Book 7 – Demon called Panther

In the wee hours of the 27th December, I opened my eyes, shaken; I called out to my mother. In a Spirit vision, a certain person (I understood to be mom) and I were out strolling. The entire village was controlled by a sect who hunted down any pregnant female. This person accompanying me was also pregnant.

The sect had discovered the unknown and had hired the best. “These two are to be completely destroyed; there are to be no pregnancies in this village!” An iron fist hammered the air.

We were outside the village between thick dense forests when suddenly a helicopter hovered over us. A lady accompanied by “Panther” got out. The villagers knew this woman to be the master above Wizard. Not only was she ‘The Best’ but all, and I mean all dark powers (witchcraft; voodoo; occult etc.) were controlled by a snap of her finger.

My spirit knew that Panther was blind and also he could not smell either. This man-eating animal was controlled 1000% by his senses. Over an area of a vast distance, he could sense the warm blood which flowed in any life.


He could sense true life in any person. There was just no match for Panther though he was perfected over and over. This unimaginable beast was also invisible. Everyone knew that only his master exerted power over him.

Oh, what a terrible match they were! We were hunted down without any effort; in a wink Panther pounced upon us. His only designation was to purposely cause unbearable torments. Just a glare from his blind eyes would absorb the victim’s strength.

Panther would slowly tear off a limb or an arm to cause as much anguish as possible. The sounds of chewing and tearing of the victim’s flesh would cause every nerve to shake violently.

Now this nightmare was suspended in midair. Rotten liquid dripped from his fangs. In this most terrifying moment as he opened his sharp razor claws, I opened my eyes. It was early the morning when I screamed out to mom. I was very sick as I pleaded, “Please help me, do something!

Oh, Reader! What terribleness?” I was shaking so hard but mom sat up in bed listening.

I must have dozed off when once again I was in another Spirit vision. “Do not accept the marriage proposal of that midget for he is not what he appears to be!” said two old women. This dwarf of a man told me to show the rings to my mother.

Later, at mom’s place, I placed the rings in her hands. I knew that the gift of discernment would begin to operate. I watched as each time she rubbed the rings awful growling noises came from a dungeon beneath the house. Each time she stopped the noises would stop.

We sat in the lounge opposite the stairway which led to the dungeon, but nothing weird appeared. In the vision, I saw that the leader of old had entered; mom attended to him. This time when she began rubbing the rings an evil spirit manifested. A powerful demon attacked the man who had backslidden.

I hurried to them when I heard mom rebuking, “Holy Fire…Holy Fire…” but the man had turned grey. Immediately, I knew that the midget had taken the rings to an occultist before he proposed to me. The occultist had placed one of the strongest Voodoo demons into the rings.

I watched as the backslider moved his lips, he was trying to say Holy Fire. He died as his form changed into a mummy. When I opened my eyes, I was shaking with fear.


The following night, while mom was busy compiling this Script, I was taken into another Spirit vision. I saw my mother coming to tell me that she had a revelation in which she was shown in a Spirit dream that a certain person had taken me to a witchdoctor.

I was then placed into a circle while rituals were performed over me. Four Voodoo demons went berserk as they were released into the circle. As I slept innocently without any knowledge of what was unfolding in this circle, evil moved thick and heavily.

Mom told me that she knew the way I always slept, but when she saw in which position my body was lying in the vision, she knew that I had been placed into an occult circle. I opened my eyes calling out to her for help as she sat up during the wee hours of 28th December 2012. It was about three in the morning when she began anointing me with oil. Each Voodoo demon was cast out as she prayed.