Book 7 – Special Event

During the second week of November 2012, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that a special event would occur before or on the 3rd December 2012. I knew that it would be my birthday and looked forward to that day.

The Holy Spirit also told me that 2013 would be a year with a difference. I was filled with joy and excitement.

It was the night of the 15th November 2012; I had a Spirit Vision in which I fled from an abusive relationship. I began seeking, but I had no clue what I was looking for. Somehow, my spirit had a conviction that what I had been seeking for had died many years ago. Yet I could not tell what I had actually lost.

While in the process of fleeing, a four year old infant suddenly appeared in my arms. As I pondered over the shocking incident, I was convinced that it was the infant I had lost. “How could it be possible? If the child died many years ago, how could it be alive? How is it possible that I am holding it in my arms? This child’s father should never know about it,” I thought.

I was on my way to my mother who owned a huge farm. She kept a shelter for the homeless; there the hungry were fed, and the poor received help. I arrived there and waited for her. While in the process of pouring my heart out to her, I opened my eyes, disturbed.

When my mother came back from shopping that morning, I told her that I had a Spirit vision and that I was disturbed. Immediately, we sat down and I began telling her the vision.

“Yolin, were you ever pregnant and had an abortion and did not tell me?” she asked.

“No, I did not even know I was pregnant,” I answered.

“Well,” she said, after we had put our heads together, “The Lord had given you a Divine Revelation, that you are a mother. Your baby girl is in Heaven and is attended by angels. She must have died in a miscarriage but presently she is alive in Heaven. The Lord wants you to be comforted. Your little girl is very well cared for,” she paused.

“Yolin, your little one is waiting for you to give her a name,” mom smiled. “Why don’t you pray and ask the Lord to allow you to give her, her name.”

While in prayer, I was taken into a Spirit vision in which I saw a beautiful infant girl. In earthly time, she was eight years of age, but in Heavenly time, she was four years old. I told her that her name would be “Clover”. “Jesus,” I requested, “I desire that my little girl wears pink. She should also have pony-tails every day.”

Then I rushed to my mother to tell her that I had named the infant. “Her name is Clover,” I said. At that moment, the Holy anointing came over her. “This is a true confirmation,” mom replied. Immediately, we were filled with Spirit joy.

The following day, while in prayer, I saw my little girl in a Spirit vision. She wore the loveliest pink dress I had ever seen. Her hair was styled into four pony-tails with matching pink pompoms.

The morning of the 17th, I had a longing to see my child. While in prayer the Lord gave me grace to see her in a Spirit vision. She wore the cutest lilac dress. Her hair glistened and seemed to have grown a bit longer. She also wore matching lilac pompoms with four pony-tails.

The following morning, I was shown in another Spirit vision that Clover was dressed in a cute black and white check dress. I actually saw her looking at me. She held a little case bag and was ready to go to crèche.

The Holy Spirit gave me a revelation in which I knew that Clover would be four years old in Heavenly time on the 26th November. A Divine revelation was given to me that her little body was completely formed by Father. In earth’s time it would be 2003.

On the afternoon of the 19th, while in prayer, I heard a little girl’s voice. She was calling to me, “Mommy, mommy, mommy come! Mommy come!”

I knew that it was my little girl so I responded, “Clover, my little girl, ask Jesus to allow me to come to you!”

On the evening of the same day, while I rested, I heard a little girl’s voice once more. She was saying, “Come mommy, come mommy, mommy!”

It was just before two in the afternoon of the 20th, I asked the Lord Jesus to allow me to talk to Clover. “Lord Jesus, will You please tell her that I love her. I will do anything for her. I will do for her what I should have done if she had been alive. Lord, I request that You would grant that she talks to me about anything.”

Then suddenly, I heard the voice of a four year old girl, “Mummy, buy me a white dress. I would like to wear it on my birthday.”

I pondered. If I should buy a dress, how would it be possible to give it to her? My little girl is in Heaven!

Then she answered my thoughts, “Mummy, the angels will customize it for me.”

“Mummy, the angels are just waiting for you to buy it for me.”

I prayed, thanking the Lord for giving me that privilege to buy the dress for her birthday. Then He showed me in a Spirit vision the dress Clover desired.

I thought, “how will I know her correct size?” Then the Holy Spirit answered my thoughts, “When you are at the clothing shop, you would know.”

While I recorded this script, an awful, stinking, rotten smell entered the house. I knew that it was an evil spirit that was sent to disturb me. When my mother arrived home, I related everything to her. At once, we rushed off to Woolies to buy my little girl what she desired.

Little Dress

The Holy Spirit was responsible for the glowing reflection on this dress after it was presented to the Lord Jesus.

