Book 6 – School in Heaven

At the beginning of this year, 2012, I was shown in a night vision upon my bed; I saw that I attended school. The school appeared bigger than any mansion the earth has seen. The classrooms on the ground level stretched for miles. The next set of classrooms was on level 1 and then the next set of classrooms was on level 2 and so on. Each level stretched for miles. I did not know how many classrooms were on each different level. There were so many levels of classrooms which reached into the sky. The higher the level the more terrible and severe was its beginning.

It was a new beginning as we were the first set of pupils to attend this type of school which had just been established. A type of school the earth has never yet known. The first class situated at ground level, started. In front stood a very tall Teacher who looked like an angel! During the lesson, we heard thumping and terrible noises in the classroom situated next to the one we were in. The Teacher ignored it but the pupils knew that it was demon spirits we were going to engage with.

These evil spirits knew that after being graded from that standard that they were going to be our next challenge. As we graduated from one grade to another, we were to fight these demons. We learned different warfare standards.

Engaged in various encounters, each classroom was to be completely free from the presence of evil. With each new class, the battles against demonic darkness and powers became worse and worse. The higher the grade, the more terrible the battles raged. So our team graduated until we reached the first classroom on the second level of this unique school. As we graduated, so other pupils were also attending the beginners’ classes on the ground level.

It was nine months later that the Lord showed me in yet another vision – repeating the exact unique type of school I was attending.

This is the same school that I attended earlier in the script where I struggled with the Math’s lessons. In another Spirit dream also in the script, the tall Teacher gave me her pen – “Wisdom” – which had helped me to successfully complete ground level. This level was “Mathematics Level”.

Yet in another Spirit dream, I was shown that the Level I am now attending is the 1st class of the “English Level”.


During this time, mom had said to me that every time she entered our house, there was a darkness the source of which she could not identify. Why? Where is it working from? Day after day, she searched until one day she told me to anoint every door in the house. “I anoint this door with the Blazing Holy Fire. Holy Fire… Holy Fire” – as I formed the Cross that I had seen in the Blazing Holy Fire Tunnel that went before me. She had to pray for me each time as a staggering heaviness would attack me. Why?

Lastly, as I anointed the bathroom door, its back and front, suddenly Yamah king of Hell manifested before my eyes. His eyes glowed with redness, thick black horns protruding. He was huge like the sky. Immediately, the entire house fell under his manifestation. It was so heavy that it was hard to move around or breathe.

Together, we fought until mom started playing gospel songs of Jimmy Swaggart. As the anointing swept through, Yamah backed off. I had anointed the entire bathroom with the Blazing Holy Fire Cross. Then we remembered that at the time that Michael Bailey came, he had used the bathroom on several occasions. So that is the source of this mystery, we agreed.

Still the darkness prevailed, especially toward evening; again and again she prayed earnestly about the matter. Until one day, she went from room to room and sat quietly for a while. Each room felt light but when she entered the study room, a heavy pressure manifested.

She called me and then repeated the same procedure going from room to room. At last, we entered the study room and then a heavy pressure rested upon me.

Then she said, “Yolin, anoint the back of the study door!”

I reached for the oil and started anointing the door, when suddenly I staggered like a drunken person. As she prayed for me, I told her that I had seen an ancient occult cross placed behind the study door. I had applied the Blazing Holy Fire Cross over the ancient occult cross when I was shown the source of the heavy darkness.

Just then all Hell broke loose once more in the house. The powerful incantation placed over the room manifested fully. Mom told me to leave the study and prayed for me; then she started playing gospel music of Jimmy Swaggart. We began to praise and worship the Lamb that was slain.

Immediately, there swept through a sure response. Mom had then begun to use the Blazing Holy Fire to disintegrate the ancient occult cross. We broke every curse, every spell, every incantation and every chanting placed over the study. She also told me to apply the Blazing Holy Fire Cross to every wall in the room.

While we sat resting for a while, I remembered that one day while mom was out, Michael Bailey had come. He asked me for deodorant spray and I left him in the lounge. On returning, I found him in the study room.

“So that is what he did,” she said. He had slyly chanted the ancient occult cross on the back of the door. He was the actual one who was to bring up the ancient occult cross from Hell into our house. The amplification equipment was stored in the study – Michael schemed and planned through using the ancient occult cross to heavily blind us.

