Book 7 – Demon called Numridge

On the morning of the 16th, I was in a Spirit vision in which I stood watching gangsters passing by. Suddenly, I heard the Holy Spirit saying, “The gangsters in this entire region worship and bow down to a power demon. This power demon is known to them as Numridge.”

Immediately, I was taken into a Spirit vision in which a manuscript appeared. The scroll was rolled closed, but I was only allowed to see a small portion of it.

As I read the bold lettering “NUMRIDGE”, evil poured forth. I knew that it was a demon name. The entire scroll was to bring to light every detail there was to know about this power demon called Numridge.

My spirit also knew that I had heard the voice of the True Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit had an invisible form of a man. Yet as He stood beside me, His entire form was like pure crystal waters. I felt great Divine Peace in His Presence.


Yet in another Spirit vision of the morning, I was back at School. The School appeared to be a Majestic Palace reaching into the sky. I knew that I had completed every class on ground level and headed toward level one.

With about five books in my arms and a sling-bag filled with more books, I climbed the stairway and passed by the classrooms on level one that I had already completed.