Book 6 – The Game Solitary / John Chapter 15

Meanwhile, I was slyly playing the game on my cell-phone called Solitary. I spent hours playing the jacks, queens, kings and spades game. Mom had said to me, “Yolin, I once saw on TV that the Hindu people were worshipping these very images.” These images are gods to the Hindus but I don’t know what drew me. All I knew was that I wanted more and more of this game so for weeks I slyly played it.

One night the Voice of Jesus spoke to me, “The same hand that plays that game will rot.” 

My entire being shook; Jesus’ Voice pierced through marrow, bone and to the depths of my soul. Immediately, I deleted the game from my cell-phone. I was shaking very hard so that my sleep left me.

The following night I shared it with my mother who listened carefully. Shocked, she said, “Yolin, do you really know what Jesus’ words mean? If He cuts you off, where will you spend Eternity?”

I am about to take a bath but I would like you to repent and seek the Lord very, very earnestly. As I sat reading Revelations 2: 1-7 these very evil spirits were nagging in my mind not to pray but to leave it for the next day. The Holy Spirit was urging me to surrender so I pressed through.

The Voice of Jesus said to me, “John 15 – If a man abide not in Me, he is cast forth as a branch and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.” 


I prayed a prayer of repentance and then asked the Lord, “Lord, what is my next step?”

The audible Voice of Jesus spoke very clearly, “These images you were playing were actually demon gods. By playing this game you were really worshipping demon gods. Close the doorways.” 

When mom came to me we sat and I shared everything with her. After she spoke to me we knelt in prayer. Then she started closing the very doorways the Lord had commanded me to close.

Immediately, my spiritual eyes were opened. I was screaming, “There are long black chains coming up. The chains are so very long; I cannot see exactly their length. Break the chains, oh break the chains mummy. Quickly!”

Mom ran so quickly and came back with olive oil and immediately began anointing my feet and ankles. “I was screaming, “There are black images pulling the chains down. Quickly, mummy, quickly break these chains. I don’t want to go with them.”

Suddenly, the complete scene changed when I hung over the jaws of Hell. I looked down; all around me were bottomless red and yellow flames, without measure to their depth or width or length. I screamed, “Don’t let them take me, don’t let them pull me down. I don’t want to go there; please, oh please help me.”

Two weeks before, the Lord had lead mom into fast and prayer for this rescue. “In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command these very chains of darkness to break. Chains undo yourselves link by link.” I was screaming, “Break the chains; oh please break the chains; they are pulling me!”

Mom commanded, “You filthy, slimy spirits that were activated through Solitary, I command you to be bound up in the Name of Jesus. I call out to the Trinity God! Trinity God! Trinity God! Blazing Holy Fire! Blazing Holy Fire…”

Oh, reader, please, please do not play these games. To every game there is attached a demon who will greatly escort you to the pit of hell. Then I thought, “Physically there appeared to be no danger; it was just normal to play a simple game, but why?”

Mom asked, “How many images were there?”

I replied, “These images were standing in Hell pulling the chains wrapped around my feet. It happened so very fast I could not think of how many black images there were.”

Just then the Lord showed me that there were eight of them.

One had recently appeared to me as mom read about Pastor Kim Yong-Doo. It had the body of a human but the head of a jackal. Yet in another, Freezer appeared and in another vision, three evil spirits appeared who threatened mom if she helped me. One of the three turned into a beast. Another waited behind my bedroom door; a smooth skinned alien.

These demons were small images because they were standing in Hell, but if they were to come up to me they would have been enormous in size. I shook hard all night thinking that through disobedience to the Lord, I could have rotted in Hell. Then I understood the true meaning of John 15.

Yet on another occasion, while mom was reading about Pastor Kim Yong Doo, instantly there appeared a huge, ugly, black head. I wondered at this and noticed that its neck was as thin as spaghetti. How could this very, very thin neck hold the weight of this massive head?

I told mom, “We have an unwanted visitor!”

In an instant, she was yelling out, “Holy Fire disintegrate this dirty, slimy, black-headed demon on a thin neck.” She yelled out the more, “Holy Fire! Holy Fire! Holy Fire…”

Immediately, the thing fled.


Two months ago, while she was working in the garden, she was approached by a Muslim couple. They had lived on the streets for three years. They were not only dirty but also smelled awful. In their desperation for help, mom offered to send them to a shelter in Cape Town. During the period of a couple more months, the Christian Shelter helped them but at the end of each day they were back at our door.

On one occasion, on a bitterly cold winter’s night at about twelve o’ clock, there was a knock at the front door. Shivering – together with their eighteen month old infant who was born on the streets – mom brought the Muslim couple in and began to minister to them. She led each one into the sinner’s prayer and gave them a Bible.

This couple actually came back to tell mom that he had changed his Muslim name and will be called Michael Bailey and his wife would be named Bernadine as well, and the baby, Macalyn. The Christian Shelter overlooked this vital Message of Salvation to dying souls.

Immediately, I could only see one more link left. I said, “Oh please, there is still one more link left.”

Mom was calling out, “In the Name of Jesus Christ, I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ.”

She continued pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ when the last link disappeared. “Oh, my feet are hurting so badly, so badly.” She anointed my left foot and the pain left, then she anointed my right foot. Oh, why is my right foot cracking with pain? Then she reminded me that that would remind me not to be disobedient to the Lord.

They transferred them to a Shelter in Ceres where the couple was back at our door. Mom had counseled them on each visit and looked into their needs, which the Christian Shelter refused. One day, the S.A. Navy came around and Michael joined the Navy at Simon’s Town Naval Base. Mom had helped him get his credentials which his mother refused to allow him to have.