Book 6 – Tunnel of the Blazing Holy Fire

After three days of severe spiritual pain and terribleness, I told her what the Lord had allowed me to see in these visions. It had taken three days for us to enter the Tunnel of the Blazing Holy Fire. Only the Lord Jesus could make it possible for us to enter the Tunnel of the Blazing Holy Fire.

As we focused, I saw a Cross emanating a Light so blinding although soft to my eyes. Clouds of joy billowed up inside me. The Cross was enormous. As we moved forward the Cross moved ahead of us. We discussed the fact that the angels had been sent by Father to prepare us, which explained why the wonderful scented aroma engulfed our spirit.

Today is the 25th July; we awoke very heavy as though a huge mountain rested upon us. During the morning, we sat focusing when I said that I was travelling very fast through a passageway of yellow-orange-red. My physical body heated up tremendously. Meanwhile, mom passed through a different passageway through the same tunnel. She travelled at a great speed and her physical breath became heavy. Very far distant streaks of light aligned the passageway. Suddenly, the entire tunnel lit up in red; everywhere was a blazing red. Her physical body heated up as if she would faint. She staggered as if she was drunk.

This continued that day; at times we felt sick – drunk or sad and sorrowful.

Instantly, a cold breeze swept over me, then a bit later over mom. Once again the sweet smelling odour filled the rooms, which strengthened us.