Book 7 – Twelve kings of Hell

We had heard that our neighbour’s son was acting very strange. Mom had warned his mother that her son, unknowingly, through lust had got involved with a Satanist.

This morning the 16th December, I awoke very sick, forewarned in a Spirit dream. I had heard an explosion in the spirit realm; a frightful looking king of Hell appeared. His appearance alone could have killed me but I was unable to die.

The Holy Spirit told me that this king named “January” had enormous powers. He smelled so stinking rotten that I thought I was about to pass out, but again I could not. This evil masqueraded before it vanished, yet I could see him in the spirit realm. Those present did not know that it roamed unhindered. He was searching for a certain person.

Again I heard a second explosion in the spirit realm; this time another king of Hell appeared. His powers, smell and appearance were 1000 times worse than the first one. The Holy Spirit told me that this one’s name was “February”. I noticed that he too was searching for the same person. At long last, this one also disappeared; he too roamed unhindered amongst those present.

Once again there was a third explosion in the spirit realm; this time “March” appeared. His appearance, smell and powers were 1000 times greater than the second one. After looking for the same person, this king of Hell also disappeared. He too joined the other two kings of Hell.

With every explosion in the spirit realm another king of Hell would come up for the same person. Each king exceeded the previous one by a 1000 times greater in powers. Each one smelled 1000 times beyond stinking rotten than the previous one. Least of all, each one’s appearance was 1000 times more frightful than the previous one.

They all joined the search unhindered in the spirit realm. The people present had no idea. Then the Holy Spirit told me that each king of Hell who came up had the name of each month. Now on the twelfth month, “December” made his appearance. This one was 12,000 times greater in power than all the previous kings.

Not only was his smell 12,000 times worse but his appearance was 12,000 times more terrible.

It was too unbearable to look at. He too joined the other kings in search of the same person before disappearing into the spirit realm. At long last, the scene changed; I heard a knock at our door – it was the neighbour’s son.

While he yet spoke, I witnessed the most gruesome attack. I knew that it was the twelve kings of Hell. I was shocked as I saw the white of his eyeballs as they turned up. When I finally opened my eyes, my spirit knew who was responsible for this terrible sacrifice.

Oh please, be very careful with whom you get involved!!!