Book 5 – Satan Disguised

The night before, I was once more in another intense situation in which a witchdoctor was in the process of forcing me to marry. I wondered as to how suddenly I was wearing a wedding dress but then I realized that she had used spells to accomplish it. I was placed amidst a large group of these witchdoctors. Before me stood the man I was being forced to marry. I opened my eyes, hearing their threats, but refused to accept such a marriage.

In the early hours of the 31st December, I opened my eyes from a complete nightmare and could not sleep. I had been walking and in my arms I carried a new born baby. Along the way, I met a friend, so I came up to him to kiss him on his cheek.

Immediately, he gripped my wrists. As I opened my eyes in order to understand why, I looked into an image that is very hard to describe – it was Satan himself. I was looking into absolute nothingness. There were no eyes to this pitch black form.

Filling its empty sockets, I saw bloody redness; everything inside seemingly like an abyss. It felt as though I was falling deep, deep into something bottomless. I started pleading the Blood but it irritated Satan very badly.

I opened my physical eyes, extremely shocked at a different transformation of Satan himself. I was calling on the Name of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…!