Book 6 – Demon of Addiction

Yet in another vision of the night, I was walking in a certain place when I heard an angel of the Lord say in a very loud voice, “Heaven and Hell”. As I looked up towards the heavens, I was taken into a vision. I beheld an oldish man who was lying on a couch in the mid-heavens. His hair hung onto his shoulders. I strained my eyes to see who this person was.

My Spirit eyes opened to see it was a relative who was between Heaven and Hell. I saw that he was not on the side of Heaven nor was he on the side of Hell. I was looking at this trying to absorb what my eyes were seeing. I knew that he was a Believer, but…?

Mom was telling this relative the testimonies of many Arab Muslims to whom the Lord Jesus had appeared. These testimonies had greatly inspired her but it had disturbed this relative. She kept correcting him not to carry such terrible grudges against his Muslim neighbour.

“You cannot murder your neighbour in your heart because he is Muslim. You cannot hate him even though you are saying that he is anti-Christ. It is wrong, it is time that you have to change.” This enraged him even more until mom was pleading “Holy Fire… Holy Fire of the Trinity God disintegrate the evil spirit that oppresses his mind.” Immediately, he stopped and only spoke to her two days later.

Two weeks later, she received a telephone call to say that he was seeing demons of all shapes, such as germs, ants, birds etc. Nothing could be seen but he insisted that people were in his house to take over.

Immediately after receiving a telephone call, I was taken into an open vision in which I saw a huge Prince of Darkness. His form was an ugly, black, shapeless giant with horns knotted into terrible shapes worse than a buffalo’s horns. I told her that he was “Addiction” and that this prince was waiting for an unexpected moment to push her relative to fall into Hell. He is the very one whom her relative had dreamed about. This Prince of Darkness lived in the second heaven and hovering, came down to torment him. Each time it descended over him then ascended again; in this he awoke.

The following day, mom went to him and sat explaining my visions to him; then she led him into prayer. Taking hold of his hand and in a loud voice she said, “Holy Fire… Holy Fire… Holy Fire…” There was an immediate change on his face as he began to repeat after her, “Holy Fire… Holy Fire… Holy Fire…”

That evening, before she left, she laid hands on his shoulder saying, “I seal you with the Holy Fire of the Triune God. Holy Fire… Holy Electricity… Holy Fire…”

He fell asleep without using sleeping tablets to which he had become addicted for many years. On the Sunday afternoon, mom went to take lunch to this relative; who said that he had never slept so well in years. He showed her that the vial of sleeping tablets was still sealed.

Before she left, she laid hands on him and imparted Holy Fire Seal over him.