Book 7 – Spiritual Demonic Rape

During this time, I was given a vision of the night, in which I was in a certain place. While asleep, a spell was cast over me insomuch that I could not move or wake up. Instantly, I was viciously attacked by a tokolorsie. This thing was viciously jumping on me and punching me. I screamed as loud as I could, but my mother could not hear me. My physical body was hurting badly. I could not respond. This situation got so terrible that my spirit body stood up.

Immediately, I saw that this gremlin had fled. I opened my physical eyes to tell her that I had won a battle fighting a tokolorsie. I did not tell her that a spell had been cast over me. Utterly exhausted, I collapsed into another vision of the night. I was still spellbound when suddenly, four brown demons like monkeys, appeared. Three sat around while one began raping me. I began screaming to mom, but once more she could not hear me.

Unexpectedly, a tall white Man appeared in the doorway. He grabbed hold of the monkey that was raping me and swung it against the wall. The evil spirit exploded and disappeared. The Man also threw the other monkey against the wall. The impact broke all its bones. Helplessly, the evil spirit vanished. The third demon fled like a bat out of Hell.

I awoke while watching the fourth monkey in great panic. I opened my eyes, feeling very sick and told mom exactly what had happened. “Why did you not tell me that the tokolorsie had cast a spell over you? I could have prayed and broken it,” she said.

Then she anointed me and commanded this demonic attack to be bound up and all its manifestations to be bound up. She imparted Holy Fire to draw out all slimy, dirty poison deposited in my body through spiritual demonic rape.

For several hours, I lay sick on her bed; later, I discerned that I should not accept this rape. I went to the bathroom and commanded the slimy deposit to leave my body. Immediately, it came out at the bottom after the third bowel movement. My physical body began recovering after eating a morsel and taking vitamins along with something for the pain.

The following night, I was in prayer, Covenanting with the Lord that I would do anything for Him. Even if it meant being taken to Hell to do warfare.

When mom returned after bathing, I told her that I had a message for her. “How far would you go for Jesus?” I asked her. She replied, “I would do anything for Father. Even if it meant I must give my life for him.” As we sat, I told her that Jesus said that He would take us to Hell. The fire warfare would take place in Hell.

During the wee hours of that morning, I awoke her and told her that I had seen a black octopus. It was coming from the equipment which had been returned by someone. This person had confessed that Michael Bailey had sold stolen equipment to him. For some reason, he had a conviction and knew that these belonged to mom. It was five-thirty the morning; mom got up and laid hands on the amplification equipment destroying octopus with Holy Fire.

I had just about recovered from the demonic rape when during the wee hours of Thursday, a Spirit vision appeared. I saw one of the kings of Hell – a demon with a head of a goat hovered half the night over the house. After he had disappeared, I saw a black, slimy blob moving toward me. This slime-like liquid stood over me while I slept.

The Lord did not allow me to witness what had happened, but He showed me in a Spirit dream that without warning, this formless thing began viciously beating me up. The gland under my chin was ripped out to my chest.

I opened my eyes feeling very sick.

Once again, mom anointed me with oil; I remained sick that day. While she prepared to go to her mother, she thought that she heard growling noises. As she turned toward the door, it growled deeply at her. Immediately, when she raised her hands, she screamed, “Holy Fire destroy this dirty filthy blob of a demon. In the Name of Jesus, I destroy this filthy, slimy blob with the Holy Fire… Holy Fire… destroy!!!” 

Oh, how Blob fled.

That night, I told her that I was shown an ancient occult cross in a vision. Later, I told her that I saw the demon king with the head of a goat. I told her that this thing had powered up so that it had thick horns of a ram.

Yamah Demon King in Hell

There are demon spirits whose presence is difficult to discern. When these types of evil spirits are near us the only way we can know is when our entire body becomes a Fire ball.


I was also shown that someone had assigned an iron-face demon king to follow me. This hideous form consisted only of a face, but the tremendous evil that poured forth was devastating. I turned to look at this monster and wondered how I could destroy this type of iron.

