Book 5 – Intense Warfare through dabbling into occult

During the third week in August, I logged onto the Internet from my cell phone and went into occult secrets. It shocked me to read about certain singers who were devil worshipers. Even their dances and performances were totally dedicated to Satan.

Something kept nagging at my mind – log into occult books. Although I could not access the books, I read the write up of what they contained. Books such as white witching and WICCA interested me. I read that there were spells for every need – to look more beautiful or to be employed or a fulfillment of finances, and so I went down the list. I did not realize that just by reading I was hooked. Secretly, I began logging back into occult books.

In this time, a fear gripped me, for a demon began following me and very clearly spoke to me, “You will see when you are alone!” “What would I see”, I thought and so my legs became like jelly and I began to fear greatly. This thing told me to keep it a secret; it tailed me from the moment I logged onto occult. I had no fear when I logged on but when I logged out a demon would follow me.

The more I wanted to tell my mother, the more a persistent thought controlled my mind not to. Meanwhile, vicious occult attacks caused mom to weep and pray through the nights. We were constantly very ill and mom said to me that she was looking for answers why Satan had been given this legal right!!!

One night, she could not sleep; there was a thump on the roof and a terrible smell entered her room. It appeared that untold evil had entered the house. Mom was viciously attacked in her sleep and felt her insides swaying, rocking and swelling up. While she cried out to Jesus and was taken into a Spirit prayer, the forces of darkness backed off. It was already five in the morning; exhausted, she drifted off to sleep.

In a Spirit dream, I was shown that a demon went about raping whoever it pounced upon. This thing attacked me and I awoke while being raped.

Meanwhile, mom was shown in another Spirit dream, that a huge black gorilla tried to force its way through the front door. She had a tough time trying to keep the door close while pushing its ugly head and arms out. At this, she awoke very sick. “Yolin”, she said, “The day is heavy.”

In the meantime, the demon nagged me not to tell her, so fear gripped me even more and things got so bad. One night, she counseled me and I made up my mind to tell her.

Mom listened carefully and said, “You have opened up the door and all, all curses, spells, incantations to cage us in, flooded through. It does not matter if you could not access the books, but it was for this very reason that you logged onto occult. “

Only then I realized what had actually taken place and said to her, “Please don’t leave me like this, because this demon said to me that I would see what would happen when I was alone, and I am afraid.”

Mom approached the Throne of Mercy and Grace on my behalf, then she led me into confession prayer. Thereafter, she took my hand and interceded for me, breaking every curse, spell, incantation in the Name of Jesus Christ. Every demon spirit that flooded through was bound up and commanded to leave in the Name of Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ Name, I was loosed from the fetters which seemed to have me bound. All, all open doors were closed and sealed with the Blood of Jesus…

When we opened our eyes, she said to me that a Heavenly Peace was upon me. I said, “Calmness had entered me and the turmoil which caused me to rock had stopped.”

Because of heavy, demonic attacks, mom dug in the yard, and lo and behold, the castle belonging to a chessboard, together with ritual bones, were unearthed. Daily she removed witchcraft objects which were hidden in the grounds. Every night, an indescribable, rotten, stinking smell entered her bedroom. We fought evil as though there was no end.

Then in a spirit dream, she faced one of Satan’s top witches, and the next thing we knew, the following happened – during the month of October 2010, I had dozed off when I heard the Voice of Jesus saying to

me, “You are going to face a tokolorsie.”

Immediately, darkness entered my room. The thing stood behind my back pouring forth evil. It intended to sit on my bed when I saw that my spirit form turned around while my physical form remained asleep. With sharp rebuking, this tokolorsie fled at the Name of Jesus, and instant calmness came over me.

This very thing came one night and stood beside mom’s bed. In her sleep, her spirit saw an invisible, 30cm demon lifting the blankets. This type of evil could not even be seen with her spirit eye. She felt her spirit screaming, “The Blood of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus…” Her physical lips were mumbling sounds that this evil spirit could understand. In a flash, she saw that a force moved like the wind and fled. Like wild fire, burning pains ran over her. For this very reason, she kept a bottle of olive oil at her bedside to anoint herself.

