Book 7 – Holy Fire / Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit

One night, as this thing followed mom, all of a sudden she said, “Poisonous Thorns of The Holy Fire, activate.” Immediately, the Holy Fire blazed from her until she said to me, “Yolin, I am going to faint.” Immediately, the ugly thing fled.

In one vision upon my bed, I was walking alone singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy, are You Lord. Holy, Holy, Holy, are You Lord. The elders and angels bow, the Redeemed worship You now. Holy, Holy, Holy, are You Lord.” A great Power rained down from the Throne over me as the anointing appeared like Holy Living Waters pouring down.

It was during the first week of October 2012 when I arrived home that afternoon – a Muslim boy together with his Christian friend passed by. Suddenly, they started mocking “Jesus Christ”. That week, my spirit grieved until one morning, I was taken into an open vision. I saw that God’s wrath had come upon these two neighbours.

I grieved for the Christian boy who was only about twenty years of age. I thought that this boy’s parents are Believers – why does he not have respect for the Lord’s Name? Why is he mocking the Holy Name of Jesus to please his Muslim friend?  [Exodus 20:7]

[Deuteronomy 5: 11] “You shall not take the Name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His Name in falsehood or without purpose.” 

During the same week, I was shown in an open vision, another king of Hell who came up. He was so hideous looking that I can hardly describe his image. It appeared that his smooth skin was in the process of melting as it hung from his bleak, dull form. My spirit knew that this king of Hell was as huge as the sky.

During that week, as my mother and I were about to lock up, this king suddenly appeared rattling every door handle. Mom turned around and with suddenness rebuked the thing that was rattling at each door in the house, “Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Fire… Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Fire… Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Fire…” 

She went about sealing each door using Holy Fire; then we left. I was on my way home when our gifts of discernment began to operate. Immediately, before leaving me, she had laid hands upon me and asked the Father to send a Warfare Protecting Angel before me to clear the way for me. Indeed, when I got home, the way before me was safe.

On the Friday night, as we were watching Benny Hinn, the Holy Spirit brought to my attention that I should tell her. The moment I began to reveal the vision given to me, Holy Fire flowed through my legs. She listened and then she lifted her hands saying, “Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Fire – Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Fire, as this king of Hell is making an appearance, I release the Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Fire. Destroy the enemy of God.” 

I confirmed that a rotten, stinking smell swept through as my strength was drained from me. Mom anointed me with oil saying the words that the Lord revealed to me, “Child, mix the Holy Fire with the Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit.”

After anointing me, we sat with our hands lifted high saying, “I mix the Holy Fire together with the Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit. I mix the Holy Fire together with the Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit. I release these to utterly destroy the king of Hell who is now manifesting.”

Immediately, it fled. We began worshipping, “Hallelujah to the Great God Jehovah.” For how long I cannot tell, but the Power of God opened upon us.

“Father, would You give me a deadly weapon that Hell can never manufacture. The most deadly weapon that the gates of Hell can never prevail against. A weapon, not yet known to any of the kings of Hell! A weapon in my hand that can never ever fail! Father, place Your own seal upon us. Seal us into Your Son, Jesus Christ. He is Your Eternal Seal. This Covenant is an Everlasting Covenant. Amen”

Immediately, great Power fell; I watched as her hands shook in such rapid movements. I cannot tell how fast they shook. She said, “Yolin, a heavy Anointing is upon my hands and arms so that I am not able to stop the movements.”

After some time, we sat worshipping the Father and the Lamb of God into the wee hours.


It is the night of Saturday 6th October 2012; we were listening to Ruzz Dizdar – “The Infiltration of the Church.”

Immediately, the Holy Spirit revealed to her that every ritual placed over Christ End-Time Ministries and its leaders should be broken. Michael Bailey and his wife were given Bibles to do Scriptural studies but the Holy Spirit revealed to me that they were used for the satanic ritual.

