Book 5 – Have To Learn at Rapid Pace

The following day, she opened her eyes from yet another Spirit dream in which she attended school. It was three in the morning when they entered the classroom. Upon the board in front appeared a screen from which mom wrote the heading in her book.

Many little pictures of illustrations were demonstrated according to the subject. Mom, together with her brothers, was present. While she was about to absorb what was shown, the illustrations began to move at a rapid pace. Is this the rapid pace at which we have to learn? Mom moved closer to the fast moving illustrations to maintain her intake. “How do I explain it all?”, she pondered to herself!


During the month of October, I was about to doze off when straightway I looked into a Spirit vision. There were many Satanists; they were busy in a cold-blooded, gruesome killing. I could not know who the victim was for each was plunging their knife into their prey. There was blood everywhere; shocked, I looked at the lifeless form.

The following week, while sharing this vision with my mother, an unbearable pain pierced through me. Immediately, she prayed and anointed me.

During the first week of November, one night, my sleep left me. My room was filled with uneasiness while mom, in her room, wrestled most of the night with what appeared was not flesh and blood. As I was about to doze off, a Spirit vision loomed before me.

Ferocious type of Chinese men who had their heads clean shaven except for their long pigtails which swung from side to side. I mean these frightful men were demoniacs. Some of them were flying a meter above the ground while the rest seemed to be running in mid-air towards me. In this very awkward, situation I opened my eyes.

When we got together, I related these happenings to her and confessed that I had opened the doorway for these inheritance curses. I had cut away, all the front of my hair until the middle of my head which shocked mom.

“The only thing to do is to change the hairstyle,” she suggested. So off she went to purchase a haircutter. After shaving my head clean, she anointed it with oil, breaking all curses and closing the inheritance doorway.

The demonic attacks grew but mom continued every day to anoint my head, breaking all curses and closing doorways. Suddenly, everything was back to normal at our place.

This morning of the 9th, she was shown in a Spirit dream, long steel-like fingers which she wrestled with.

My grandfather had had three strokes and became extremely ill, so mom cared for both her parents. During this time, her mother was suffering from an enlarged heart. Caring for them, mom became exhausted, only to come home to face the unending spiritual warfare. She had already thought, “Could this get any worse?”

During the month of December, she was shown in a Spirit dream that she had died. Beside the old her lying dead, she stood in a brand new form. Someone had found the corpse and had it buried while mom watched as they mourned. The mourners did not actually know who had died but mom knew.

The following early hours of the morning, I was back in a hard-to-describe experience.

I was in the midst of a group of Satanists headed by a warlock. They had a girl trapped in a cage which had thick iron bars. Suddenly, their whole attention turned to me. Within seconds, they formed what appeared like fireballs of power which were thrown to utterly annihilate me.

With all my strength I fought. As I continued earnestly to call out to Jesus, the cage opened. A great battle broke out; in this intense struggle, the girl and I fought the enemy until I collapsed. She flew with me in her arms and when she collapsed I flew away with her in my arms.

We were calling on the Name of Jesus as we helped one another. I knew she was a Believer. I collapsed in the midst of these Satanists. When I came to myself, an invisible army had appeared from Heaven. Every one of these Satanists was unconscious. I could not wake up but in desperation I called out to mom with all my might for help.

All seemed hopeless, nonetheless, I persisted and tried one last time to call out to mom. On opening my physical eyes, I was very ill. My physical body was very sore and battered and extremely painful. On the other hand, mom had physically heard my desperation and rushed into my room. I had very little strength to tell her what had happened. Mom anointed my physical body with oil several times.

She told me that severe burning pains covered me. I was so very weak and badly battered from the inside. “Yolin,” she said, “Go and sleep in my bed.” Immediately, I was in a Spirit vision. Before me loomed the photo album of the generations of my grandparents. For several days I lay sick.