Book 7 – End-Time Diabolical Method

The Lord Jesus sent a warning to the children of God through a Spirit vision upon my bed. This morning the 31st December 2012, He revealed to me that a secret persecution will suddenly come upon His children.

The government authorities blurted out on the radio and through television, “All, all Christians are to be captured and killed.” The poor devastated communities fled in all directions; it appeared that their minds had been blanked out.

I too ran and found mom locked up in the house. “Why would she not flee like everyone?” I thought. The scene changed – the authorities announced that it was just an error but the unprepared Christians were already under the controlling power of the authorities.

Then I understood that it was Satan working through the authorities. He had used end-time diabolical methods. The people of the entire country walked about like zombies. This tactic had cast a terrible spell blanking out their minds.