Book 7 – End-Time Weapons

During the second last week of November, the Lord Jesus warned me in several visions. I was shown that the king of Hell had entered drug merchants who operated in our neighbourhood. They were using very powerful occult methods. A 24 hours, 7 days merciless onslaught broke out causing me to almost collapse.

I don’t have the words to describe their nature and intentions. Mom had to constantly break all curses, spells, chanting and incantations to cage me in. These were male harlots for Satan. They had used extraordinary occult to lure every female in town into sexual lust. Their very substance and purpose was to seduce me.

I was shown in visions how these drug merchants united as leaders of terrible gangsters. They gathered together in the great darkness. The forces were pouring from them so that when they walked past our house, I would collapse.

When mom was out, they would stand at our gate. Thick, iron bands and black chains would wrap around me as they pulled with all their might. A raging nightmare broke out in my mind. My strength would be sucked out of me as I would collapse on mom’s bed.

Mom fought evil with Holy Fire and the Blood of Jesus. Together we would hold hands and activate the Thorns of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ Name. The more we united and agreed upon, the more the demonic powers and manifestations were destroyed.

Reader, what Powerful End-Time Weapons were given from the Lord – “Holy Fire,” “Jesus’ Blood,” together with the ”Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit.”

In a Spirit vision of the morning of the 25th November 2012, this very image appeared. (This Hindu woman transformed into her true identity while worshipping demon gods). As she stood looking at me, heavy spells poured out of her eyes. I opened my eyes calling out to my mother,

“There is an evil spirit by my bedside attacking me.” After praying for me, she dozed off to sleep. Again and again I called out to her, “There is an evil spirit looming over me.” Mom then arose from her sleep, “In the Name of Jesus, I command that this evil spirit be bound up. I destroy you with Holy Fire in Jesus’ Name…”


I must have dozed off when a heavy spell was cast over me. Unable to fight her physically, I saw my spirit merged to do Spirit warfare. Immediately, I encountered many different evil forms. My spirit body appeared as a very Bright Light. Immediately, these hideous forms fled, “We have to return back to Ushma, we are unable to fight her. We cannot even come near her,” they shook angrily.

Now while mom was compiling her true identity, she began to manifest. The following evening a fierce battle raged, “The demon god of that Hindu person is here!” I uttered.

The following day after shopping, I returned home to celebrate my birthday. I had just completed my prayer when there was a knock at the door. Mom was at my grandparents, so off I went to investigate.

After helping a neighbour who came for help, I heard such a loud crashing noise in the house. I knew what it meant! Everything became chaotic. Then I remembered that the king of Hell who had many knots gathering the dead, dull, red skin came along. The moment I was mesmerized, I gave her a lot of money and all the cake. Imagine!!!

When mom got home the night to celebrate my birthday, she discovered there was nothing! No cake, no party and no celebration; I was down in the dumps. I had opened footholds for this king of Hell and had almost collapsed.

My guts knotted into a ball of excruciating pain. Mom had a battle trying to help me. At long last, it fled after it tore severely at my stomach. With hands lifted high, she led me into prayer and oh, how the manifestation of the True Holy Spirit of the Triune God lit the house!

The first day of December 2012, I bought a pair of earrings from an African Kiosk. That night, I had a terrible sleep and awoke the Sunday very sick. Meanwhile, mom was in deep Spirit prayer without knowing what I had bought.

Mom awoke the Tuesday morning very sick. “What had attacked me this time?” she wondered. With painful movement she persevered in prayer as the Holy Spirit took control. I awoke sick and told her that I was walking about six feet under the ground. “Why?” There and then I told mom that I had bought a pair of earrings at an African Kiosk.

I placed the sharp, wooden, tooth-shaped earrings into her hands. When I turned to look at her, I could see that she looked very sick. “Yolin, there is such a demonic fire burning in my hands,” she exclaimed.

Immediately, a Spirit dream flooded my mind in which I had brought an accursed into our home. I wanted to test that if she got sick then those earrings were the actual accursed objects. So the Spirit dream is of truth, I thought as I confessed to her. After removing them completely off the grounds, warfare broke out.

I had, without her knowing, fitted on the earrings. So she anointed both my ears, “African king of Hell be destroyed with Holy Blazing Fire… in Jesus’ Name… In Jesus’ Name,” she said. Immediately, this king demon manifested; mom’s arms became paralyzed as heavy darkness swept through. “So true, so true,”

we uttered. “An African king exists.”

“What now?” I muttered. “You have Holy Fire, destroy it,” she said calmly, before she left.