The following night, I awoke and could not touch myself; an excessive burning pain caused my insides to become deadly sick. Mom removed bags of witchcraft which were slyly buried deep into the grounds; that day we were very sick. I mean we were sick. The burning pains were so severe that it felt as though our flesh was jumping off our bones.

I fell asleep and round about three in the afternoon, an unseen hand lifted the darkness. She came back from her parents and again the same thing happened – she became sick. Nothing helped, so she took the Covenant we had entered into with the Father for His Protection against the coming attacks of Satan. Tears flowed as she spoke to the Father, in Jesus’ Name. Immediately, warmth and calmness came over us.

Two days later, the Holy Spirit led her to dig a certain portion of the ground; a charm of an armadillo was unearthed. She said, “Now, Yolin, in the spirit realm, this is dangerous, not because of its large claws but this type of enemy rolls into a ball when attacked. Hard plates cover its entire body and these make it difficult to fight it”. Then we understood why we had been very sick that month.


During the beginning of the month of November 2010, my grandmother had a Spirit dream in which a soft Voice said to her, “The reason why Sister Cornelia died was because someone had placed witchcraft in her garden.”

This was revealed only after Sister Cornelia had passed away. One day, she fell at work and after a few days she could not lift her arms and had to be treated. Some months later, she was diagnosed as diabetic and later developed cancer in the pancreas. After an operation, she underwent chemotherapy, but a certain amount of cancer remained attached to her blood vessels.

A couple of weeks later, she underwent another operation to unblock the intestines. Soon thereafter, she contracted yellow jaundice and was admitted back into hospital. During the operation, some fluid leaked into her lungs. Doctors called the family together, saying that she had contracted chronic pneumonia and had but a few hours to live.

With much prayer and standing in the gap for God’s mercy and grace, she recovered and was moved from the ICU. It happened that during the six week period she spoke to mom, demonic attacks were severe in the hospital. She said that a force took her while darkness surrounded her, then it would sway her. My mother anointed her and the strange voices speaking to her would cease.

Mom, together with Brother Michael, left the hospital very late one night. While walking through the passages, she told him that terrible demons were active. She told me to anoint her back and I saw that it was red and swollen. Demons had attacked me from behind; she could discern the movement of deep darkness at the hospital. That week, Sister Cornelia, with the help of her husband, Brother Michael, made a Covenant with the Father which God honored.

When mom arrived the following day to anoint her, the sister in charge told her that, through frustration, Cornelia had pulled out the urine pipe and had suffered an abscess in the stomach. That week, Brother Michael received a phone call from the doctor to say that she was in a very bad condition. Together with mom, they rushed through to N1 City Hospital where they were greeted with the news that she had passed away ten minutes before their arrival.

On entering her room, they did not know what to expect, but soon found out that there was a Divine Presence which was left behind. The Holy Spirit opened mom’s eyes and she actually saw bright Lights flashing over Sister Cornelia’s physical body. Jesus had come for her and He had left behind His Presence. An expression of satisfaction together with a beautiful Heavenly Peace covered her countenance. It appeared as though she was not dead, but asleep.

She had the greatest of gifts – the Gift of Love – and it moved the Father’s hand Who knew how she went out of her way to help those who lived desperate lives, leaving behind a great testimony. The following day, mom wept sorely when the Lord opened her spirit eyes and showed her His great pardon for His child.

“This is the Love My End-Time ministers will walk in. My Love that moves the Father’s hand! This is the weep they will weep! My weep of Love, for by My Love, they shall know that you are My Disciples.”

[John 15:9] “As the Father hath loved Me, so have I loved you; CONTINUE YE IN MY LOVE.” 

[John 13:35] ”By this shall all men know that you are My Disciples, if ye have Love one to another (If you keep on showing Love among yourselves).” 

[John 11] “…Jesus said to her, I Am (Myself) the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in (adheres to, trusts in, and relies on) Me, although he may die, yet he shall live. And whosoever continues to live and believes in (has faith in, cleaves to, and relies on) Me shall never actually die at all. Do you believe this?” 

