Book 7 – Spirit that looks like the Holy Spirit

During the wee hours of Sunday morning, I had not slept; there was such terribleness hanging in the air. Mom had dozed off utterly exhausted; every time I would hear tick, tick in the roof. When I told her, she rebuked that evil spirit. I drifted off into a deep slumber and saw myself being attacked by a powerful force. I saw mom lay hands on me and rebuke the demonic attack. Stopping her, I said, “It’s the holy spirit.” She then hesitated! How does one rebuke the Holy Spirit?”

Then I led her to say, “Spirit that looks like the Holy Spirit, I destroy you with the Holy Fire of the Trinity God. For the True Holy Spirit will manifest but the spirit that looks like the Holy Spirit will flee.” 

On awaking, the terribleness of what happened during the wee hours of the morning hung thick. Later that morning, mom said that we had a visitor. “Let’s sit and focus,” she urged me. With hands lifted high we prayed, “I destroy this false spirit that manifests as the Holy Spirit. I command that this evil spirit be bound up, in Jesus’ Name. Holy Fire… Holy Fire… Holy Fire… destroy the army of darkness surrounding the house. Holy Fire… mix with the Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit. I release into the atmosphere to destroy, destroy, destroy the forces massed around the house.” 

“In the Name of Jesus, I place this false spirit into a spiritual cage. I lock this spiritual cage and I return the key to Father. With the Blood of Jesus, I set a seal upon this cage. False spirit, I cage in all your powers. Father, in Jesus’ Name, would you grant that Michael the Archangel removes the spiritual cage to a place prepared for such?” 

“Blessed Holy Spirit manifest Yourself for the false spirit has been caged in. Blessed Holy Spirit of the Trinity God reveal Yourself. True Holy Spirit, You are the very Glory of the Father.” 

Reader, the manifestation of the True Blessed Holy Spirit brought through the Glory of the Presence of the Father and the Son! There was an instant change in the house. Oh, how good we felt. The false spirit that manifested as the Holy Spirit caused us to walk 6 meters under the ground feeling sick and lifeless.

[Romans 8:16-17] “The Spirit Himself thus testifies together with our own spirit, assuring us that we are children of God…only we must share His suffering if we are to share His Glory.” 

Twice last month and once in the month of November, I had just about put my head on my pillow when the unexpected happened! Terrible fear gripped me deep down as I choked in my tears. I cannot find the right words to tell you, or even to try and describe it to you.

Skeletons crying out from hell

The deep, maddening sounds of sorrowful wailing, unbearable crying, painful moaning, and regrettable groaning. It sounded so loud and deafening. I could never have imagined that the torment of the living dead could in reality be most awful. Great terribleness came up from Hell as the Lord Jesus allowed my spirit ears to hear the hopelessness of the never-ending torments of the damned. I shook so hard that I wept in repentance.


After praying on the Sunday, “Lord Jesus would You pass judgment on me. I would not want to stand guilty before You one day.” I had dozed off. In a vision of that night, I was standing on one of the many platforms at a certain station. There was a footbridge built over; a flight of stairs led to each platform. Heinie (previously spoken of in the Prescript) stood with me but I felt trapped. I was deep in the grip of one whose appearance was beyond scurvy.

I was in deep contemplation on how I could break loose from this bondage. I could not find the answer. Many who passed by saw that I was caged in. Oh, how they wanted to help me, but it seemed hopeless. They felt my pain; great sorrow filled their hearts. They could actually see terrible abuse pouring from Heinie’s face. Is there ever a way to help this person?

I was deep in thought, planning my escape. Unexpectedly, I grabbed hold of a moment that somehow brought hope, and fled. I showed a clean pair of heels. Heinie was not worried at all; he knew what type of evil he had used. This powerful demon would eventually bring me back to him. Panicking, I ran as fast as I could. I dodged through the crowds across the footbridge. Along the way, a black man spotted me and got hold of me. Immediately, he knew my desperation.

I yelled out of fear, “Please let me go!” Mercilessly, he dragged me back to Heinie. The very thought of demonic abuse overwhelmed me. Once again, I was back in the iron grip of the abuser. Then Satan, that black man, disappeared. Manifestations of the spirit of abuse flared up in him. It was expressed across his face and character.

I relived desperate moments of a dreadful threat. Out of desperation, an urge pushed up in me to flee!!! Without a thought, I was showing a clean pair of heels. Half-way over the footbridge, I met a lady who wore a black dress. Falling into her arms, I blurted out for help. The moment she touched my hand, she knew that I lived a hell-bound life. Nonetheless, she began to help me.

Together we made it to the other side of the footbridge. There she left me assuring me that she would be back in just a second. Suddenly, a mighty force swept me off my feet. Evil waved the air. I tried to hold onto a rail but to no avail. The suction pull was so great that it tore me away.

Goggle-eyed, I realized that a thick, black, iron band was around my left ankle. By this time, I had lost all hope; it threw me into the air like a piece of paper. I hung prostrate a meter and a half in midair. The chain attached to the iron band pulled me towards Heinie. All hell broke loose as I let off a scream of fear. “I will kill you for trying to run away!”

Sensing trouble, the woman returned in a wink and saw the band around my ankle. A tug-of-war broke out as she tightened her hold on my arm. I urged her to phone my mom. Without hesitation, she began telling mom the terrible situation. “Oh, it’s her boyfriend again. Yes, he does use evil forces to keep her in an abusive relationship!”

Somehow, I knew that this woman was an occultist. “Why was she hesitant to help me? Why is her facial expression telling me that she wants to give up?” I groaned.

In the meantime, this woman contemplated, “How could an ordinary man possess such enormous power? He is not even an occultist? Just maybe this could be a challenge for me? Am I able to defeat and overpower this type of demon? I do not know this kind of power? I have never before encountered such”, she murmured.

To my surprise, this woman decided to stand firm and so she tightened her grip. She thought it an insult to be defeated. I opened my eyes, shaken. Immediately, I shook mom and began pouring out the shocking event. ”Please pray for me. Break the thick, black iron band around my left ankle.”

While she anointed my ankle, I felt the presence of something terrible. As I was about to look to the left of my bed, I saw a horrendous looking thing. The creature had eyes which covered its entire bulky form. This thing towered six feet high and was covered with thick, hard hairs.

A fierce battle broke out; mom had asked the Lord for the Sword of the Spirit. After she had used Holy Fire to blind every eye of the creature, she shredded the last of its eyes with the Sword. I watched as her hands swung in the air slicing and shredding all the way.

Then I heard her say, “Father, for Your Glory, I now gather the shredded evil and put it in a spiritual cage. Demon, I lock you up together with all your powers never to be used again. Father, in Jesus’ Name, would You permit that this cage be removed to a place prepared for such? Your will be done, in Jesus’ Name.”

Kings of hellThen we prayed, “Blessed True Holy Spirit manifest the Glory of God the Father and of Jesus Christ.” As we sang, “Welcome Holy Spirit, we are in Your Presence.

Fill us with Your Power live inside of me.” There was an immediate response as the Glory of God filled the bedroom.

As we were about to doze off, it was four in the morning; I told mom that we had an unwanted visitor. She replied, “Yolin, that thing is unable to enter into the room.” Later that morning, she said, “I wonder what demon came up from Hell this time?”

During the day, I told her that I saw in a vision that the red-faced, long-chin, king of Hell was the unwanted visitor. I had seen its entire form

but for some reason it was blotted out of my mind.