Book 6 – The demon – death is defeated

Early one morning, he came knocking at our door – the helicopter had brought back the S.A. Navy crew from Zimbabwe. Mom counseled him for a while because he had looked death in the face as the bomb exploded. He sustained a few injuries but his faith had soared. While mom prayed for him, the evil spirit left and went through the roof and made a u-turn. I was asleep but my spirit watched as it came through my bedroom window. With suddenness of force, it sucked my soul out of my physical form. As I floated above my physical body, I could feel that my physical form became rigid. I could not move back into my body. I looked at this evil spirit with a bony head of a fish. My spirit knew his name ‘Death’.

I yelled out, “Holy Fire.… Holy Fire….” As I cried, the evil increased and was about to snatch me away for good. I actually felt it enter my lips and I found that I had sworn at the Lord. How could this be? I was utterly confused! I had just sinned and mom had taught me about spiritual sin.

Immediately, it left to follow Brother Michael together with mom who had just turned the key to lock the front door. My mind turned like never before because I called earnestly for her to help me, only to hear she had locked up and would return later.

What am I to do? I had sinned.

That evening, mom told me to pray a repentance prayer, but to no avail. The Lord was nowhere near me! The following evening, mom told me, “Yolin, call earnestly on the Name of Jesus; seek His face earnestly.” Ever since, ‘Death’ followed me to kill me off very fast. I was on my knees weeping as my form shook and sobbed. I did not have the words but I said, “Lord Jesus, I repented – would You allow me to put my head on Your shoulder?”

Immediately, my Spirit eyes opened – I was in His arms with my head on His shoulder. My heart grieved with great pain and repentance. I felt the Lord’s arms comforting me. This caused me to look into His face which shone like the Sunlight Resplendent. The brightness reflected onto His hair which looked light brown in color. I looked down to Jesus’ pure white robe, His golden sash. Immediately, He transported me before the Throne of God. I was on my knees pleading my case before my Father. Around His throne billowed Clouds of Glory which were very thick. Out of the Clouds came forth Lightning. 

I was in the Clouds at the Father’s Feet. Power poured forth from God’s Feet. I looked to my left and saw ‘Death’ ready to plead his case. I was shocked when I saw who stood with its fish-head next to me. 

Immediately, I called mom to my side and told her everything. We fell before the Throne of Father God. As mom pleaded my cause, she stood in the gap for me. Earnestly, she wept and shook under the anointing of the Spirit of the Lord. I saw Father Sit as Eternal Judge with Jesus, Who stood quietly. Mom earnestly put forth my cause and presented the Covenant we held with our Heavenly Father for His protection. She asked that a restraining order be placed on ‘Death’, based on what Jesus had accomplished on the Cross of Calvary.

The more she prayed, the fiercer was the Lightning which came forth from the Cloud of Glory which covered the Throne of the Eternal Judge and Father God.

Then mom beckoned me to speak; I referred to my Lord Who forevermore possesses the Key of Death and Hell. If Death reigned then the works accomplished on the Cross would be in vain but if my Lord Jesus reigned then Death is overcome Forevermore. 

There was a complete silence as I looked to my Father, Who was in His Great Decision. I said, “Father, I trust that Your Judgment is True and Righteous Evermore.”

Mom and I sat on her bed weeping earnestly; the Presence of the Throne Room hung heavily in the room. Mom had anointed and rebuked Death away as he turned about my feet. We sat and sang “I Owe It All To Jesus…”

Reader, a joy unspeakable filled the depth of my spirit and I was soaring very high. Then I said to mom, “Listen, there is one who is banging very loudly on the front door handle.” She replied, “Leave, Death, and never return – in Jesus’ Name.”

We worshiped Father into the wee hours of the morning, as Father’s Presence billowed in our room. I said to mom that Father had given us time; the case has been closed.

Then I was shown the Blazing Door of Holy Fire which mom had requested of the Father. 

During the following day, I prayed to the Lord as to why people were ignoring mom when she is out to evangelize; they dodge her, they refuse the Gospel. Then I saw an abundance of Flow which was Blood – Jesus’ Blood, flowing. I said to Jesus, “I have to show mom Your response.”

Immediately, my Spirit eyes saw that the Lord stood before the Door. Then next, I saw Him moving through the entrance of the Door. As I looked, Jesus was passing through the actual Door itself. 

I ran to mom to tell her that “THE COMING OF THE LORD IS AT HAND.”