He had also always hugged mom and told her how he loved her and the Lord. So that is how he placed spells over her. Immediately, she asked me to break all curses, all spells, all incantations and all chanting over her. He had used the phrase “I love you mother”. He had, without her realizing, chanted this over her each time he came.

He also chanted “Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit” each time he spoke to her. He also used the phrase “Michael the Archangel and Gabriel”. One day, mom said to him, “Which Michael the Archangel are you referring to, as Satan also has a “Michael the Archangel”. There was a day when he said he had seen Michael the Archangel but refused to ask him “Who is your master?”

Mom had cornered him and said “If you are not able to question Michael the Archangel then it is not the true one.” He replied that Michael would be offended. Mom said to him that if Michael the Archangel confesses that his master is Jesus Christ of Nazareth who was crucified and died and on the third day He rose again and that this Jesus now sits on the right hand of God the Father – if the Archangel cannot confess this then he is of Satan.

Later, I told her to break off curses, all spells, all incantations and chanting placed over me because Michael had proposed to me to marry him. This chanting was done in the name of a proposal of marriage.

As we began worshipping the Father and praising the Lamb that was slain, a great light broke through. The darkness that had tormented us for a month disintegrated as she began closing all open doorways, taking every legal right away from the terrible evil. That night, we felt good as we read “Paradise, the Holy City and the Glory of the Throne”, written by Elwood Scott.”

The following day, towards evening, heaviness manifested in our lounge; when mom came home, she confirmed it. We then anointed the walls plus the carpets with the Blazing Holy Fire Cross. We praised and worshipped together with the gospel music of Jimmy Swaggart, which brought a response from the Father.

Exactly midnight, mom told me to go into prayer, when immediately, I saw the king of Hell who stokes the fire, so I alerted her. My entire physical body was shaking intensely. Mom requested, “Father, would You grant that Michael The Archangel plus Gabriel together with as many as are needed, help us.”

Again, we began to focus, playing gospel music of Jimmy Swaggart. The anointing swept through and calmness came over me. Mom said that when the Presence of the Father sweeps through all, all evil has to flee. While we sat focusing together, we confessed that blood-redness covered everything. Mom said to me that it is the Blazing Holy Fire.

We arose and applied the Blazing Holy Fire to the Cross on every wall in every room of the house using olive oil. Oh my, we confessed with a smile, “The atmosphere is so Light!”

The following night, after twelve, I was in prayer when an evil spirit stood behind me. I heard noises trying to hinder me while I was in prayer. Without turning around, I pointed my finger towards my back and said, “Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit”. Immediately, I felt a surge of heat covering my back as the hairs of the Poisonous Thorns activated.

We awoke in the morning; mom was sick, for she had been heavily and demonically attacked in her sleep. She got up and could barely move around because of intense pain. That day, a pressure so heavy and dark followed us wherever we went. At the shopping mall, we felt as though we were walking six feet under the ground. We returned home; towards evening, I fell asleep while mom enquired of the Lord, the behind-the-scenes of this matter. When I got up after taking a bath, she said, “Yolin, we have work to do”. I said, “I am not able to help you, I still feel terrible.”

She said, “Don’t worry just agree with everything I do. I just need you agreeing with me.”

She went to the study room, anointed and broke every ley-line placed over the door and the floor. “Blazing Holy Fire… destroy the ancient occult cross that was activated on the back of the study room door through chanting. Holy Fire… of the Trinity God – destroy every curse, spell incantation activated through chanting. Holy Fire… of the Living God destroy all ley-lines activated over this door through chanting. Destroy – destroy – destroy, Holy Fire… of the Trinity God – disintegrate. In the Name of Jesus, I now close every open gate which leads from the pit of Hell into this study. With the Blood of Jesus and the Blazing Holy Fire, I seal this gate.”

We went from room to room breaking all ley-lines activated – all ancient occult crosses activated through chanting associated with Michael Bailey. After three hours or more, I said, “I am healed. The darkness has fled. The house is filled with Light. Let’s praise the Great God Jehovah and the Blessed Lamb of God.”

That night while asleep an evil spirit threw a fireball which landed on my bed. I had no idea what hit me in my sleep. All I knew was that I was actually having a fit. I could not control the gnashing of my teeth that were knocking against each other. My physical body was hopping in bed like a rubber band. I opened my eyes in total shock trying to call out to mom. My voice was very faint; I could hardly say anything; I was in total agony.