A week later, I was about to doze off when a vision loomed before me. Sister Cornelia lay in the coffin as though she rested in a peaceful sleep. I saw deep satisfaction on her countenance, that she had not only found the Way but she had met the Master. His Presence actually covered her. I was grieving.

[1 Corinthians 15:51-53] “Take notice! I tell you a mystery (a secret truth, an event decreed by the hidden purpose or counsel of God). We shall not all fall asleep (in death), but we shall all be changed (transformed). For this perishable (part of us) must put on the imperishable (nature), and this mortal (part of us, this nature that is capable of dying) must put on immortality (freedom from death)! And when this perishable puts on the imperishable and this that was capable of dying puts on freedom from death, then shall be fulfilled the Scripture that says, Death is swallowed up (utterly vanquished forever) in and unto victory.” 

Mom had prayed and asked the Father to send His angel with a blessing from the storehouse in Heaven. After two days, she received a phone call saying that a certain amount of money would be transferred into her bank account. The following week she prayed for another blessing and another amount was transferred into her bank account.

One morning in November, very early, mom had opened her eyes when an open vision appeared before her. She looked at a 30 cm eye and pondered its meaning!

She had been praying, asking the Father to send His angel with a blessing of protection from the storehouse in Heaven. Then she thanked Him, in Jesus’ Name.


In a Spirit dream of the 21st November, she saw that we, together with another sister, were fleeing. The rapidly moving waters came from every direction, enclosing us. She urged, “Let there be an unbroken circle.” Together we held hands and within a split second, we were lifted above as the waters swept under our feet.

[Isaiah 59: 19]”…When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him and put him to flight (for He will come like a rushing stream which the Breath of the Lord drives)”

The morning of the 21st December 2010, we had peace for some time until mom saw in a Spirit dream, that through a tube, poison potatoes were inserted into her system. In this helpless situation, it was said “Her system is going to be tested whether she is able to bear it.” From her lips she uttered “Jesus…” so they nicknamed her ‘Jesus’. The poison affected her body but could not stop her from calling, “Jesus.”

The following day, demonic forces, as previously described, started attacking. This time it waited until she slept. She would awake sick, her entire physical body burned with excessive demonic pains.

This morning she opened her eyes calling on the Name of Jesus. “Whoever calls on the Name of Jesus shall be delivered”. She prayed to the Father, in Jesus’ Name, because a stinking, rotting smell entered her room at night. It soon disappeared when a response came from the Father and a soft warm atmosphere filled her room. At this, she closed her eyes and was back in a Spirit dream.

Confused and surprised, she was in a place of many rooms. “This is Heaven”, a friendly voice spoke. “You died and came here.” She was overjoyed to meet Sister Cornelia who had been taken home by Jesus. “On earth, we were very close, but now we will be together forever. There will be no more separation,” she answered.

Mom entered a large room. There were many happy children sitting around a large table. She greeted them and a warm, friendly response rang out, “Hello Sarah!” filled the air.

Mom, together with Sister Cornelia and others, were sent back to earth by the Lord Jesus on a mission. As they met the family on earth, there was joy and it was time to leave. Mom approached her dad and said, “There is a message from Jesus. Jesus says that He is waiting for you. Jesus loves you very much.” Then she came to my cousin (Dwain) and said to him, “Jesus says that He loves you very much.” She also turned to her brother Mark and said to him, “Jesus loves you.” Sitting with her mother, she said to her brother Jonathan, “I died yesterday and came back with a message that Jesus said that He loves you.”

It was time to depart, the mission completed, Sister Cornelia lifted her hands toward Heaven and was caught away. Mom followed her and lifted her hands but found that it was difficult to be taken away as she opened her eyes. “No wonder I could not be taken also, because I am still in my physical body back in my bed”, she thought.


During December, I was taken into a Spirit dream, perceiving that the buildings reached into the clouds. I was in one of the lifts which took me to the very top. As I pressed the ground level button, the lift moved down and passed my destination.

