Book 5 – Three Loathsome Spirits

During the second week of July, I lay awake every night under heavy demonic attacks. Mom awoke from a Spirit dream which was shown to her three times, that evil, such as we had never experienced before, entered.

It appeared that its strength seemed to be like steel bands. Although her spirit called, “Jesus……Jesus…. The Blood…… The Blood…….!” Nothing happened! She opened her eyes shaken. Once more, I remained sick as the intense battle grew and grew.

One morning, she prayed for ministering angels to lead her to their root and sure enough buried a meter in the ground, was a complete skeleton (which could have been a monkey or an ape). Together with this, there was also a solid, black wheel and a spiked wheel besides so many other objects.

All these were removed from the premises and the necessary done. But that night, there was such a loud thump on the roof, that she jumped in her sleep. Utterly exhausted, she dozed off only to wake up as her spirit wept.

Two days later, she had a Spirit dream in which she had joined a group. They were speaking politics when a lady stood up. In her hand, she had three wands which she began waving. Immediately, three loathsome spirits were released, and mom knew that the spirit of witchcraft, together with the spirit of voodoo, and another more wicked spirit, went out. Discerning what was taking place, mom stepped aside as this lady began chanting.

We remained under constant, heavy, demonic attacks night after night and day after day while mom unearthed and filled bag after bag with witchcraft objects.

During the month of August, Brother Michael opened his eyes from a Spirit dream in which the Lord had spoken. As tears streamed down his cheeks while in Spirit prayer, he listened as the Lord’s Voice spoke. He had experienced that Jesus’ spoken Word had actually become alive.

“I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life no man comes to the Father but by Me.” 

Meanwhile, mom was shown three Spirit dreams in which wicked people rushed to our front door. Their thumping and great pressure to break down the door caused it to unlock, even coming off its hinges. The urgency of the moment brought a sudden response from the Father.

Divine Power which flowed through her kept the front door in place. I watched as the wicked forced the door. Every time it opened a bit, we could see the darkness. With the one hand she held the door close and with the other hand she locked it.

In one Spirit vision, I was shown an abnormal, huge dungeon. The unconformity appeared to be a stronghold. Interlinking, were hundreds of very dark passageways. Walking through this enormous dungeon made me appear as just a speck.

[Isaiah 42: 7] “To open the eyes of the blind, to bring out prisoners from the dungeon, and those who sit in darkness from the prison.”