In the evening, while in prayer, I presented the dress before the Lord. I asked Him to hand it to the angels to be customized.

Then the Holy Spirit said, “She would be wearing a crown of pure gold on her head.”

I saw in a Spirit vision, a little crown made of pure gold.

“She will also be wearing pure gold shoes to match her crown,” He added. Again, I was shown in a Spirit vision, a pair of shoes. They were made of soft gold.

The Spirit anointing came upon us as I related these things to my mother.

The following day, at about one in the afternoon, I heard her calling, “Mummy, mummy.”

While asleep on  the morning of the 22nd November, I heard her say, “Mummy, mummy, wake-up, wake-up!!!”

Five minutes before twelve on the night of Clover’s birthday, mom and I lit four candles which were decorated on a chocolate log cake.

The manifestation of the Glory of Heaven opened into our abode. Heaven and Earth worshiped as the two realms flowed into one big celebration, “Hosanna, Hosanna, to the Lamb that was slain. Hosanna, Hosanna, Jesus died and rose again. Let the weak say I am strong. Let the poor say I am rich. Let the blind say I can see. What the Lord has done for me. Hosanna, Hosanna, to the Lamb that was slain. Hosanna, Hosanna, Jesus died and rose again…”

Reader, words cannot unfold the completeness of it all.

It was the afternoon of the 30th that the Holy Spirit said that I should speak to my little girl. Immediately, I was taken into a Spirit vision and was shown that Clover was at rest in her little bed which seemed to match her smallness. I gazed at her pure white bed adorned with a white duvet. She looked lovelier than before. Her little head was covered with a white night cap. Her eyes were closed as she was sucking her thumb.

Playing softly – “To Him Who sits on the Throne and unto the Lamb” by Terry MacAlmon. There was an awesome response as a host of angels joined in. My heart overflowed with joy as Heaven and Earth gave reverence to the Lamb.

It was the night of the 8th December; I sat thinking; if I should ever have a son what should I name him? I was going down the list of names when in an instant my spirit ear opened. The voice of a little girl sounded so loud and very clear – “Tyson” – she named him. I knew it was Clover. The Presence of a Divine Being accompanied her. The Holy Spirit spoke to her in a language I did not understand. Then I heard Him say to me, “Her half-brother – You will be meeting him.” Clover understood a language not spoken on earth.

My mind was racing, how could she have a brother? I had never been with child? How could I have a son?

I had pondered this long and hard and decided to ask the Lord Jesus on the Monday afternoon in prayer, “Lord, was that really Clover or was it a demon who masqueraded as Clover?”

While yet in prayer, a Brilliant Divine Light appeared. It was so bright that I could only see an Image in the centre. Immediately, my spirit knew that it was the Lord. Jesus was listening to my prayer. I could not see His face, the Light shone like the Sun. Jesus’ brown hair hung onto His shoulders.

He was dressed in the purest white robe. I saw that Jesus was holding the hand of a four year old girl. I knew it was Clover; she also stood in the centre of the same Brilliant Divine Light. She wore the dress I had bought her for her birthday.

“Mummy…mummy…mummy…mummy,” she called to me. Jesus stood silently looking at me before they vanished.

Today is the 12th day of the month; in the afternoon I was in prayer asking Jesus who Tyson’s father really is. Suddenly, I heard His voice loud and very clear, “You must not interfere; you will see. When it happens you will know.“ Jesus knew that I was trying to put together this piece of puzzle I could not understand.

On the same day, I was shown in a Spirit vision upon my bed that I was with a little girl. Everyone passed wonderful remarks concerning her. She enjoyed an ice-cream cone I had bought her. Soon we reached the entrance to a Majestic Palace which had huge gold printing – “Portland Primary School.”

The school appeared to glow with a Divine Glory. Beautiful flowers adorned the front of the huge administration section. I noticed that the walls surrounding the Heavenly School were very high. We entered through the gates then she disappeared.

Only then did I realize that it was Clover. The Lord had allowed me to take her to school. It was her first day at Portland Primary School. She was dressed in a white sweater and blue jean embossed flowers. Her hair was in two pony-tails which hung into curls.

In a Spirit Revelation of the first week of 2013, accompanying me was my little five year old girl. She had in previous visions come to confirm that her little brother should be called Tyson. She also knew that I was six months pregnant ; not overburdening me, I noticed that she held onto me.

This is most amazing!!!

During that same week the Holy Spirit came again and said, “The year 2013 would be very different for you.”

The day after the Lord’s Birthday, a messenger was sent from Almighty God. In a Spirit vision of the night He said, “You will go through a full day’s course.” 

The time had arrived for the Preparation of the Marriage Supper. I was most willing to complete this Spirit course.