Suddenly, the lift doors opened and I saw that it took me into the centre of the earth. Evil forms moved rapidly as they spotted me. These were coming so fast toward me that I began to panic; screaming hysterically, I pressed the button for the lift doors to close.

These demons were huge, their arms stretched for miles. They were about to reach into the lift when in an instant the doors shut and the lift moved up. I kept pressing ground level and the same thing happened again. An experience I dreaded but at long last to my surprise, I arrived at my destination.


On the eve of 2011, we prayed into the New Year and later drifted off to sleep. Exhausted, mom was awakened by two hands which were about to lay hold of her hips to spin her. Simultaneously, her spirit called on the Blood of Jesus. On opening her eyes, foul odours hung thickly in her room. An excess of cruel burning pains covered her.

For weeks on end, this type of evil attacked while we slept. We could not know the hour of these attacks. On awakening under these evil outbreaks, our nerves seemed as if they were jumping out of our forms. Our flesh cringed with an excess burning pain. I thought, “how do we explain this type of hard-to-describe evil?” We were utterly exhausted after months of heavy onslaught and could barely stay awake. For this reason, mom prayed most of the night before drifting off to sleep.

One day, her brother phoned to say that he was shown in a Spirit dream that mom was falsely accused by an unreasonable judge who sentenced her to death.

[Psalm 83:2-5] “For, behold, Your enemies are in tumult, and those who hate You have raised their heads. They lay crafty schemes against Your people and consult together against Your hidden and precious ones. For they have consulted together with one accord and one heart; against You they make a covenant.” 

During one night, she drifted off to sleep and was shown a darkness so immense and deep. She appeared so small against it. Aggressively, it stormed all out to kill her. There was no way she could ever defend herself.

She awoke in great torment screaming, “Jesus, make the dark put me down.” She appeared to be the size of an ant dangling from the claws of a very deep, deep darkness.

Immediately, she took her case to God’s Court Room.

“Father, You alone are God; reign into the Eternity of the Eternities. I come before You under the Blood Protecting Cover. I confess that I am Redeemed. I am bought with a Price. Oh, what a Price Jesus paid! Now He is my Intercessor. Hear Him, Father, Who gave all of His life to purchase me on the Cross. He is Forevermore, the Living Word.

I ask Father, in Jesus’ Name, would You send Your warrior angels to push back the forces of great darkness which have massed around me? Let Your Eternal Light shine. Your Light shines on into the Eternity of the Eternities. I confess that You alone are Almighty God, most Holy God, most Righteous God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob reigns forever and forevermore.

I am Redeemed with a great price. You are my Father and I am Your child. I am falsely accused and sentenced to death, Lord,” she wept, “You also were falsely accused and received the death penalty…. Yet You alone bore it away on the Cross. The accuser of the brethren has to be present for this hearing.

Thank you Father for honoring the Covenant with Your children! Yolin and I have covenanted for Your Protection against these attacks of Satan. Thank you that you have shown in a Spirit dream, that I stand guiltless. Only You, Lord can speak for me. Make the accuser of the brethren take his hands off me and Yolin. Thank you Father for hearing Your Son…….”

An immediate response came from the Father; there appeared on three accounts, a soft, bright, blue Light. It was bigger than a tennis ball. When she looked into it, the veil seemed to be stripped away. Earthly words cannot describe this experience. Her Spirit eyes opened as she bathed in what came forth from its source. The Presence of the Father emerged. It lit up her bedroom at two in the morning. The Power of the Almighty rained down over her. Tears flowed, such serenity filled the house.

“I claim the healing that is promised in the Blood Covenant. Heal me completely, heal Yolin completely… I thank you Father, in Jesus’ Name, for honoring all that Jesus’ Blood stands for. I also thank you for Your Word, ‘The sleep of a Believer will be peaceful’.”

Jesus’ Word actually became alive.

“Lord, You are my Dwelling Place. You are the Father’s Word and Your Word is Alive Forevermore.”