Book 5 – Satanists use TV to monitor Believers

We fell asleep, but during the wee hours of the morning, a surge of power came through the roof upon her. This evil was trying to penetrate her but what it could not know was that her spirit was pleading the Blood of Jesus. She had asked the Father, in Jesus’ Name, for the complete Armour of God to protect her.

She actually felt it, very heavily, trying to force through a cover that protected her. Hopelessly, it drew back again. She fell asleep and was shown in a spirit dream that the lesson she attended at school was over. The pupils were preparing to leave.

Mom continued to pray the nights through and was shown in a Spirit dream of an invisible, evil spirit. Her eyes could not see it. All its attacks were directed at me, and she stood in the gap. She caught each object which targeted me, disintegrating it, crushing it into powder through the Blood of Jesus!

Following that, she was shown in another Spirit dream of a room full of Satanists. Pointing to a screen, she was shown how they had studied our every move. These Satanists used TV to monitor Believers.

Yet in another Spirit vision, she was shown an African tribal witchdoctor who appeared to be of the ancient kind. This very black man had bones around his head; he had an enormous chin. He was dancing to the ritual beat.

During the month of May, I was shown in a Spirit dream, how the entire earth was being infiltrated. Swarms of all shapes and sizes were darkening the sky. I watched as evil occupied every space in the air. These heavy dark forces went after a sea of people who were fleeing in sheer horror.

In another Spirit dream, I was shown of a certain sister; she was cuddling her new born infant. I thought that the poor infant had died because it had already turned a greenish, dark blue. This poor sister did not realize the true state that her child was in. I looked at the infant once again and saw that it appeared dead yet it was alive. This sister accepted the state of her new born infant, that it was normal.

On the night of the 15th June, mom and I gathered in her room listening to gospel music. The Holy Spirit had intervened and suddenly she saw the answer to it. The matter which we had been praying over for a very long time. It was as if a light had been switched on and every piece of the puzzle fell into place.

I was shown in a Spirit dream that I had a relationship outside of God’s Will. Soon thereafter, I heard a voice calling my name, so I went investigating. On reaching the last toilet in the dormitory, I stood waiting to see who had called me; in an instant, the toilet door was flung open.

Like lightning, an evil so dark, shot out, and before I could wink an eye, it entered me. This incident happened to many other girls in this school. From there, everything went wrong that could go wrong. Everyone had failed this test and was faced with another.

The scene moved on further; the group I had been with were riding in a jeep. Next thing, we were fleeing for our lives. One of the big five, the rhinoceros was hot behind us. I had just about opened a canister of slippery liquid and poured out all its contents. The rhinoceros went for a mad slide. Meanwhile, we were all very shaken and hysterical as we rode to safety.

The scene moved on with the same group; we were traveling along when all of a sudden, huge lions appeared. Once again, we were fleeing for our lives. This time, these vicious beasts were about to pounce upon us. Hysterical and out of control the driver flew the jeep over a high cliff. Before we knew, everyone landed in the deep ocean below. An amazing thing happened – an unseen hand caught me.

The scene moved to the next stage; we were still traveling through the wild. We thought that everything was over, when wild elephants stormed us. Once again, we were fleeing for our lives; these elephants were close behind us. Hysterical and out of control, the jeep went over a cliff and I fell on the same guy I had been with. “Why are you always in my face?” She said.

Anger pushed up and in my frustration, I lashed out. “I don’t need you. Since we were together everything has gone wrong.” I told him about an unseen hand which had caught me. “This is the helping hand which always delivers and saves. I realize that it was a mistake to have had a relationship with you. I do not need your help.” At this, I walked away.

[2 Timothy 4:18] “And indeed the Lord will certainly Deliver and Draw me to Himself from every assault of evil. He will preserve and bring me safe unto His Heavenly Kingdom. To Him be Glory Forever and Ever.” 

[2 Corinthians 1: 10] “For it is He Who Rescued and Saved us from such a perilous death, and He will still Rescue and Save us; in and on Him we have set our hope (our joyful and confident expectation) that He will again Deliver us from danger and destruction and draw us to Himself).” 

We needed to know why deep, open wounds appeared on mom’s back. This happened many, many times. During the last attack, she had six deep wounds and was very sick. It seemed as though a severe pain ate into the center of her shoulder blades. I had prayed many times for her but it just worsened.

We could not sleep for months on end. Mom prayed many earnest prayers through the nights for these answers. Exhausted, she fell asleep and in a Spirit dream, a demon attacked her. The persistent evil sat on her back. It had dug its grips deep into her, causing excruciating pain. The scene enveloped as the battle raged. She fought and tore the demon into pieces killing it.

The attacks grew; I thought, “Could it worsen?” Every night, this thing entered and tormented us in ways I cannot describe. On the night of the 2nd July 2011, I was taken into a Spirit vision upon my bed.