Book 7 – Intense Warfare

It was about 1 o’ clock Sunday morning of the 6th January 2013, when mom and I arrived home. Ten minutes later, our hands were lifted high, “In the Name of Jesus – every demonic attack is commanded to be destroyed with Holy Fire…” The battle raged until the Holy Spirit revealed to mom to destroy voodoo demons. “In the Name of Jesus… In Jesus’ Name, I destroy these voodoo demons with Holy Fire… Holy Fire blaze… destroy these voodoo demons!”

Later, I told her that the Holy Spirit had revealed to me that four voodoo demons were dealt with but two of them were still at large. They were responsible for this attack.

Later, I said to mom, “Do you hear the deep growl of Panther behind the fridge?” “Yes,” she replied. Once again an intense battle broke out. The growl of panther turned the more vicious when we used Holy Fire.

“Why does he not flee? Has he been created by such evil genius?” We lifted out hands once more as mom prayed, “True Holy Spirit of the Triune God manifest… True Holy Spirit of the Trinity God manifest the Glory of the Father through His Son Jesus… True Holy Spirit manifest the Glory of the Father, in Jesus’ Name…”

As our prayer lifted in ONE voice – as two emerged as ONE in Spirit – there came an immediate Divine manifestation. The Presence of the Triune God filled the house; at this Panther fled and never returned.

Well, it is 4 o’ clock in the morning; exhausted we drifted off into a peaceful sleep.


It is the wee hours of the 8th January 2013, I was taken into another vision of the night. Mom and I were in the process of casting a demon spirit out of the place. We could only make out the outline of an invisible image as this stubborn spirit fled from room to room. Suddenly, I saw an image that I am barely able to describe. “So you are invisible, yet visible,” I pondered. Meanwhile, a neighbour came so mom went over to her place.

While I observed all of this, a man came to tell me that someone in our street had sent this demon. “How does this man know everything?” I pondered. My spirit was convinced that the man who spoke to me was the Holy Spirit. I was taken the second time into the same vision that night.

During the month of January, I was taken into a Spirit vision in which evil spirits of all shapes and sizes in their multitudes massed around the house. The thousands upon thousands were knitted so closely that they became airtight. There was a terribleness about each demon that I am not able to describe. “How could anyone survive such a frightful slaughter?” I pondered. Yet this was the present situation mom and I were facing.