Book 7 – The Destroyer the Angel of Death

On the morning of the 21st November, I was in a Spirit vision in which a certain place appeared. Mom and I were walking through the streets of a shanty town. The entire place was densely populated by very wicked spirits. This type of evil had possessed both great and small.

While approaching one of the shanties, we heard an outcry of two young children. These little ones were abandoned by their parents. Alone and deserted, they were to survive the onslaught of a group of four men. These evil-minded males had smashed their way into their shanty.

The children were hysterical as they were about to be raped. Mom and I rushed to them as the men fled. I saw that these little ones were in a terrible state of shock. Then mom went to bulk buy enough food for these children.

As I was left alone, I tried to comfort and give them love they never knew. Suddenly, I heard a terrible noisy commotion outside. I quickly moved towards the window. I saw so many people running wildly. They were hysterical as great fearsomeness swept through the streets. The unknown, invisible to their naked eye, moved swiftly.

In the madness of the moment, four Muslim women rushed into the shanty where I was. Hastily I locked the door then flew over to the double window. The invisible being swept with a mighty speed. Its power and ability was beyond belief. The motion of its movements was with authority. Great swells of power were released so that I was unable to close the windows.

Goggle-eyed, I stared out as my Spirit eyes opened to atoms which moved past. These atoms formed six meters in height and width in shape. The four Muslim women shook as together we witnessed this gruesome scene. Few had actually managed to reach their houses and were safe.

Panic-stricken, I watched as the atoms moved swiftly but deadly, passing through as the dead bodies of the wicked fell. Death lay thick everywhere piled up in the streets.

Then the scripture of Exodus chapter 12 filled my spirit. “…For the Lord will pass through to slay the Egyptians; and when He sees the Blood upon the lintel and the two side posts, the Lord will pass over the door and will not allow the destroyer to come into your houses to slay you…” [1Cor. 5:7][Hebrews 11:28].

“So that is how the destroyer appeared?” I thought.

Oh, such terror and darkness of fear hung heavily. As I turned to these Muslim women, the Holy Spirit communed with me, “Bring them into their conversion.” “The inexplicable happened for an Angel of Death had passed by,” I explained to them. Without hesitating, they accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour.

Again, the Holy Spirit spoke, “Labour on the few who survived. Bring them to their conversion”. 

You and your mother were sent to this shanty town for this purpose.”

While mom was still away, I took the children and left. We then headed towards where she was to buy clothing.