Book 5 – Our God is Mighty to Save

She drifted off to sleep worshipping the Father, in Jesus’ Name. At five-thirty, while asleep, the Power of Almighty God poured over her. Within seconds, there was an outburst of evil. “Be still and know that I Am God.”

Forces moved like a whirlwind over her. It was actually trying to rip her to pieces. Her spirit could see the outburst. Then it left, furious but unsuccessful, for the Father had responded. His Protecting Cover shielded her; praise the Lord.

The following day, she awoke, praising the Father, in Jesus’ Name. “So amazing, so amazing”, she wept, “Our God is Mighty to Deliver.”


Three months later, she awoke one day and came to me saying, “Yolin, pray for me.”

While asleep, forces of darkness covered her. She was whirling round and round; it felt as though the substance was like red hot lava.

A suction was pulling her out of her chest; spell-bound, she tried to wake up. Suddenly, strength flowed into her spirit being and she broke out of its grip. Her entire physical body felt as though lava sent electric currents of tormenting burns and pains, which covered her.

I laid hands upon her, calling on the Blood of Jesus Christ and began rebuking for some time, so she recovered. She could not even try to describe this type of an evil; words seem insufficient.

The attack continued on both mom and myself for two weeks until she prayed that a restraining order be put on these attacks. Indeed, the Father granted us a period of peaceful recovery.

We had just recovered when the early hours of each morning turned chaotic. We were being heavily attacked while asleep. As usual, mom began praying through the nights but through exhaustion, fell asleep.

I would hear a thump on the roof top, then everything in the house turned into a torment. No amount of rebuking could stop this thing. One night my spirit eyes opened and I saw it; the thing was huge. Its irregular shape shocked me; I saw it sitting on our couch staring deeply into nothing. I alerted mom who went about rebuking. It appeared as though we were like ants trying to fight a giant.

Now this thing caused stormy, foul, rotten, putrid, decomposing, indescribable smells that seemed to cause our bodies to crumble and vomit to the point of collapse. We were sick for many, many days.

At first, it was not easy to understand that the presence of this type of evil caused our physical bodies to become paralyzed. The best person to describe the putrid smell would be Bill Wiese. But nonetheless, it seemed as though the Lord had just shut up shop and left. It felt as though our prayers fell on deaf ears, not being heard. Demons were mocking, “Your Jesus cannot help you now!”

After many days of being sick, the Father caused a stir to flow through. There appeared to her, the Blood of Jesus in the shape of a three centimeter teardrop embedded in a navy color. For some time, it stayed before her eyes. “Yolin,” she said, “I see the Blood of Jesus in a single teardrop. Oh, it is so red – an illuminating red; the Blood of Jesus is Alive.”

Accompanying the Blood was the actual Presence of the Lord. It led her into prayer through the night as the Holy Spirit spoke to her. Her spirit mind opened to really, really understand that this type of evil was channeled directly from the pit of hell. In the end time, evil was being released and we were to experience its ushering. Oh, there is a shifting and changing in the seasons for the End-Time.