Book 5 – Spiritual Violence Through Spoken Words

During my early years of conversion, I was shown by the Lord that Satan had used much spiritual violence through words spoken over me. I was violently sliced open and my Infant was stolen. Seven years had passed when one night in April 2012, during counseling, the Spirit of the Lord began to move. The anointing fell during gathering.

Mom said, “Yolin, there is an unusual calmness which is sweeping through.” Yes, the conversation took root deeply and for the first time I actually experienced Divine Freedom. Unbelievers said that I was a good-for-nothing and so on and so on! For years, I relived these words spoken over me. I actually felt ugly – I felt that I was those very words spoken over me – I relived inner hurts and pain over and over and over and over. Later, it affected my health and my faith in the Lord.

Now as the anointing swept through, mom prayed earnestly – she broke those very curses spoken over me. The darkness that caged me in was commanded to break in the Name of Jesus Christ. Words spoken over me were mixed with witchcraft and occult.

When we opened our eyes, she said, “Yolin, your complete countenance is so different! There is a peace which shines from deep within.”

I replied, “For seven years, I was seeking the answer to why people see me as nothingness. Now for the first time, I had actually found my way. There is a deep inner peace and joy I don’t have the words to describe. Now I know that it was Satan who personally spoke it over me.”

Then she opened the Amplified Bible and read [John 2: 24-25] “But Jesus for His part did not trust Himself to them, because He knew all men; And He did not need anyone to bear witness concerning man (needed no evidence from anyone about men), for he Himself knew what was in human nature. (He could read men’s hearts).


During the wee hours of the 7th May 2012, I had just about dozed off when Jesus appeared. As we walked along a very long road, I noticed that Jesus was always on my right side. There seemed to be no beginning of this way but we had reached the point where the road forked.

Jesus and I stopped for some time surveying the two separate roads. I noticed and understood the importance of why He always stood at my right. His array shone like the sunlight resplendent. The yellow glowing of the sunlight was so intense and so bright that it turned beyond the color of white.

Before us the road forked, one to the left and the other to the right. In the vision, as I looked at Jesus, my spirit had an absolute sure conviction that I am redeemed. I also saw that each of these roads had no description.

Yet another Spirit dream loomed before me; I was in my room when a man of medium height appeared. He gave me a saucepan and told me to drive the occult out of the house. I looked at the object in my hand as he disappeared.

Suddenly, a witch astral-projected through the wall and sat at the computer in the study. I tried with all my might to drive her out with the weapon given to me. “Why does the weapon have no effect?”, I thought, as I tried to hit her, but each blow landed a meter away. Evil that radiated from her was so strong, allowing her to move unhindered.

Thereafter, she left. Soon another witch astral-projected and sat at the computer in the study. As I went for her with the weapon in my hand, I realized that she exerted even greater power. The object was useless for I could not come near her. She also left after completing her task.

Seconds after she left, another more powerful than the first two, astral-projected in and sat at the computer. She too left after completing her task. These came to dabble with this very Script trying to alter it.

Then once more, I was taken into a different Spirit dream in which I saw a person who had, during my matric, insulted me beyond what I could bear. His spoken words over me caused me for seven years, not only to feel like a nothing, but to live as nothingness.

During that time, I was seeking for the answer. Now this guy refused to make peace, so I turned to my friend and explained the entire happening to her. Suddenly, he changed his mind and forced me to receive a chocolate from his hand. I then rejected it boldly and said, “Everything that comes from him is an accursed thing, even his very being is accursed.”

I told my friend that he had come into a judgment for the evil he had done to me. I actually saw the judgment which came upon him.

[Psalm 17: 11] “They track us down in each step we take; now they surround us; they set their eyes to cast us to the ground.” 

The next thing I knew was an evil so dark that I don’t have earthly words to describe it. This thing came to me while I was asleep. My spirit knew it came from the deep parts of hell. At great speed it put its foot into my back to pin me down. This thing hated me with a passion for refusing to accept the chocolate this guy gave me. I refused to become one with the gift offering of the accused.

As I turned, I looked into the face of a rat. Its eye sockets were filled with the fire of Hell mingled with sulphur. It had a long protruding nose. I knew that this very demon spirit was assigned to be this guy’s personal demon. This demon was about to grab hold of me when I screamed out, “Help me!!!” On the other hand, mom was asleep but her spirit heard me calling, “Mummy, help me!!!”

Within seconds, as evil struck to kill me, mom, through the Spirit, stood at my bedside with olive oil. In my spirit, I actually saw it had fled in sure horror to mom’s Spirit response. Oh, how I awoke totally sick. She anointed me with the oil and stayed with me that night.

The morning I got up with an explosion in my head, so mom anointed my head with oil. During the evening and night, we worshiped, playing Jimmy Swaggart music. Eventually the excruciating pain faded away. I noticed an awful smell had entered the entire house. I decided to spend another night with her and heard her constant rebuke. Soon we drifted off.

[Psalm 38: 19] “But my enemies are vigorous and strong, and those who hate me wrongfully are multiplied.”