Book 7 – Kings of Hell

It is Saturday night; we sat worshipping the Lord with our hands high saying, “Holy Fire… Holy Fire…Holy Electricity…” Suddenly, the room took on a warmth. As we continued, I was taken into an open vision – I was shown a red dragon. Previously, I spoke about a dragon; I do not know how it was placed around my wrist. This terrible fiery serpent let its grip loose as my hands were high in Holy Fire which blazed. I saw the dragon loosen its grip and wriggle furiously in midair as it was burned by Holy Fire plus Holy Electricity. I was screaming, “Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit activate. Holy Fire destroy the wicked spirit. Holy Fire destroy, destroy, destroy the enemy of the Lord.”

As we continued, a force gripped my throat; it began choking me. Mom anointed my throat and prayed for me. That night the old dragon fled.


Two nights later, in an open vision, when I saw Yamah – king of Hell, the destroyer, I said to mom, “We have an unwanted visitor. Please seal the house with the Holy Fire and the Blood of Jesus.” So we went from room to room sealing the house.

Since my spiritual eyes had opened the demonic attacks were getting very bad. I thought, “Could it get any worse? Yes, it is indescribable!“

During that week, I told her that one of the kings of Hell followed me around the house. It was breathing heavily next to me; later it was making noises to draw my attention. I told her that I had ignored its tactics. The image appeared frightfully red with a long chin.