Book 6 – Electricity of the Holy Spirit

In a vision of the 17th August, I beheld a room filled with clouds. Coming from the thick clouds were electric currents. The volts flashing through the billowing clouds were enormous and powerful. My spirit knew that mom and I were to enter the Holy Electricity Room.

I also saw in another vision that I was entirely covered with hair like a hedgehog. My spirit knew that this was the poisonous thorns of the Holy Spirit which covered me.

In another Spirit dream, together with a friend, we approached a woman whom we knew slept with demon spirits. On this particular day, my friend and I witnessed this person who slept with Legion of Plagues. This king of Hell controlled all past, present and future plagues, diseases and every sickness to be spewed onto the earth. These dreadful curses already existed in Hell.

Now this woman bore three children from this king. I saw that their children had the physical bodies but their souls and spirits were complete demon. They were of their father, the king and Legion of Plagues. This woman went to meet this king spirit in public.


During the month of August 2012, I was shown yet in another Spirit dream that I was starting at a local school. With every class I entered, I faced trials and tribulations.

Two days later, I told mom that I had had a vision upon my bed. I had been with the Lord in a certain place that I cannot describe. The Lord was in Spirit; I did not see Him but my Spirit knew His Presence. Jesus said, “My people do not make time for Me.”

The Lord was grieving badly. I looked at Him and felt His grief; my tears filled my eyes as I began to weep. That place appeared to be a desert where thousands upon thousands in spirit forms were wandering. Although I could not see them, my Spirit knew they were there. “These are the ones who had no time for Me.” Jesus said.

Yet in another vision of the night, I was shown Sister Cornelia whom I had written about in the script. She had gone to be with the Lord, but in this vision, I looked towards Heaven. The anointing hung very heavily upon her insomuch that the clouds of Glory billowed around, covering her image.

One night as I read Revelation Chapter 16:10 – “Then the fifth angel emptied his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom was plunged in darkness; and people gnawed their tongues for the torment of their excruciating distress and severe pain. And blasphemed the God of Heaven because of their anguish and their ulcers (sores), and they did not deplore their wicked deeds or repent for what they had done.”

During the reading of this scripture my entire inner being shook so that I closed my eyes and began to say, “JESUS CHRIST…” Together with mom we focused on JESUS CHRIST until our spirits were saying “JESUS CHRIST… HOLY FIRE…BLOOD OF JESUS…”

Hours had passed into the wee hours of the morning; we had not realized the time. During our focus on JESUS, our spirits appeared to be travelling at a fast rate through the heavens. In this Glory, we drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

It is the first week of September 2012; I was shown in a night vision that I was back in camping.

During a three month period, I had met a lady at the Westgate Mall who said that she canvassed Avon products. She had left a catalogue with me and said that she would contact me at a later stage. Since then I began purchasing these products.