also looked down and saw that she was sitting on one of the new bricks set for the builders. There she met Brother Michael and me (Yolin) as she shared the Message which the Lord Jesus had given her.