Book 7 – Fire of God’s Holy Wrath

In a Spirit vision of the 5th December 2012, I had just walked outside into the garden at my grandparents’ place. I was dumbstruck at what appeared to be a huge ball of fire. It was the size of the earth itself and was suspended in the sky.

The amount of pressure released was mind-boggling; great streaks exploded like a giant blow-lamp bursting into electricity. Thick lightning streaked mingled with the fierceness of unbearable fires. The sound alone caused my mouth to hang open.

A revelation entered my spirit and I understood that this was not demonic fires but God’s Mighty Wrath pouring out.

Gods Wrath

Another sign appeared; out of the Fires of God’s Wrath came forth another huge Fire. I watched as God’s Holy Fire formed an enormous blazing Cross. The Cross of God’s Fire mingled with powerful Electricity. Oh, so terrible were the signs and sounds that I shook. 

I called to my mother as we stood dumbstruck. She rushed off to contact her brother (Michael Birch). In an instant, he arrived and together we stood speechless. The scene changed as night fell; I was left alone. So I decided to follow them into the house and not hinder God’s Holy Wrath.

I was restless so I went out again only to be His witness. I saw great thick streaks of Electric Fires falling onto the earth. The houses of the wicked exploded into masses of heavy flames. God’s mighty Holy Wrath passed through the entire earth. That night sudden destruction came upon the wicked.

Time and time again, this demon god of the Hindu girl attacked us. That night, my mind was in a terrible battle of fear. This demon of fear had great ability to put fear into me. His powers of fear ate big holes causing my mind to sway.

I awoke mom and told her that the demon of fear had gone for help. I saw many different shapes of black images. They appeared as thin, black, stick-like forms. I screamed to mom, “Sit up, help!”

“Holy Fire… I destroy these demons of fear with Holy Fire… in Jesus’ Name, in Jesus’ Name, in Jesus’ Name… I destroy the enemy of fear with Holy Fire…” Soon my battle-torn mind experienced peace and calmness. “Shoo, what an experience,” I admitted.

On the evening of the 11th December, one of the neighbours came to knock at our door. She had once sold me a bottle of perfume resulting in mom and myself fighting evil spirits intensely. I confessed to her what I had bought; immediately, she returned it to our neighbour.

For some time, we fought a force of darkness that was secretly used. Every time when mom was away, she came. She always had the saddest stories one could ever imagine. When she spoke, her words melted my heart into compassion.

Today when she came mom sent her away. When she left, I was under a heavy demonic attack. Sharp pains gripped my stomach, I could not control my bowel movements. “Yolin, I am waiting on the Holy Spirit to reveal this woman’s secret,” mom said, concerned.

I remembered while in prayer on a certain day that I had seen a dark form standing behind me. This happened after she had sold the perfume to me. For this reason, mom returned it to her not wanting the money I had given her.

It had worked; this is what she actually intended should happen. One day, she knocked and I had given her my birthday cake and all my money. I told mom that I could not understand what came over me. That evening after she had left, while bathing, I thought, “What if this woman dabbled into witchcraft or occultism?”

I heard an evil spirit, “You will never know my secret!” Later that night, after mom and I decided to cut her off completely, I hurriedly told her that an evil spirit had threatened me – “If you cut her off you will see what I will do.”

“Which demon is she using?” mom wondered. Immediately, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that it was Wizard. This evil spirit controlled all witchcraft and occultism. “So this is true,” mom replied. Michael Bailey (in the previous book) had warned mom that she would face Wizard together with Death.

That night we fought an intense battle. My physical body was weak and torn. Mom had been in deep prayer when I awoke the next morning. I urged mom to sort out this matter with her but she returned saying that no one had answered. Mom came staggering home; I asked her what had happened? “While knocking on the door, a heavy spell was cast over me,” she replied.

The power of the Holy Spirit swept through a while later. Again she went to settle the matter with this person and returned saying that she had denied all involvement with witchcraft or occultism.

Late the afternoon when I passed her place, the darkness leaped at me. I was under a heavy demonic attack which drained all my strength. Deciding to lie down for a while, I drifted off into a Spirit vision.

I saw designed in such a way, a maze dungeon; demons were about to lock me in. I fought very hard to open my eyes as I rolled out of bed. “How could a Believer (this person) ever imagine using such a dreadful weapon on me?” I thought.

Thirty-six days later, the Lord answered our prayer requests about this person. That day I was shown in a Spirit vision, thousands upon thousands of evil spirits of different shapes and forms massed around her house.

Each demon had terribleness about them that I am not able to describe. These masses of darkness were so closely knitted together that air could not pass between them. As my Spirit eyes opened I saw this person sitting on a couch. The blackness I saw in her actually manifested in such a terrible way. It was as though her face melted into indescribable features. Her natural features actually gave way to the very demon that possessed her.