Book 6 – Blazing Holy Fire Door Opened

The previous day, a Blazing Holy Fire Door had appeared at a distance. Now, I beheld it as I stood in front of the Door Blazing with Holy Fire. The heat of the Fire emanated with such extreme intensity.

It blazed with an orange-yellow-red heat. I stood in front of this terrible yet unbearable Door and knew that I was not alone, but that mom was with me.

Blazing Holy Fire Door

The afternoon of the 22nd July – the Sunday, we were sick beyond what we could understand. I did not mention to her that we were standing before the Door of the Blazing Holy Fire.

The following day, I saw that the Door had opened to receive us. The Lord had allowed the Door to receive us. We felt a terrible sorrow mingled with a great sadness beyond what I can describe in words.

The next day, I saw that we had passed through and that the Door had closed behind us. I also noticed that there was no handle attached to the Door.