Book 5 – Huge Network of Witches cover the whole earth

We could not understand the mystery of the evil which still lingered. We were determined to uncover its source. Soon, we learned that the entire school was controlled by a head witch. Huge networks of lesser witches covered the whole world.

They were monitoring us and pursued hot after us. My friend and I became much attached although her parents feared. We decided to complete the operation to destroy the entire network.

The following morning, in a Spirit dream, the tokolorsie determined to strike once again. I saw my grandmother as she collapsed in a total blackout. Mom was present to help her.

Once again in a vision upon my bed, the whole earth shook violently. Buildings crumbled, everything was blown by the fierceness of an unknown force. Out of the center of the earth, a powerful evil spirit made its way up. He was designed in such a way that every cell in his form was perfected. He possessed all the powers of his former type. This type was created for total destruction, thought impossible to be destroyed. His appearance shook the earth, all nations wept hysterically.

The scene moved on further to a school, amidst many this monster demon known as “Cell” appeared suddenly. Everyone present fled; I was to face the impossible. I opened my eyes screaming as “Cell” attacked by pointing his finger. A powerful fire power shot toward me.

Furte Cell - Dragon Ball Z

Three days later, the battles began raging. Witchcraft scattered everywhere had caused us sleepless nights.

In one Spirit dream, mom had just escaped from a building. As she ascended to the heavens with a child in her arms, there suddenly appeared a huge pair of hairy hands. The evil present crushed her and the little one. They seemed so minute while this giant’s hands closed their grip. Caged in without hope, she called earnestly, “Jesus… I plead the Blood of Jesus”. As she continued to plead the Blood of Jesus, the hands released their grip.

She had been heavily attacked thrice through the early hours of that morning. She awoke under the grip of her Spirit vision. Mom wept as Jimmy Swaggart sang ‘At Calvary’. Her earnest cry brought a sure response from the Father, through His Son Jesus Christ.

The following morning, I was shown in another Spirit dream of an enormous, very long snake. In haste, every window and every door was closed. I had just about secured the house when the snake slithered like lightning. Relieved, I watched it trying to find a way to come through but there was none.

During the early hours of the morning of 6th August, I was shown of an extremely powerful dwarf. This thing was illuminated green as it hid in the dark ceiling of the school’s toilet. I looked at its green arm dangling from an open trap door. It appeared that in whatever different ways I fought it, its steel bands gripped me.

Closing my eyes to concentrate brought a response from the Holy Spirit, “Call on Jesus.” In earnest, I consistently called out, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! …there came a spectacular response which hit this green thing. It lay flat on the floor as my friend and I overpowered it.


For months on end, we underwent intense Spirit training. I do not have the exact Spirit words to describe it. Night and day, deep down, an indescribable intenseness would affect our physical bodies, insomuch that we did not know how to sit, stand or lie down. When we gave praise to the Lord Jesus, it increased so much, so much. How do I describe it?

During this period, I was shown in a Spirit dream, that holy men of God had sent me to a Moslem place of worship on a mission. Everyone wore these long, loose robes with a cap to cover the crowns of their heads. They were bowing down before an altar upon which stood the Koran, together with a star and a moon. To conduct this particular task, was foreign to me, nevertheless, I was careful.

I was about to walk out when these people uncovered the truth. Immediately, everyone became demoniac. I had just reached the entrance when a leopard came up from the earth having extraordinary, supernatural powers. With great force, this hell-hound ripped at my blood-covered face, then disappeared from where it came.

The onlookers’ jeers turned demonic; just then, a rhino came up from the earth also having extraordinary supernatural powers. This beast attacked me viciously then disappeared into the earth. The crowd turned bloodthirsty when a lion came up from the earth having the powers of both of the others. This beast became totally blinded and could not stop attacking me when the hand of Jesus gently lifted me away.

(Isaiah 48: 10-11) “Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have tried and chosen you in the furnace of affliction. For My own sake, for My own sake, I do it (I refrain and do not utterly destroy you); for who should I permit My Name to be polluted and profaned (which it would be if the Lord completely destroyed His chosen people)? And I will not give My glory to another (by permitting the worship of idols to triumph over you). 

On the morning of the 5th September 2011, I awoke from a Spirit vision upon my bed. My spirit beheld my physical body asleep when I noticed that my fists closed as though to do battle. Suddenly, the atmosphere became thick; evil hung heavily. My spirit knew that it was the tokolorsie which came down the inheritance line. I did not see it but my spirit knew that it would return again and again.

Meanwhile, the thing attacked mom while she was asleep; it appeared as though her flesh melted and left her body like flowing water. Immediately, she opened her eyes, an excessive burning covered her with pain. She began calling on the Name of Jesus, breaking all curses, when a response came from the Father.

Just the previous night, she interceded deeply in prayer, “How is it possible to protect myself against such when I am asleep? Equip me with a different set of spiritual weapons for these times Heavenly Father.” she prayed in Jesus’ Name.