Book 6 – Fire Warfare

On Thursday the 26th July, I opened the door to give bread to a neighbor’s child when a dart pieced my heart. Immediately, my heart started cracking as great pain engulfed it. A severe burning fire consumed my heart as I was screaming to mom.

Later, the Spirit of God showed mom that though she lay physically in a coma, Bernadine’s spirit came and threw a cancer dart into my heart.

She anointed my heart with oil pleading, “Holy Fire of Trinity God – Holy Fire of Living God – Holy Fire burn out any type of cancer released into every cell. Holy Fire – Holy Fire of Trinity God draw out all of any type of cancer which have poisoned Yolin’s cells. Holy Fire – Holy Fire – Holy Fire entirely cover every cell where the poison has affected…In Jesus’ Name!”

Immediately, Blazing Holy Fire entered my heart and for some time burned with Holy Fire. I told mom that the remains were not so painful but she placed her hands upon my heart. Once again she pleaded, “Holy Fire of Trinity God – Holy Fire of the Living God burn out the remains of any type of cancer left in every cell. Holy Fire of Trinity God – Holy Fire of the Living God restore, refresh and renew every cell damaged by any type of cancer, in Jesus’ Name.”

I later said, “There is a heaviness which covers my heart.”

So mom began, “Holy Fire of Trinity God – Holy Fire of Trinity God – Blood of Jesus – Blood of Jesus – Holy Fire of Trinity God cover the heaviness around Yolin’s heart. Holy Fire – Holy Fire – Holy Fire burn away the heaviness. Fully and entirely cover Yolin’s heart, in Jesus’ Name.” Immediately, I was completely healed.

This is the fourth day in the Tunnel of the Blazing Holy Fire; we have an unconditional agreement with the Father. This is the most difficult season in the lives of both mom and myself as we related our experiences which seemed to be the same. There were times when we did not understand the way we felt or how we should sleep or sit or stand.

It appeared that a constant Fire was poured over our physical bodies. Our entire nervous system seemed embedded in blazing hot coals and felt raw. Every nerve was screaming as tension increased to cause us to faint. At times, we were very dizzy and drunk as we staggered and swayed under the tremendous pressure.

The deeper we entered the Tunnel, the more the Love of the Father burned in our hearts. Just to experience Father’s Love made the difference.

One night while we were still sealed in the Tunnel of the Blazing Holy Fire, Brother Michael came to see us – he was in a different mood swing. As he sat contemplating lies, he felt trapped under mom’s words. She felt as though hot Fire came forth mingled with her words. This alone trapped the lie spoken through his lips. Without warning, he jumped up and fled weeping, “Mother, how could you do this to me?”

Shocked at the happening, mom repented the whole week thinking she had spoken wrong to him. One morning, the Lord showed me in a Spirit dream. I saw him fleeing and weeping from our presence; the exact happening was unfolded to me. I knew that the Blazing Holy Fire had burned the lie kept in the Brother’s heart. His guilt before me overwhelmed him insomuch that he fled weeping. It was not mom who had spoken wrong but the Holy Fire burned the secret kept in his heart.

Five days later, while mom and I were worshiping Father – “He calms the storms that are raging”, I was taken into a vision. I saw Yamah king of Hell and the other king of Hell – Maalik who stokes Hell’s Fires. They united to come up together to the earth with one mission – ”sacrifice Brother Michael.”

Since the Brother had fled, he never returned. I saw the reason these kings could strike at an unexpected time was because Michael could not discern their mission.

Mom said, “Yolin, we are sealed in the Tunnel of the Blazing Holy Fire; during the night evil spirits would jump heavily upon the rooftop. They are unable to attack us. You also hear footsteps of Bernadine walking on the rooftop but she too is unable to touch you.”

During the early hours of the morning, I awoke from a Spirit dream in which mom, together with Michael plus myself were present. It was such that the entire scene changed – the unseen evil forces descended from the second heaven. The situation was an abnormal evil Fire Warfare.

Although the naked eye could not see them, they were among us. These were using weapons of fireballs; unseen curses and many other weapons I can’t imagine to describe. The only way out was to move forward but with each step it shocked us.

We regrettably had to move forward although the situation worsened. I thought, “Can this get any worse?” We could not retreat – no way out – we had to move forward – deeper and deeper into the unknown. This Brother was not fighting he was running wildly without caution while mom and I took every precaution. The Brother was in shock as great fear enveloped. The thought of death gobbled into him; he had lost all control.


Then I understood the fires which came from every direction were used in this Fire Warfare by Maalik king of Hell who stoked fires beneath the Lake of Fire. Maalik together with Yamah were the most vicious kings in Hell.

As I prayed, my spirit knew that the extended time was over. The Lord could no longer keep back the restraining order.

It is the night of Tuesday 31st July; I had seen at a distance, a door which shone in brilliance. It was the Blazing Holy Fire Tunnel Door. My spirit knew that the Door would open to release us.