On the Saturday at about 11 pm, a knock sounded twice on our front door. I was shown twice in an open Spirit vision, the thick, ugly, black horns of Yamah, one of the kings of Hell, and wondered what it meant. I investigated and looked into a pair of the most evil eyes I had ever seen.

Is this Michael or is it Yamah? In fright, I called to mom. This person that looked like Michael was chanting in some unknown sounds. This evil did not know that my mother had gone about placing a Spiritual Protecting Dome around us and layered it with thick Holy Fire. Then she placed the Blood of Jesus mixed with the Holy Fire. In fright, I did not know why his spell could not affect me but later mom explained why I was well protected.


During the wee hours of Tuesday morning, I was taken into a tunnel. There was just enough light present for me to see. Where the light actually came from I do not know, but the only light was with me.

It appeared that the entrance of this tunnel led to the earth and the other side of it was an entrance to Hell. The tunnel seemed to stretch for miles. I looked around and immediately, a sick feeling overcame me. The entire tunnel was covered with sticky, black slime that continued to ooze from its walls.

As I walked along at a very fast pace, I happened to look up to see the height of the tunnel. Seeing that it was very high, I was also shocked beyond belief when I saw a centipede-like worm. It was very thick; I looked and saw that its tail was at the entrance of the tunnel.

demon centipede

With eyes as big as saucers, I ran as fast as I could. On reaching the other entrance of the tunnel, I looked up and saw two huge fangs. This thing had a very big head and was a dirty, evil, black colour. I was shaking with fear, although this monster of a centipede waited for the time to be released.

I opened my eyes and knew that only the Lord could have taken me to this tunnel in Hell. I was very sick and could not sleep. I kept seeing the centipede that was as long as the tunnel.

Meanwhile, mom was in a raging battle with an evil so thick and so dark. She tried to grip its claws and hands but the battle was dark and heavy. When she opened her eyes, her entire bed was covered with a demonic fire which burned against her flesh.

She thought it was a dream but actually the battle was in our bedroom. She sat with her hands high, “Holy Fire… Holy Fire… Holy Fire…” Her body burst into a Fireball. “In the Name of Jesus, I destroy the masses of evil spirits with Holy Fire… Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Spirit mix with the Holy Fire… I release the Poisonous Thorns of the Holy Fire. Destroy, destroy, and destroy the masses of evil.”

During the early hours of Saturday, as I dozed off, I heard her saying that we had a visitor. She awoke and a demonic fire burned over her bed. She began imparting Holy Fire into her bed together with the Blood of Jesus. The skin on her hands and arms had painful burns. She anointed them with oil and sat with her hands high imparting Holy Fire to clear the atmosphere in and around the house.

Later, I heard her say, “This evil king wants to tempt the Power of God. This thing jumps about making mocking noises.” I replied, “It’s a black form.”

Mom prayed,

“Father, make me a Fireball to destroy this enemy of God. Bring glory to Your Holy Name. 

Father, Your Word declares that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church. The gates of Hell shall not, shall not prevail against the Church. Father, You watch Your Word to perform it. No gateway of Hell opened, allowing these kings of Hell to manifest, will prevail against the Church. 

It is a sure Covenant for Your Church. The gates releasing the kings of Hell shall not prevail against Your Church. It is an Everlasting Covenant to Your Church on earth. Glorify Your Holy Name Trinity God.” 

Holy Fire actually ran over her. It was about five in the morning when she said, “Father, because this invisible, evil thing is a coward and will not fight me, grant me a peaceful sleep. Would You set Warfare Fire Angels to protect us? Thank You, Father, for hearing my request, in Jesus’ Name.”

The following morning, I told her that I had seen this evil form in a vision of the morning. It is about 15 feet in height. When it tempts you, it is in its visible black form, but when it fights you, it is in its invisible form. 

That night it began tempting us as we released Holy Fire to destroy this evil spirit! Because it was in its invisible form, the Holy Spirit revealed to mom that it was trying to tire us out.

As I brushed my teeth, loud sounds of a snake hissed and growled in the bathroom. I flew to her and she immediately destroyed it with Holy Fire.