The following two nights we prayed, “Father, in the Name of Jesus, we seal this room with the Blazing Holy Fire and the Blood of Jesus so that no fireball or evil spirits may enter. Thank You for granting the Holy Fire to seal us.”

That night, I awoke mom and told her to do something as I was not able to sleep. Then she prayed, “Father, You are Faithful; thank you for the Holy Fire that seals this room.” And indeed the heavy thumping on the roof top was so loud but none could enter. So we drifted off to sleep.

I had so much anxiety about being inadequate when I started to pray after she counseled me. Now while in prayer, asking the Lord for confirmation about this dream.

I was shown in a vision, the following – I saw Satan in front of me and I knew that it was he that had caused much anxiety. Satan wore a black cloak as can be seen in the ‘Passion of the Christ’. Immediately, I lifted my hands towards him and rebuked, “Holy Fire… Holy Fire… Holy Fire… Holy Electricity… Holy Electricity… Holy Fire… Holy Fire… Activate Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit… Holy Fire…”


I threw the balls of Holy Fire which I had in my hands at Satan; instantly, he vanished. When mom entered, I said to her with gladness and joy, “I have victory” and told her my experience.


It is Saturday night; we sat worshipping the Lord with our hands high saying, “Holy Fire… Holy Fire… Holy Electricity…” Suddenly the room took on a warmth. As we continued, I was taken into an open vision – I was shown a red dragon. Previously I had spoken about a dragon; I do not know how it had been placed around my wrist.

This terrible fiery serpent let loose its grip as my hands were high in Holy Fire which blazed. I saw the dragon loosen its grip and wriggle furiously in midair as it was burned by Holy Fire plus Holy Electricity. I was screaming, “Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit activate. Holy Fire destroy the wicked spirit. Holy Fire destroy, destroy, destroy the enemy of the Lord.”

As we continued, a force gripped my throat; it began choking me. Mom anointed my throat and prayed for me. That night the old dragon fled.

Without mom knowing, I gave her a product called cholesterol for her hair, but later she complained that she had terrible demonic attacks on her head at night. During the day, she had suffered severe headaches.

I could not sleep because something stood beside my bedside. I began feeling very depressed without any reason. I also experienced that during this time, I was constantly penniless. One night, mom refused to use the cholesterol on her hair and asked me to pray for her head.

Instantly, my hands felt terrible, so mom took all the products off the property together with the catalogues. She began breaking curses and incantations associated with these products.


The afternoon, I returned from shopping; mom was at her mother’s place. As I entered the house, I immediately heard a click as though a latch had been turned. I began unlocking the doors to each room but when I tried to turn the key in the bedroom door, it would not open. I knew that when I entered I had heard a sound of a latch clicking. “So you are up to your tricks again demon,” I thought to myself.

Suddenly, a deep scratch appeared on my finger as I anointed the lock with oil, binding up the evil spirit. As I looked at the door, my spirit eyes beheld a six-foot evil form embedded into the door. I was praying asking the Lord to show me the name of this evil spirit, when a text message came through from the lady of Avon products. “Now I know who you are demon”, I thought. Then I also recalled that I had seen the Cross while going through the Blazing Holy Fire Tunnel. So immediately, I took oil and said, “I know who you are demon. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I now anoint the door with the Blazing Holy Fire Cross.”

I placed the key into the lock and as I turned it, I pointed my other finger to the side of the lock and said aloud, “I rebuke you demon called Georgina, with Holy Fire… Holy Fire disintegrate Georgina. Holy Fire… Holy Fire… Holy Fire of the Trinity God.” Immediately, without me touching it the door flew open by itself. Evil hung heavily as I walked about like a drunken person pleading Holy Fire… Holy Fire… Holy Fire…” for a long time.

Then I telephoned mom who sent the lady of Avon a text message to stop her. Mom said that this lady worked heavily with the occult. Immediately, when this secret was in the open, evil moved heavily. I did not tell mom that I had kept something of Avon back. Mom arrived home and said that a dark force was pulling her through the floor. Then I realized that I had to get rid of every Avon product I had and immediately she took it off the property and began closing open doorways. Evil still lurked until we had deleted this lady’s telephone number from our cellphones.