Book 6 – Fierce battle in the Second Heaven

That night, to our surprise, Brother Michael Bailey stood knocking at the front door. He had flown in from Zimbabwe and went to Simon’s Town Naval Base; afterwards, he came to see mom. While they were chatting, I told mom that ‘Death’, old fish-head, had followed the Brother once again. I became very sick. Once the Brother left we were in a very fierce battle. The Glory of God departed and death hung very heavily throughout the house. Together, we were plunged into warfare. She told me to keep my eyes closed, so I began to see a very fierce battle in the second heaven. As mom paced up and down in spiritual warfare, I saw that Light prevailed. Later, I saw that the darkness overpowered the Light.

Then she requested that Father send Michael the Archangel, and Gabriel the Archangel, to help us. She lifted up her hand and requested the Sword of the Spirit. She was swinging the Bible in her hand as she moved in circles cutting with the Sword. I was then shown a Silver Line that reached from Heaven into our house. After two hours of rebuking, I saw that the darkness prevailed and the silver cord disappeared. I was screaming to her to win the battle. Then another, more evil, appeared; accompanying ‘Death’ was a stronger evil with a head of a beast mingled with an indescribable appearance; I mean they were the best Hell could offer.

Then I saw that two angels fought in the second heaven with Death and Beast. As mom fought on earth, they prevailed; when mom stopped, darkness prevailed. I was screaming, “The Light is beginning to flow and the darkness is backing off…”

I was weeping earnestly and said, “Jesus, Jesus, transport me to the feet of Father.” 

Immediately, I was lying flat before the feet of Father in the Throne Room. The Clouds of Glory just rolled and billowed, as I could not lift my head – the tears were flowing uncontrollably. 

I was back in my physical body, hearing and seeing mom pacing more strongly up and down in warfare. She did not stop – I was her eyes and lips – until I saw that the battle was over. Once more, the Glory hung thick in our abode, and an unspeakable joy filled our inner being. My eyes were swollen and red as we praised the Father, in Jesus’ Name.

Two days later, the same Brother came knocking earnestly at the door. He had flown in again from Zimbabwe; for two days, mom sat with him. He had been in the fields of Zimbabwe and suddenly, before his eyes, his entire belongings were reduced to ashes. Now this Brother was so shaken, that it shook him.

The Holy Spirit told mom that his wife was a Satanist, and that she together with death and beast, had astral-projected to destroy him. Mom also told him that his infant would not live but would become a sacrifice. The Brother wept bitterly, as he could not believe what he was hearing. “Your wife is not going to live long, she is going to die,” mom told him. After long counseling, mom prayed, “Father, I request that You would grant me this request that Michael the Archangel, together with Gabriel the Archangel, accompany this Brother to sort out this matter with his wife. Protect him against every force he will encounter.”

Then she rebuked old fish-head and beast from this Brother. That night was a night of unbelievable occurrences.