The Ministry was taken down to Hell by Yamah, king of Hell plus the other king of Hell who stokes the fires of Hell. There the Ministry was nailed to an ancient occult cross, caged and placed into Hell’s fires. These two kings of Hell were to stand guard over it.

As my mother began to pray, the Court Room in Heaven opened into our bedroom. “Father, if You have called us to Christ End-Time Ministries then I request Father, in Jesus’ Name, to hear my humble prayer. You have sealed us through the Blazing Holy Fire Tunnel. You have given us the Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit. Father, You have also given us the Sword of the Spirit. Surely, You have called this Ministry to End- Times for Your Purpose and Glory. 

I ask you to forgive me for Satan having stolen the keys of this Ministry through Michael and his wife. The ten kings of Hell had used them skillfully. Father, thank You for revealing this to us! Your Ministry at this moment is being nailed to an ancient occult cross. It has been caged in Hell’s fires. I am asking You Father, to set Your Ministry free. I am also asking Father, would You listen to Your Son who is “The Attorney” of this Your Ministry. Thank You Father, in Jesus’ Name.” 

Mom lay prostrate before the Father and waited.

Later, she lifted her head and thanked the Father for listening to His Son. Then she lifted her hands and prayed, “I now mix the Holy Fire of the Triune God together with the Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit. In the Name of Jesus, go forth Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Fire and clear the way into Hell to where the Ministry is caged. Angels of Holy Fire accompany me as I now cast in the Life Line and in Jesus’ Holy Name, I now hoist up the keys of Christ End-Time Ministries. Into Thy Holy hands I now commend both Your Ministry together with the keys, Holy Father. I ask that You would grant my request to place Christ End-Time Ministries into the Blazing Holy Fire Tunnel. Purify and sanctify the Ministry and bring it into its completeness. 

I further request that Christ End-Time Ministries be sealed into Christ Jesus. Satan together with all the kings of Hell is not able to destroy or steal away Your Ministry. 

Father, make Satan come forth. Father, You know and I know and Satan knows that he is the thief. Your Word declares that when the thief is found he should restore what he had stolen. I ask You Father to stop Satan, only You Father are able to stop him. 

Father, I have one more request – would You grant that Yolin and myself enter into the highest of the Holy Electricity Room. Prosper Christ End-Time Ministries. Equip the Ministry with every End-Time Weapon only You have the right to create. Arise my Lord and let Thine enemies be scattered. Arise my Lord and take Your rest. I ask all of this in the Name of Jesus Christ.” 

Reader, the Divine Presence of Jehovah God moved heavily. As we prayed with our hands lifted high, the Holy Spirit caused mom’s hands and arms to move uncontrollably.

Soon a sweet fragrance filled the room; I said to her that the angels are preparing us to enter the Holy Electricity Room. Together, we worshiped Father into the wee hours with “You Deserve the Glory”, “Agnus Dei”, “Holy are You Lord” and many more songs sung by Terry MacAlmon.

Mom rushed to me on the Sunday morning as I awoke from a heavy attack and was having a complete blackout. She anointed me with oil and covered me with the Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Fire.

During that week, we were constantly being attacked by demons. The following Saturday night, we were about to doze off when I told mom that I saw a large, black shadow. While it hovered over the roof of the house, I noticed that it had the head of a dragon. Together, we raised our hands in one agreement, “Holy Fire atomic bomb fall upon this dragon hovering over the roof of this house. Completely destroy this evil spirit. Holy Fire… Holy Fire… Holy Fire… in Jesus’ Name.” 

One night, an evil spirit was trying to rip mom’s arm from her body while she slept. She yelled at it, “Holy Fire…” Then on another night, it tried to suck her out of her body with force. The Lord revealed to me that this evil spirit was known as “Perunga”.


