Book 7 – Electricity of the Holy Spirit

In the wee hours of the 29th December, we heard a growling noise in the kitchen. The sound appeared to be very deep, thick, powerful and constant. I noticed that mom sat quietly discerning this.

“This is Panther’s deep warning before his attack,” we agreed. Together, we stood back to back with our hands lifted high, “Holy Fire… Holy Fire… Holy Fire…” The warfare grew to its peak as a helicopter landed onto the roof of the house. The presence of the master above Wizard choked the air.

Immediately, I approached Father requesting the baptism of the ‘The Electricity of the Holy Spirit’. “Mom,” I whispered, “There is a Power of Electricity manifesting into an Electric Ball in both my hands.”

In this most needed moment, I laid my hands upon her head, “I baptize and empower you with

‘The Electricity of the Holy Spirit’.” Again, we fought back to back with our hands very high. Oh, what a match!!!

Mom earnestly prayed, “True Holy Spirit of the Trinity God manifest the Glory of the Father through His Son Jesus. I vow to give You all the Glory and Honor…” When there was an immediate response, she wielded the Sword of the Spirit.

I was taken into an open Spirit vision and saw that they were disintegrated into just a black speck. “Continue to wield the Sword,” I urged her. Minutes later, the master above Wizard appeared untouched;  oh, what powers she exerted!

The Holy Spirit showed me that she hovered above where I stood. In an instant, I actually felt in the fiercest moment how she stroked my head. I yelled out to mom that I was under a deep spell. After anointing me with oil, I pushed harder to help mom when I was taken into another open Spirit vision.

The master above Wizard appeared to be an oldish hag with grey hair styled into a bun. “I am not finished with you,” she uttered bitterly. I told mom that this old hag had just lied to me so she broke all lies spoken over me.

The deep growling stopped as Holy Fire mixed with The Electricity of the Holy Spirit joined with Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit were released. “Father, rain down Holy Fire from Your Presence, utterly consume the mass of millions of evil forces signaled to this battle by this master above Wizard,” mom prayed.

Thank the Triune God Head for an immediate response. Our physical bodies were exhausted as the battle ended about four in the morning.