Book 6 – Sharp Two Edged Sword

Early the following morning, there was a knock at the door and there stood Michael and Bernadine. Mom listened to them and after a while Michael was on his knees repenting. Mom stood up saying, “Holy Fire – Holy Fire – Holy Fire – Blood of Jesus – Blood of Jesus…”

Then mom started; she was unraveling Bernadine’s true identity. As she paced up and down, every king of Hell was present. She told Bernadine that she was the doorway for these evil forces. That her true identity was madam Bernadine. As she spoke the Holy Fire manifested and when mom sat down she warned Bernadine – “Be careful for I know Who is with me now.” Then the Brother said that Michael plus Gabriel the Archangels were standing one at her left and the other at her right. They had placed their hands on her shoulders. Mom lifted her hand and immediately something weighty caused her hand to shake until her entire body shook.

Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit said to me, “Bernadine is going to die soon, very soon. That woman will never change. The child is a demon child, she is not human.”


I was then taken into an open Spirit vision in which I was shown a very huge sharp two-edged Sword. This Sword shone in all God’s Glory and Power so that it blinded my eyes. I also noticed that the dimensions of the Sword were immeasurable, its length reached beyond the sky and I could not discern its width and depth. My spirit knew that this Great and Mighty Sword was given to Christ End-Time Ministries.

Michael told mom that the child was found in some cabin crying. That night, I saw in a Spirit dream that a demon had appeared as their child. She had a resemblance of a child but looked distorted. I saw that she had legs like a demon.

Bernadine had argued with mom that she was not a demon nor had she anything to do with this matter of the kings of Hell. Mom rebuked her very sharply and told her that Father never makes mistakes. “I believe only Father. It does not matter what you say; Father is always right. Brother take your wife out”, she commanded. “I will not accept any force of Hell in this house.

At that, the Holy Fire plus the Holy Electricity activated. Mom wept as she shook hard. Immediately, the Power of Almighty Father swept through so that every evil spirit fled.

Later, these evil spirits returned and mom said, “Michael, you and I know that the darkness has come back.

The Holy Spirit told me that Father God had not struck Bernadine so that she should die instantly. He allowed her to live so that the Fire Warfare should be set into motion.” He said, “Thereafter, she would die.”

He also said that the two vicious kings of Hell were to come up to fight mom and myself.

That entire day mom told me, “Yolin, there is an Electric Current building up in my spirit causing my entire body to shake.”

The next morning the Holy Spirit awoke mom to pray in which she wept over this entire matter.

“Father, I completely surrender and dedicate myself unto You. Father, I am willing to die for You. I ask for the complete End Time Armour. The Sword which You had granted – let it accomplish beyond what I can comprehend. When I point ‘The Sword’ would You release tremendous, powerful blows of Blazing Fire; utterly lay to waste and completely destroy. Bombard the enemy’s plans and activities. When I face moments of urgency, darkness envelopes; scatter and bring complete havoc.”

Father spoke, “My child, this is not your battle – the battle is The Lord’s; you are only the instrument.”

Mom had just stood up from her knees when Brother Michael came knocking at the door. We sat together and mom explained to him the entire Fire Warfare and that Bernadine was the channel to set it in motion. He said that along the way in Muizenberg, he had chased her away. “You are Hell itself”, he rebuked her before a busy crowd who watched. He arrived back at the Naval Base in Simon’s Town and cleared out everything that belonged to her.

Mom explained that last week and Tuesday, Bernadine had entered his physical body. Mom cross-questioned her until she was fully trapped. Unable to prove any answers she fled. The voice of a female choked through his body, “How could you do it to me mother?”

Apparently, he could not remember anything and apologized profusely. He felt very bad and could not understand how he could handle mom in wrath.

He also explained that the previous day, it was not him, but that Bernadine had entered his physical body. She brought him to our door then acted the complete set-up for mom to chase him away.

The Brother said that when Bernadine had challenged mom in full, that Jesus had appeared. He smiled in love as he held a shield. Jesus’ Power restrained her from attacking mom. He said that even Father’s Presence was felt.

While he confirmed this with us, he looked out and said, “I see Lama – that is Bernadine’s true identity. She has a horn on her head with four eyes. She looks like the king of hell who stokes the fire. Wherever she walks up and down the street, fire sparks.”

Later he said, “Lama is standing, he is thinking but is unable to come near the house.”

The true Brother Michael smiled and said, “I can’t believe that I had married a demon. He is demonic flesh and not a female at all.” He shook his head in disbelief. “How could this be? He is spirit and yet he is flesh at the same time.”

That night, when my cousins visited us the entire horde mentioned above Lama – Ba-deeze (Warfare) – Madam Bernadine – Beast – Baphomet – Skull – Fish-Head – Shadow – were lined up in front of our house. Mom had asked for the protecting angels to escort them safely until they got home. Mom told them to repeat saying, “Holy Fire…”

It was about one in the morning when I told mom that madam Bernadine was standing in front of our door. Mom began, “Holy Fire of the Trinity God – Holy Fire of the Living God …” I saw that she moved off the grounds into the street then disappeared.

Next, I saw Maalik the king of Hell who stokes Hell’s fires. With determination he paced the earth; the grounds shook. This king was as tall as the sky. He did not come with Hell’s fires, but came to claim Bernadine. Maalik stood over her quietly; she could not understand why she had no control over him. Puzzled beyond what she could imagine, she tried to figure out why he had come to her. “Why do I have no control over him? My powers do not work anymore?” Determination swept through as she tried over and over to control him but he stood quietly looking at her.

“Harlot”, I heard as he grunted. She was known as “Harlot” for Satan.

I was taken into a Spirit vision in which a cell situated in Hell appeared.

Written on the metal plate above the cell was Harlot.

My spirit understood that it was written in a language spoken by demons. I was also given the ability to understand it. The cell appeared very dark so that I am not able to describe it.

Meanwhile, Brother Michael left us the afternoon and caught a taxi. Introducing himself was another Brother who got in along the way. This person shook hands and instantly Michael knew something was definitely wrong. The man’s head hung to one side after a while. The Brother noticed that the man had dog ears; the hairs were noticeable. The ears were shaped to a point.

Instantly, he became paralyzed while the Brother saw that it was Lama. “You must believe in me; do not go back to that woman; just stay away,” Lama threatened him before he disappeared. On the other hand, the taxi driver waited for Michael. They could not see Lama preventing him from climbing out.

He reached the Naval Base in Simon’s Town. He was just about to fall asleep when he heard a tokolorsie speaking. Beside him appeared an evil spirit which almost gave him a heart attack. This thing had horns on its back. Then another evil spirit more hideous came; they began to mesmerize him.

In a great state of shock, he blanked out. The next thing he knew, he was shooting at them with his pistol. Police vans surrounded the bungalow and kicked the door open only to find that he was on the floor with the pistol pointing at them. He had used up the entire magazine trying to kill these demons.

It is the morning of the 3rd August 2012; while mom was counseling Michael, I was listening when in an instant, I was in a different place and time.

I was transported to a City filled with skyscrapers. Each one was made of solid gold. I wondered at a certain building taller than any other. Its uniqueness and quality exceeded the others. “Who would want to live in such a skyscraper which had uncountable storeys? Why would anyone need so many storeys, I could not even imagine! “

The gold used for this building appeared more brilliant and precious. I did not know who it belonged to.

The next moment, I was transported back to my physical body and heard Michael earnestly pleading with mom to teach him to use the Fire Father had placed in his hands.