I awoke one morning from being heavily attacked in my sleep, feeling very sick and drained out. Heavy evil moved through the air when mom prayed, “I call Perunga. I command you Perunga, to be bound up in the Name of Jesus Christ. I order that this evil king of Hell be commanded to be bound up. All of your manifestations, I command to be bound up in the Name of Jesus. I destroy Perunga with Holy Fire Missiles. 

Follow this evil spirit, Holy Fire mix with the Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit. Destroy, destroy this enemy of the Lord. I plead the Blood of Jesus to cleanse and sanctify the house. Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Fire, I release and clear the way. Holy Fire… Holy Fire… Holy Fire…” 

Immediately, a great change came about; thereafter, she anointed me with oil and prayed for me. Soon I recovered.

While in praise and worship, during heavy attacks from Perunga, the Lord revealed to me that Perunga could transform from the black dragon to the hideous looking evil whose skin was in the process of melting  as it hung in thick, ugly, intertwined knobs from its bleak, dull form. This was done to confuse us into thinking that we were being confronted by two different kings of Hell. We would be confused and not know its true identity and would not actually be able to bind it.

One Sunday after gathering, we were about to sleep when I was shown that Perunga hovered over the house. Immediately, I alerted mom. Together, we raised our hands towards the roof and activated Holy Fire mixed with the Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit. After releasing these Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Fire, Perunga, together with the mass of demons fled.

On the Monday, I looked out and spotted the person who was used by the king of Hell during the year of my matric! I had just peeped out when instantly an attack so terrible caused me to collapse.

Immediately, my mother anointed me but it did not help. Later, I told her to place a spiritual dome of protection over the house. With hands lifted high she prayed, “King of Hell manifesting through so and so, I command you to be bound up, in Jesus’ mighty Name. I command that all manifestations be bound up, in Jesus’ Name. I command that this king of Hell flees at the Name of Jesus Christ. In the Name of Jesus, I now release the Holy Fire mixed with the Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit, to completely and utterly destroy all forces working through so and so…” When she opened her eyes, he had fled, and never returned.

Later that evening, on arriving home, I happened to see him peeping around the corner of a block of flats. Immediately, its suction started draining my strength. When my mother came home, I was shaking; that night she anointed me with oil and laying hands upon me prayed, “I impart Holy Blazing Fire into Yolin, I impart Holy Blazing Fire into Yolin…” 

Immediately, life and strength flowed through my being. Then we watched Benny Hinn together with Terry MacAlmon, singing end-time songs. I recuperated fast, but told mom that I am like one who still needed that 1% recovery. She said that when demons rip at the inside of the physical body, it does need to recover.

The next morning, the Holy Spirit woke her up early taking her into prayer. She had dreamt that a bull who had fully powered up, charged at her. She had just managed to close the door and with both hands kept it secured.

The full force of the impact of the head of the bull broke both asbestos sheetings protecting the door. The door itself had not been touched or damaged by the fierce attack. In this, she opened her eyes and after praying, read 2 Corinthians 2:11 “To keep Satan from getting the advantage over us; for we are not ignorant of his wiles and intentions.” 

I awoke and told her that I had something to share with her. I had been shown that she had come back. She had been prepared by the Lord Jesus Himself. The Preparation was for the Marriage Supper. I told her that the Coming of the Lord was very, very near. I was shown that I too was about to be prepared by the Lord Jesus Himself for the Marriage Supper. 

She said, “Yolin, I have been praying, seeking the face of the Lord. Jesus show us just what You are preparing us for? Jesus reveal unto us Your Will.”

That night when we gathered together, the Scripture came to her – the Holy Spirit through her, opened the Bible at Matthew Chapter 25. Then she said to me, “Yolin, turn to the above Scripture.” I took the Bible and the same happened – the Holy Spirit opened it at Matthew Chapter 25.

I awoke on the morning of the 24th October 2012, very sick, and heard that mom was also not feeling well. She said that a vicious demonic attack had happened while she was asleep.

I awoke from having a Spirit dream in which I had escaped the onslaught of a vicious bull.